Cathe’s Muscle Endurance

See edited/updated review here.

After being pleasantly surprised that Cathe’s Bootcamp wasn’t has hard as I remembered it (when I did it 5 years ago), I expected something similar with Muscle Endurance. Well…. It was almost as hard as I remember! Almost. She burned out my upper body, my lower body and my core. But it was doable. She does a lot of step ups on the 14 inch bench. A LOT. I remember that being one of the things that was excruciating when I did it in the past. I was a Firm junky, so I was accustomed to a lot of high step ups and yet Cathe’s killed me! Since I rarely do Firm workouts anymore and almost never use the high step for step ups, I imagined this would be murder. It wasn’t! It didn’t cause me any pain this time! I must work my lower body much harder now than The Firm ever did. Since I rarely do step ups now, I was very pleased that Cathe had so many in this workout.

Muscle Endurance is a 65 minute endurance workout, so there are a lot of reps. I used anywhere from 5 pound dumbbells to 20 pound dumbbellss, depending on the muscle group being worked. The workout starts with a 6 minute warm up then jumps right into step ups. She works every muscle in the body and fatigues them, too, before moving on. For instance, the workout starts with step ups, then moves to squats, then deadlifts before changing to upper body moves. That’s the basic structure—burn out the lower body, then burn out the upper body, back to burning out the lower body, then upper and so on. The workout ends with a long abdominal section that uses an 8 pound medicine ball, then a nice stretch—about 4 minutes. The equipment used in the video: 14 inch step, barbell, dumbbells and a medicine ball. I don’t own a barbell (yet!) so I just substituted with dumbbells.

Overall I really liked it. It’s fast-paced strength-only circuit training. I found it very challenging, but again, doable. Like her Bootcamp, this is one I will use frequently.

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