Ilaria’s Atletica

Atletica is a 52 minute strength workout; 4 minute warm up, 45 minute training time and 3 minute cool down. I own all of Ilaria Montagnani’s kickboxing workouts and love them. This is the first strength workout of her’s I’ve done and today was the first time I did it. Atletica is a kettlebell inspired workout done with hand weights. It is a fast-paced workout. If heavy enough weights are used, you will get a good cardio workout, too.

Atletica is impressive. And, as always, Ilaria is an excellent instructor. The workout has a 5 minute intro that gives instruction on form and how to modify the exercises if you aren’t at the fitness level of the workout—which is advanced, I think. It’s an important intro that I think should be watched the first time the workout is done.

The workout is structured into 4 “series,” which are just groups of exercises. Each individual exercise move is done for approx. one minute. Each series is done on the right, then the left, then repeated. For the majority of the exercises you will only be using one dumbbell at a time. You need a light, a medium and a heavy weight. You will primarily be using the heavy weight.

First series: dumbbell swings, one arm clean and press, squats while holding dumbbell overhead (an isometric hold), weighted upper cuts.

Second series: one arm high row with moving sumo squats, circle weight overhead (Bus Driver) while squatting to the side, punching side to side with light weights.

Third series: burpees, renegade rows and static plank on elbows.

Fourth series: 50 pushups—5 pushups done every 15 seconds. Ilaria does them quickly so you get about 9 seconds of recovery time before the next 5 push ups. The 50 pushups are not repeated.

Floor wipes—this is similar to dead bug except you hold heavy weights stationary overhead while moving lower body.

Weighted Russian twists

Atletica is a challenging but doable full body workout. Though it is fast-paced it is not rushed. Ilaria demonstrates perfect form and though no one in the workout actually uses the modifications, she does remind you of them throughout. Though it is an advanced workout, it can definitely be done by more intermediate exercisers—just use light weights. This workout is different from my usual strength workouts—I am already feeling some DOMS from this workout, so I know it hit some possibly neglected muscles. When I am not in the middle of a program I will be incorporating Atletica regularly into my workout schedule.

***11/16/13 Update: There are now more Atletica workouts available and they are all awesome! Click the link to check them out.

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