Jari Love’s Extremely Ripped Boot Camp

Boot camp is a 76 minute workout; 5 minute warm up, 65 minute training period and 6 minute cool down/stretch.

Another brutal Jari Love workout. All of her workouts are challenging and intense, but Boot Camp and Hardcore 1000 are the most difficult. Whereas Hardcore 1000 is fun and technically perfect, Boot Camp is missing the fun factor and has some problems. However, it is still an excellent workout and I do it just as frequently as Hardcore 1000.

Boot Camp is an intense strength + cardio interval program (metabolic weight training). The training period is broken down into 6 approximately 11 minute segments. Each segment contains a core component, a strength component and a cardio component—in that order. The rough break down for each segment is 2 minutes of core, 5 minutes of strength and 3 minutes of cardio. Since that equals 10 minutes not 11, it is obviously approximate. The core work is varied each segment and I really like it. Sometimes it combines body-weight strength exercises for other body parts and sometimes it focuses entirely on the core. The strength sections are challenging—lots of reps and lunge-heavy. The cardio is high intensity, repetitive, with lots of plyomentrics. The DVD contains several options. You can break the workout down into two 30 minute workouts (each with 3 segments); with warm up and cool down it will be more like two 40+ minute workouts. You can do cardio only, strength only or ab work only. You can also choose to do each 11 minute segment individually.

Segment One: Core: knee isolation holds; strength: pendulum lunges and side dead lifts; cardio: skier lunge.

Segment Two: Core: walk down to plank (one legged) and do two single leg push ups, walk back to standing (once standing you can do two optional back lunges); strength: renegade rows and double arm rows (while kneeling); cardio: jumping jacks with tuck jumps

Segment Three: Core: in crab touch opposite foot; strength: alternating front lunges with bicep curl/Arnold press with recovery sets of alternating front lunges with no upper body work; Cardio: jump squats.

Segment Four: Core: pike push up then push back; strength: lunges with should press with a pulse lunge between sets; cardio: speed skater with hop.

Segment Five: Core: lying on back, lift straight legs up and over head then two reverse ab lifts, legs still straight up; Strength: anterior raise with alternating reverse lunge and side squats, these are alternated with recovery sets of lower body only; cardio: scissor lunge with “quick-quick-slow” pattern.

Segment Six: Core: rows in V-sit position; Strength: chest press/tricep work while supine (this is a unique set, I really like it and I always feel it the next day!); Cardio: “skipping rope”—if no jump rope is used, it’s just running in place, alternating between butt kicks and high knees.

As you can see, this is an excellent and intense workout. However, there are problems. The warm up wasn’t much of a warm up. Jari’s warm ups vary from workout to work out, so not a big deal, but it didn’t really get the heart going. The rest of the problems have more to do with sloppy editing than anything else. On several occasions, when you cut to the strength portion of a segment, it is already happening! No set up time whatsoever! In her other workouts, there are a few seconds where you can choose your weight for the type of exercise and she always gives a breakdown of the poundage of the other exercisers’ weights. You do get the poundage, but no time to select your own appropriate weight because they are already doing the exercise! This was frustrating to me. When I am doing this workout more frequently, I remember and quickly grab the right weight, but when I come back to this workout after not doing it for a while (like this morning), it takes a bit more time. I also wasn’t jazzed by the “tips” screens. Between moves, you get a tips screen telling you what the next move is and tips. These few seconds could be better utilized. For instance, in Jari’s earlier workouts, she uses time between exercises to demonstrate form, which also gives you the opportunity to chose appropriate weights.

Despite these negatives, it is still an impressive workout that I do frequently.


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