Hard Work Conditioning 2

HW2Wow! That title is no joke! This is the second Patrick Goudeau workout I’ve done (Kickbox Burn doesn’t really count because it’s really Heather Corndorf) and it is hard work. I own Hard Work Conditioning 1 but haven’t done it yet, so I cannot compare at this time–but Hard Work Conditioning 2 earns its name! I have a lot of thoughts about this workout but first let me start with saying it is an excellent, intense and advanced metabolic strength training workout. It is even harder and more advanced than Patrick’s Lean Hot Body, and it is hard work from beginning to end. Even the stretch seemed painful! The warm up had plyometrics in it! I will say I don’t like it as much as Lean Hot Body and for several reasons which I will get into. But I do like it. It is an incredibly effective workout which Patrick seems to excel at creating.

This workout is made up primarily of compound strength moves with some very intense cardio intervals. Well, that sounds like Lean Hot Body–except some of these compound strength moves are kind of awkward. Not all of them. Plus, this workout is so challenging I felt I couldn’t really classify it as the cardio + strength workout it could be. More metabolic strength training because I couldn’t go as heavy as I wanted to on some of the exercises because of either the compound component or the exercise(s) that immediately follows (no time to change weights). He uses an 8 inch step in this workout which automatically increases intensity. Also, this is a very long workout–86 minutes long. Impossible for me to do on work morning since I only have an hour in the mornings M-F, so it will have to be kept to a weekend/day off workout. He does have “Workout Options”  so you can do this workout different ways (or just do parts of it–not really premixes). And if you skip the ab work and stretch (the last 19 minutes) that makes the workout only 67 minutes (and I can squeeze in a 67 minute workout, but not an 86 minute workout). You do need a stretch afterward, but I’m not sure you need the very long stretch he gives you at the end of this workout. If your pressed for time you could stretch yourself out quickly.

Now, I want to reiterate this workout was hard, very hard from beginning to end; however, the first half was much harder than the second half (tho the second half is no joke either!). He states at the beginning that you are starting “Part 1” which on the Workout Options menu is labeled as Lower Body. If I hadn’t been anticipating (and hoping) for somewhat of a break in “Part 2” (labeled as Upper Body), then I might have not pushed through. Part one is brutal. Part two is very challenging, but not brutal. Still, I was drained from Part 1, so I was still pushing through Part 2! On his Workout Option menu he has Part 1 listed as Lower Body and Part 2 listed as Upper Body. This is not true. They both work the upper and the lower body. Maybe there is a bit more focus on the lower body in part 1 and a bit more focus on the upper body in part 2, but not much. The real difference between the two is Part 1 is more intense.

I have to say, at the end of this workout I was drained and my legs felt weak for hours afterward. In fact, I felt there was more lower body focus than anything else–the lower body strength exercises, the compound strength exercises and the explosive cardio moves–all together work your lower body harder than your upper body. I do think that the more I do this workout, the more I will be able to up my weights and feel like I am getting better upper body strength work. But even with lighter weights, this is an incredible workout.

Here is the Workout Options menu:

Warm Up, Abs & Cool Down (26 minutes)

30 Minute Lower Body (31 minutes–no warm up or cool down)

30 Minute Upper Body (29 minutes–no warm up or cool down)

Abs Only (10 minutes)

Hard Work Conditioning 2 is 86 minutes long; 6 minute warm up, 61 minute metabolic weight training, 10 minute abs and 9 minute stretch. You need a step at 8 inches and two sets of dumbbells–one light and one heavy. I used 8, 12 and 15 pound dumbbells. All Cardio Blasts are on the step with no weights.

Part 1

Round 1:

Grab your light weights; step up and over your step w/ shoulder press; add bicep curl and back lunge.

Set dumbbells on ground on either side of feet; do pendulum lunges (no weights); single leg squat with bicep curl at bottom of move (weights are still on the ground on either side of your feet so you just grab them and do bicep curl).

Grab one light dumbbell for “Warrior Lunge”–windmill the arms while doing warrior lunge.

Cardio Blast: straddle up/straddle down; jacks jumping on and off step; alternating side leg extension while stepping on and off the step; repeat.

Repeat Round 1 focusing on other side of body.

Round 2:

Grab one heavy dumbbell. While straddling the step do alternating curtsey lunges with knee raise at the top.

Jump squats (still straddling step) with a tricep extension at top.

Slow speed skaters doing a curtsey lunge and transferring heavy weight from hand to hand.

Grab light dumbbells. Squat to a diagonal upper body extension while raising one leg to the side; alternate sides–you do 3 steps to get around to the other side of the step (this move felt awkward to me).

Tap and walk 3 steps, side to side behind the step holding weights at hips (more awkwardness).

Cardio Blast: shuffle/taps top of step; jump on and off step then do a jack; jack then touch floor in fast side to side squats 3 times. Repeat.

Repeat Round 2 focusing on other side of body.

Round 3:

Grab light weights. Front lunge onto step with running arms. Balance on one bent leg on top of step and continue running arms. Total balance compound move: Warrior 3 with weights, up to standing (on one leg), do overhead press while extending leg in front of you.

Static lunge with back leg lift (placing dumbbells down on top of step when raising leg)

4 plank jacks with hands on step, walk straight legs up to step and back (hands still on step). Side lunges. Hop over step. Combine side lunges and hop over step.

Repeat Round 3 focusing on other side of body.

Part 2:

Round 1:

Lay on step with light dumbbells, legs bent above you (here is where I would have liked to go heavier but some of the exercises that are combined make it difficult to go heavy); chest press. Two chest presses, roll up, plant feet on ground and “stand” in a deep squat with arms (still holding dumbbells) held straight in front of you.

While in deep squat do tricep kickbacks. Slow squat with a shoulder press at top of move.

Put dumbbells on either side of step (still holding them) and do cannon push ups. Leave dumbbells beside step. 2 and 3 point planks with hands on step.

Standing at the side of your step, step up with outside leg and tap step with other leg. You will progress to touching step with hand while doing this move, then touching floor with hand and it ends with a static tap and touch the floor.

Repeat Round 1 focusing on other side of body.

Round 2:

Grab “appropriate” dumbbells; Patrick grabs light, but I needed heavy for this exercise. Place one heel on step. Split deadlift; at top of move do 2 knee lifts with bicep curls. Just split deadlifts.

Alternating reverse diagonal lunges. Burpees while still holding dumbbells and placing them on the step. Move to side of step and if you grabbed heavy weights like me, exchange them with light weights. Front raise to side raise; side raise to front raise.

Lunge to plank; come back into lunge but with opposite leg and stand; repeat with other leg and keep alternating. Set one dumbbell down. Put one foot on top of step; squat with a bicep curl at bottom, come up and do bow and arrow arm with knee raise. Take your foot off the step and do a similar move: lunge down beside the step placing dumbbell on step at bottom of move and come up and do knee raise and pull arm with dumbbell back to shoulder.

Straddle step. Holding dumbbell in both hands twist side to side with knee raise. Alternate tapping top of step. Tap fast in single, single, double rhythm.

Repeat Round 2 focusing on other side of body.

Round 3:

Set your dumbbells from Round 2 down. Put on foot on step and do knee repeaters. Travel back and forth across top of step. Repeat.

Grab heavy weights. Static curtsey lunge with one arm bicep curl and overhead press.

Sit on step. Do tricep kickback, bicep curl, overhead press; during overhead press raise knees/feet. Roll onto back and do chest press, roll back up (feet do not touch floor!) and do overhead press.

Straddle step; place dumbbells on floor right in front of step and come down into plank position over step; do “leg over rows” (similar to renegade rows but with feet “crossed”).

Repeat Round 3 focusing on other side of body.

Ab work:

Lay on step. One foot on floor, one leg straight, one hand on floor to side and one behind your head: elbow to knee. Change to straight leg to straight arm. Hold straight leg static and straighten leg that was on floor so you’re in a scissor pose. Reach for foot with opposite hand. Reach behind you and grab the risers of your step. Lift straighten both legs, feet to ceiling. Lower straight legs, then bend and pull in. Slow hip raises (legs straight w/ feet to ceiling). Reverse move right before hip raises. Do slow hip raises again. Roll up then push up into standing, sit and roll back down; repeat.

Repeat the entire ab work section.



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