Michelle Dozois’ Peak 10 More Cardio Strength

Peak 10 More Cardio Strength is a 56 minute workout with no warm up, a 50 minute training period and a 6 minute cool down. The following is copied from the Peak 10 Cardio Strength because the basic structure applies to both:

Michelle’s Peak 10 workouts are based on a structure she calls “metabolic blueprint” which consists of a base, an ascent, a climb and a peak. This workout is a cardio + strength workout that consists of 5 of these metabolic circuits, each repeated for a total of 10 circuits. Base and ascent are the strength portion of the circuit. The climb is cardio and the peak is a plyometric/anaerobic HIITs of approx. 15 seconds. As mentioned earlier, there is no warm up. You could say the first two circuits are the warm up since there is no peak component in those circuits. However, it doesn’t feel like a warm up! The remaining 8 circuits all have peaks.

Back to More Cardio Strength:

As you can see, this workout is just a variation on the Peak 10 workout structure. The difference is choreography. Though Cardio Strength was very intense, the choreography was basic. Not so in More Cardio Strength. It is more complicated—but still doable. I also found the Ascent or strength portion to be more difficult. Since I’ve only done the workout once, I’m not sure if that has to do with the moves being more complicated or if it is literally harder. Either way—it felt harder! There were quite a few complex moves–especially difficult when you are winded from the Climb and the Peak.

Examples: drop to one knee, do a chest fly, stand and do overhead scoop. Circle a heavy weight above head then twist to touch knee. A kettlebell type swing that you hop during. A whole plank/push up series that includes side plank drop hips into ab curl, cross leg push ups, tricep push ups and end with regular push ups. Then another little series with dive bombers then one arm plank flies. Curtsey lunges with front and lateral raises. A row series–side lunge with row, front lunge and row, wide row. Lunge jumps with bicep curls. Front lunge to back lunge with lateral raise and front raise. This next one was a real challenge–with one heavy weight lunge then jump to squat while doing an overhead one arm press and an abductor raise. A lot of standing core work with weights–side double pulse lunge with arms that circle overhead. In plie, with one weight, rotate side to side with jump squat and stir the pot. Donkey kick with incline push up. And much more.

The Climb and Peaks did not feel harder—they didn’t feel easier either! They were challenging, the choreography was more complex, but they were equally intense. Side burpees, seal jacks, drop squats, lots of kickboxing combos, jumping jacks, ski jumps, knee ups, scissor jumps, high knees, mountain climber/sit out combos, turning squat jumps, touchdown squats with scissor jacks, knees w/ scissor jumps and more—and lots of plyo for the Peaks.

The cardio-strength workouts (there are 3 total—but Cardio Strength 2  is only available in her Peak Fit Challenge program which, sadly,  apparently isn’t available for purchase anymore) are really well rounded workouts. You get strength training, serious cardio-interval training and you build endurance. It takes time to build your endurance enough to make it through these workouts without being completely and utterly spent; which is why I would recommend working these workouts into your routine regularly.


3 thoughts on “Michelle Dozois’ Peak 10 More Cardio Strength

  1. I love the method in this and in more of her workouts and understand the benefits to this type of training. I just find they are too darn hard on my hips. Also, they move a bit too fast for me to concentrate on stength even though I generally do well with circuit type of dvds.
    Too bad.


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