Michelle Dozois’ Peak 10 Cardio Strength

Peak 10 Cardio Strength is 59 minutes long. There is no warm up. Training period is 52 minutes long and cool down is 7 minutes. Michelle’s Peak 10 workouts are based on a structure she calls “metabolic blueprint” which consists of a base, an ascent, a climb and a peak. This workout is a cardio + strength workout that consists of 5 of these  metabolic circuits, each repeated for a total of 10 circuits. Base and ascent are the strength portion of the circuit. The climb is cardio and the peak is a plyometric/anaerobic HIITs of approx. 15 seconds. As mentioned earlier, there is no warm up. You could say the first two circuits are the warm up since there is no peak component in those circuits. However, it doesn’t feel like a warm up! The remaining 8 circuits all have peaks.

This is a tough, advanced, fast-paced workout. The choreography is easy to follow but intense. She transitions quickly from move to move and even the strength moves flow quickly, one to the next. You can make it easier by going lighter on your weights; however if you want the “strength” aspect of the workout, you’ll need to challenge your muscles. I usually use 8 pound dumbbells for my “light” weights and 12 pounders for my “heavy” weights. I find those challenging, but not too heavy to affect my speed/mobility during the moves. After the first circuit, the “base” can be perceived as a recovery period, except that it really doesn’t feel that way! You get a few seconds to pant and grab some water, then she has you grabbing your weights and starting strength moves while still in “base”! The cardio in “climb” is no easy cardio either—very athletic-style moves. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kickboxing, burpees, high knees, skiers and much more. The strength is very functional and includes lots of combo/four limb moves—deadlifts to overhead presses, push ups, curtsey lunges with side delt lifts, then curtseys again with tricep kickbacks, a sort of side squat/kneel with overhead press, rows and many more.

I love this workout. I am wiped out and drenched in sweat by the end and ready for the long cool down stretch. All of Michelle’s workouts that I own are effective and challenging, but her Peak 10 workouts take it to a new level. They are outstanding workouts and the type of workouts you should be doing if you really want to change your body. Her Peak Fit Challenge program puts her Peak 10 method into an 8 week program that will kick your butt. I have completed that program and love it. I’ll be posting a program review eventually. But if you don’t want the program, she has four Peak 10 workouts available separately for anyone who wants to add a serious challenge to their workout program: this one, Cardio Interval Burn, More Cardio Strength and More Cardio Interval Burn.

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