Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

I’ve always enjoyed Jillian Michael’s workouts with one caveat—they’re too short! Most clock in at 30 minutes. Then this one appeared, clocking in at 54 minutes and I snatched it up. In recent years she started to do a mixture—both long and short workouts, which pleases me a lot! Not only is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism unique to Jillian in its length, but also that it is pure cardio! Most of her workouts are cardio/strength circuits, which I love, don’t get me wrong. But I can’t do strength every day, so I am always looking for good cardio only workouts.

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is 54 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down. I found the intensity of this workout uneven, but I still really loved it. The training portion consists of 7 circuits. Each circuit is done twice. The circuits are also “theme” based—which I really like. She even names some of them. For instance, the first circuit is a kickboxing circuit. It is pretty low intensity and, in my opinion, still warming you up. Circuit 2 kicks it way up with plyometrics—burpees, 180 jumps, jab/cross/hops, and single leg hops. Circuit 3 keeps your heart rate up there with, as Jillian names it, a calisthenics circuit—butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks and some standing oblique work. This is an uneven circuit, but I was okay with that. Your heart is racing so the standing oblique work is a nice recovery. Circuit 4 is a core circuit and it is another uneven circuit. You start with mountain climbers, then drop and do supermans and pike crunches—both of which drop the heart rate. But then your back in plank for some oblique twists and walking planks. Circuit 5 we’re back to kickboxing and, again, it feels like a recovery circuit. Circuit 6 re-spikes the heart rate with a return to plyometrics—jump squats, cross country skiing, scissor jumps, skaters and standing mountain climbers. And finally, circuit 7 keeps your heart rate up there without making your heart explode with moguls, standing pikes (fingers to toes, leg straight), standing knee crunches and jump rope.

If it is pure intensity you are looking for, then this workout might disappoint. But I loved it. I own Insanity, TurboFire, Asylum—and many more DVDs that are pure, hardcore intensity from beginning to end. And I love those as well. However, sometimes I want to vary my intensity and this one fits the bill perfectly. It is fun, gets the heart pumping and isn’t full of complex, dancey moves. It’s a keeper!

6 thoughts on “Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

  1. Oh, ok! I know some people in a Facebook Jillian group I’m in alternate Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones and have had really good results. I think they both came out around the same time? Anyway, I love them both!


    1. they did and that sounds like a good way to use them. If Strong & Sweaty doesn’t arrive next week then I think I will do that one again because I really don’t remember much about that workout even tho it is sitting on my shelf.


    1. I have done it but it has been so long I don’t remember much about it. The last time I did it was before I started this blog, so a long time! I think it is the only Jillian workout I haven’t returned to in the past 4 years. I need to put it on my To Do list now! I had forgotten about it!


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