Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30

Ripped in 30 consists of four workouts, each approx. 30 minutes in length. Each workout uses Jillian’s signature 3-2-1 structure: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. Each workout consists of three of these 3-2-1 circuits. I really like this structure even though it can be exhausting. I will also admit that I am not a fan of 30 minute workouts—but she packs a lot into these workouts. I usually do 2 of them back to back and by the time I am done, I am wiped out! She lets you know up front that no move will be repeated. More specifically—if you see a move in one workout, it will not be in the other 3 workouts. However, the moves are repeated. For example, in the 3 minutes of strength you do 3 strength moves for 30 seconds each, then repeat them for your 3 total minutes of strength. But after that, you will never see that specific move again.

Workout #1:

35 minute workout: 3 minute warm up, 28 minutes of training and 6 minute cool down. This is the most basic and technically easy workout. I say “technically” because there are no unusual or complex moves, but it’s not an easy workout. You can go heavier with weights in this workout than you can in the others.

1st circuit: strength: pushups, squats with overhead press and tricep kickbacks; cardio: fast feet and skaters; abs: plank hold and hollow man.

2nd circuit: strength: deadlift and row, kettlebell swings (using a dumbbell) and good mornings; cardio: running man and twist punches; abs: side plank lifts.

3rd circuit: strength: chair pose with rear delt flies, side lunges with front shoulder raises and front lunge with bicep curls; cardio: butt kicks and single leg hops; abs: basic crunch and lower ab crunch.

Workout #2:

35 minute workout: 4 minute warm up, 27 minutes of training and 4 minute cool down. This workout was harder than the first one and it contained the move I loathe most—mountain climbers. Don’t get me wrong, I always do them when presented in workouts because I know they are effective. I hate them nonetheless. You can go heavy on some moves in this workout. However, I was surprised to find that “serving” bicep curls are harder than I expected and I had to pyramid down to a lighter weight.

1st circuit: Strength: crescent pose with front row, pendulum lunge with “serving” biceps and single leg bridge with chest press; cardio: plank jack and mountain climbers; abs: basic crunch and oblique crunch reaching for opposite toe.

Circuit 2: strength: side lunge with leg lift, ab hold to tabletop, crow push ups; cardio: jump rope with kick out and squat thrusts to plank; abs: v-sit ups and climb right leg then left leg.

Circuit 3: strength: sumos with tricep extension, one-legged bent over rows, renegade rows; cardio: jab/cross and high knees; abs: sit up with leg extension and crunch with leg raise.

Workout #3

31 minute workout: 4 minute warm up, 23 minutes of training and 4 minute cool down. Another toughy—maybe harder than #2; I’m not sure. I felt this one (afterward) a lot more in my shoulders, biceps/triceps and my legs than I did the previous two.

1st circuit: strength: bear crawl, low duck walk (ouch!) and squat with staggered row (the last move is not repeated—but should be! So pause the DVD and repeat!); cardio: low jacks and moguls; abs: plank twists and straight leg squat thrust.

2nd circuit: strength: balance on one leg with reverse flies, one leg squat with bicep curl and “rock and roll” squats with crunch; cardio: squat jumps and static lunge with racing arms; abs: “toe tappers” with hand weights and straight leg obliques—touch hand to opposite toe w/leg straight.

3rd circuit: strength: pike push up, one arm tricep pushups and tabletop tricep dips w/ one leg in air; cardio: jump lunges and one legged hops; abs: ab hold and pike crunch.

Workout #4

33 minute workout; 4 minute warm up, 25 minutes of training and 4 minute cool down/stretch. Wow! This one is definitely the hardest and most advanced of the four workouts. My arms were trembling a little by the end.

1st circuit: strength: plank to alternating crescent pose, static squat with shoulder press, static squat with row; cardio: plie hops and jacks with front kicks; abs: downward dog with knee to chin hold, plank walks, downward dog with knee to chin hold—other knee.

2nd circuit: strength: superman with dumbbell shoulder press (you’ll have to go light on this), renegade rows with push ups, clockwork lunges (cross/front, front, side, back, curtsy) with bicep curls; cardio: burpees and scissor hops; abs: windshield wiper legs and V-sit into hollow man.

3rd circuit: strength: chest fly with one-legged bridge, tricep push up and “forearm” push ups (sometimes called walking planks); cardio: plank moguls and double jump rope; abs: start on back with legs straight, roll up touch toes roll down and raise legs, touch toes.

The only thing I didn’t care for on this particular workout (#4 only) was Jillian’s motivational speech at the end. In general, I don’t mind when trainers do this—but this one is “forced” on you. She does it before the cool down stretch. I like to listen to those things once, but then when I do the workout again I won’t listen to it again—so they should be stuck at the very end of a workout so you have the option of turning it off. The speech is 1-2 minutes long! I was beginning to think there was no stretch! Workouts 1-3 do not have a speech at the end or stuck in anywhere else.

Overall this is an excellent workout DVD. I don’t use her 30 minute workouts in the manner she designed them to be used (one a week, done at least 5 times, for a total of 30 days). That seems kind of boring and not a long enough workout for me. So I either combine two of them for a solid hour, or use single workouts as “add ons” to other shorter workouts. For instance, when writing this review, I actually used this DVD as an add on for Jillian’s Rip:60 bonus Fat Shred workout. That workout only clocks in at 23 minutes, so I needed another workout to round out my time and these worked perfectly. For those of you who find Jillian too abrasive—your missing out on excellent workouts. She doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I like her and find her amusing.

6 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30

  1. I started Ripped in 30 on Monday. Workout 1 is good but it seems a bit less intense than Workout 3 from 30 Day Shred. I loved Workout 3 from 30DS — I felt that I got a great total body workout and that Jillian was able to sneak in some great moves during the strength and cardio parts that also worked your abs. I look forward to moving on to Workout 2 in RI30 — I love mountain climbers 🙂

    The only criticism I have so far for RI30 is that the background music is slightly loud. I was just about done with 30DS before I even realized that there was indeed background music. At times when I’m huffing and puffing in RI30 I can’t always hear Jillian’s jibber jabber and I do miss that — and that’s because I think the music is just a tiny bit louder than it should be. Whether this is just a minor issue for Workout 1 or all of them, it yet to be determined. Still, very glad to have acquired RI30 as I’ve been told it’s out-of-print.

    Hope all continues to be well for you and your family. Have you been able to regularly obtain eggs for your husband’s breakfasts?

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    1. Oh yes, we found a store with eggs and bought a bunch. Now we are well stocked. We are trying to do what was instructed a week or so ago–do not leave your house for anything for 2 weeks. We asked my parents to give us a grocery list that will last them 2 weeks and we showed for 2 weeks as well. We have everything we need for a while.


  2. Just started this today. It was difficult. Will do 5-6x during the week with a spin class and BH’s yoga warrior (free on youtube) on the weekends. Thanks for the breakdown of the moves…now I can plan what weights I need in advance!


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