Lean, Hot Body

leanhotbodyWow. This workout is crazy intense. Patrick Goudeau is another new-to-me trainer and that man is a machine! This is an advanced metabolic strength training + HIIT workout with no down time. None. Your recovery is moving on to the next very challenging move. I really liked this workout. It is put together well with effective and interesting exercises. I also really like the HIITs. I like Patrick and his crew (Toby Massenburg is one of the crew members!!!). With the right dumbbells it is possible to get an intense and very effective total body strength + cardio workout. Patrick states in the intro that you will be using a set of heavy and a set of medium dumbbells, but he doesn’t tell us what weights him or his crew are using. The men’s dumbbells look substantial–heavier than I used, but I could be wrong. It was a different brand of dumbbell than I use. I used 15, 12 and 8 pound dumbbells. In the future, I think I’d like to use 15, 12 and 10. You can’t go super heavy and maintain good form because of the speed of the exercises, but I feel like I could have gone heavier for some of the medium weight exercises and I also thought that for some of the moves I used 12 pound dumbbells for I could have used 15 pounders. Either way, this workout was tough. I was seriously sucking wind at parts and my lower body muscles felt burned out several times. It sent me to Amazon to look at more of Patrick’s workouts and it looks like he has created quite a few more in the same vein as this one that I now must own. If the others truly are as complete and advanced as this one I could easily create an entire rotation with his workouts at the core of them that would deliver amazing results.

The workout is set up in in blocks. Each block consists of primarily compound strength exercises interspersed with cardio using dumbbells and ends with a HIIT segment (no dumbbells for the HIITs); you then repeat it all on the other side of the body before moving on to the next block. There are 5 blocks in all. There is also a 10 minute bonus ab segment. When the training portion of the workout ends, it brings you to a screen where you can choose to go directly to the cool down (thus keeping the workout at an hour) or go on to the 10 minute core bonus.

Lean, Hot Body is 60 minute long; warm up is 5:30, training period is 50 minutes and stretch is 4:30.

Block 1: squat-walk side-to-side while holding one heavy dumbbell; pulse squats with overhead presses; jumping jacks with dumbbell; triceps extensions with shoulder presses; suitcase squat with bicep curl; kettlebell-style dumbbell swings. HIIT: line taps; football run alternating with rapid drops into plank. Repeat HIIT. Repeat everything on the other side of the body.

Block 2: (grab heavy dumbbells) rear lunges touching weights to floor; mountain climbers; lunge combined with 1-arm rows; lateral lunges; double-arm rows; reverse curls. HIIT: high knee run;  drop and roll onto your back, roll back up and jump at top of move. Repeat HIIT. Repeat everything on the other side of the body.

Block 3: (grab moderate dumbbells) squat and place dumbbells on floor, stand and jump, squat to pick dumbbells up again; little hops while still holding dumbbells; pendulum lunges; one-legged burpee followed by two pushups and side plank; bicep curls with an elbow lift at the top of the movement (pushing dumbbells over shoulder). HIIT: tap foot to front and back–fast, motorcycle kicks, shuffles, jump lunges. Repeat HIIT.  Repeat everything on the other side of the body.

Block 4: (grab moderate dumbbells) hold dumbbells in guard position, twist left and right, then punch one arm up; wide squats with torso rotated toward front leg; rear lunge with shoulder press, jump into a plyo pushup and jump back up; squat to put dumbbells on the floor, stand and shuffle feet twice. HIIT: jumping jacks and 8 tuck jumps. Repeat HIIT. Repeat everything on the other side of the body.

Block 5: (grab moderate dumbbells) get into crab position  and do alternating one arm press; triceps dips; leg lifts and kicks (still in crab position); lay on back and do tricep extensions; get back into crab position  and do alternating one arm press; triceps dips; leg lifts and kicks (still in crab position); Turkish get-ups. HIIT: star jacks and half-burpees. Repeat HIIT. Repeat everything on the other side of the body.

Bonus Abs is a fairly tough 10 minutes segment  that starts with some unique variations of oblique crunches, then some tradition sit ups, various moves in boat pose, flutter kicks, reverse crunches and progressive planks.


10 thoughts on “Lean, Hot Body

  1. I was just reading your review on this and by the way you describe \the workout it sounds ultra intense which I like. The only thing I think is you only do one set of upper body? correct me if I am wrong.
    Thank You!

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    1. I know my answers always seem to be that it has been a long time since I’ve done the workout–but it’s true. I stream almost all of my workouts from YouTube anymore. I rarely touch my DVD workouts. But what I remember about this workout after re-reading my review, is that this is made up of primarily compound moves–so with most of the strength exercises you are working the upper and the lower body at the same time. Also, one thing I do remember about Patrick’s workouts is that he usually doesn’t do a ton of reps. Usually something like 8 reps but that is because the exercises change–so you are frequently still working the same muscle groups, just in a different way, which leads to burn out.


  2. Patrick is great! You will absolutely have to try Kickbox Burn where he introduces the awesome Heather Corndorf. Possibly the most intense Kickbox workout out there.


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