Metabolic DVD Rotation

db2Here is a second metabolic rotation but this time I went with the DVD only structure since many people do not want to subscribe to Cathe Live. I went into a lot more detail about my purpose in creating a metabolic rotation in the intro to the metabolic rotation that includes Cathe Live workouts so I won’t completely rehash everything here. In summary, before I discovered Cathe Live, I have been wanting to create this rotation for a very long time. I finally did, but used both Cathe Live and DVD workouts (see other rotation). But I also decided to return to my original idea and also create a DVD only rotation. I followed the one that includes Cathe Live workouts much closer than this one, but I did follow parts of this one as well. I have been doing these metabolic based rotations/workouts for more than 3 months and have lost more than 10 pounds. But I am also doing the work in the kitchen (for more info on that, see the comments below other rotation).

Differences between the two rotations: Unlike the other metabolic rotation, this one focuses on total body workouts. Metabolic upper body splits are just too hard to find on DVD. Another difference is that this rotation is more progressive. It progresses from intermediate level workouts to advanced level workouts; however, even some of the advanced workouts show modifications, depending on the trainer. The final weeks of the rotation will be the hardest/most advanced.  No workout is repeated in this rotation–so lots of variety. The final difference is, unlike the other rotation, every workout in this rotation does not use dumbbells. Most of them do, but I also included some HIIT workouts in the second half of the rotation. HIITs are metabolic, too, and give you that afterburn, so you are getting the same effect.

Below I am including some info that is the same as what appears in the other rotation intro, but if you are not interested in reading that post because you have no interest in that rotation, then you can get that info here. I do think it is important to touch on it if you are wanting to follow this type of rotation.

While researching the benefits of metabolic workouts (of which there are many) I came across this excellent article that articulates it so much better than I can: The Hierarchy of Fat Loss from T Nation. If you are wanting to lose fat I recommend you read this article. But for my purposes, in order to lose fat, you need intensity and afterburn. You also have to stop relying on muscle splits for a while. At least splits that focus on small muscle groups. You need to do total body circuit workouts that are made up of fast paced circuits with little rest between exercises. If you are doing splits, stick with upper/lower body splits and make sure your upper body splits are metabolic (fast paced circuits–add in some cardio intervals to up the intensity). In addition to this rotation, diet will have to be a factor, or you simply will not achieve results.

Because this is a metabolic rotation, you will be using dumbbells for nearly every workout–so 6 days a week, every single day. Listen to your body. Your main strength days are Monday (total body), Wednesday (lower body), Thursday (upper body) and Saturday (total body). Keep this in mind when doing Tuesday and Friday workouts and do not lift super heavy on weights–especially if you are sore. And since these are all metabolic workouts, if you find yourself super sore during any week, lighten your dumbbells for every workout until you aren’t hurting so badly. You will still get a lot out of these workouts, even if you aren’t maxing out on dumbbell weights. Now, with that said, if you are capable and feeling strong, then lift as heavy as you can on the strength days. Just make sure you can complete all of the reps at the trainer’s speed/pace with good form. One of the important aspects of metabolic circuit workouts is little rest time between exercises–so you need to keep that brisk clip that the trainer sets in your workouts.

Week 1:

Monday: R.I.P.P.E.D.

Tuesday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Trim Down combined workouts premix

Wednesday: Atletica Vol 1

Thursday: Cardio Pump Fusion

Friday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Cardio Pump workouts 1 & 2

Saturday: Cathe Cardio Supersets extreme premix

Sunday: Yoga or rest

Week 2:

Monday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Circuit Burn combined workout premix + abs

Tuesday: Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core + bonus abs

Wednesday: Jari Love Get Ripped 1000

Thursday: Tracy Mallet Get Your Body Back (Play All + stretch)

Friday: Jari Love Get Ripped Express (full workout)

Saturday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Bootcamp double session premix

Sunday: Yoga or rest

Week 3:

Monday: Patrick Goudeau Body Weight Blast

Tuesday: Xtrain: All Out Low Impact HIIT Extreme Premix

Wednesday: Atletica Vol 2 + Total Body Stretching (pick one)

Thursday: Cathe Crossfire + Core premix

Friday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Lean Body Circuits combined workouts premix

Saturday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Athletic Conditioning #2 workouts 1 & 2

Sunday: Yoga or rest

Week 4:

Monday: Cathe High Step Challenge

Tuesday: Breathless Body #1 Ultimate Calorie Burn

Wednesday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Slim Sculpting both workouts premix

Thursday: Bob Harper Body Rev Cardio Conditioning

Friday: Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp

Saturday: Peak 10 More Cardio Strength

Sunday: Yoga or rest

Week 5:

Monday: Patrick Goudeau Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

Tuesday: Cathe Afterburn

Wednesday: ICE: Metabolic Total Body Premix 4

Thursday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Fat Blaster (0r use the original Cardio Interval Burn if you already own it or can find it used–this is what I used)

Friday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Strength & Stamina workouts 1 & 2

Saturday: Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body

Sunday: Yoga or rest

Week 6:

Monday: Patrick Goudeau Extreme Calorie Burn

Tuesday: Cathe X10 (X54 or premix of your choice)

Wednesday: Cathe‘s (original) Bootcamp

Thursday: Breathless Body #3 HIIT It Big!

Friday: Strong & Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix

Sunday: Yoga or rest

Week 7:

Monday: Cathe High Step Training

Tuesday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix

Wednesday: STS Total Body

Thursday: Cathe To the Max Extreme premix

Friday: Tracy Mallet F.I.T. (Play All)

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Strength Fat Blaster (0r use the original Cardio Strength if you already own it or can find it used–this is what I used)

Sunday: Yoga or rest

Week 8:

Monday: Patrick Goudeau Lean Hot Body

Tuesday: Cathe Intensity

Wednesday: Jari Love Get Ripped in 6 Minutes (Full workout)

Thursday: Breathless Body #2 The Edge

Friday: Atletica Vol 3 + Total Body Stretching (pick one)

Saturday: Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn

Sunday: Yoga or rest



10 thoughts on “Metabolic DVD Rotation

  1. Hi there, I was wondering if you have any great ideas for an in between rotation after finishing 12 weeks of Cathe mixed weight routine with RipT90 with Jodi H that would shock the body . Great and I appreciate and wonderful input you could give. thanks


    1. Hi Jackie–RIPT90 is pretty intense and so is Cathe, so I am guessing you are looking for something different to shock your body? You could try doing a bodyweight only rotation. Mark Lauren‘s 90 Day Challenge can get pretty intense if you are doing the advanced workouts. But if you don’t want to do that, he has a lot of other workouts and his website gives rotations. You could also sign up for Rippedism–they have some excellent workouts that will shake things up. They also have some bodyweight workouts that I plan to do and review eventually. But they also have lots of excellent and intense dumbbell workouts.


  2. Hello, My son is getting married in October and I would love to slim down. I’m very interested in doing the Metabolic DVD rotation, but only own mostly Cathe DVD’s. I’m willing to buy all the DVD”S mention above. Do you have somewhere in your blog a list of all DVD’S used for this rotation and possibly how much you spent on all this DVD’s?


    1. Hi Lourdes! If you go to the actual rotation, each workout has a hyperlink that takes you to my blog post/review of the workout. At the top of each review I have a hyperlink to the workout on Amazon. And I really don’t have a ballpark number on how much I spent. I have been buying workout DVDs for well over a decade so I’ve spent a lot of money. And the ones in the rotation I have accumulated over time, not all at once. However, unless I am pre-ordering a workout or buying it right when it is released, I generally purchase it used off of Amazon or Ebay. So it’s always a good idea to look both places before buying them brand new. But generally, Amazon tends to have the best prices.


  3. I’m toying with the idea of doing this one. However, I don’t have any of the non-cathe videos so I’d tweak it to only be Cathe. Can you share with me the basic formula for each week (i.e. type of workouts each day?). Also, for someone looking to lose 10-20 lbs would this be the better rotation than your Rock Bottoms rotation that I’m also contemplating?


    1. Hi Cindy–yes, I definitely thing the metabolic rotation is a better choice for losing weight. The Rock Bottoms one uses STS and for that program you really don’t want to be in a calorie deficit due to the muscle building focus.

      It looks like the structure of this rotation I alternated cardio with total body strength (so 3 days of cardio, 3 days of total body strength work)–however, everything is metabolic whether it is cardio or strength. So but on the cardio days your dumbbells are used only to increase the intensity not for strength work.


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