Cardio Pump Fusion

cardiopumpCardio Pump Fusion is a unique hybrid cardio workout created by Brook Benten. Several types of cardio are combined in this workout to get the heart pumping and keep you from getting bored. I would say this is intermediate level and the intensity is variable. Brook has two exercisers with her, one showing beginner modifications, one showing advanced modifications and Brook states she is somewhere in between. I followed the advanced modifications and got a great workout.

What types of cardio are fused together in this workout? If you play the entire workout it is 65:30 minutes long. You start with power yoga as your warm up. The next section is called Fusion and it is made up of bootcamp, kickboxing, plyometrics and sports drills. Then you move into your kettlebell cardio which is metabolic weight training. The workout ends with relaxing yoga. It’s an awesome and intense workout that definitely holds your interest.

The menu has it broken down into sections. You can play the entire workout or you can pick and chose from the various chapters and put together your own workout: Power Yoga Warm Up (11 minutes), Fusion (22 minutes), Cardio Kettlebell (12 minutes), Kettlebell Crank (11 minutes) and Cool Down (relaxing yoga) (10 minutes).

The equipment needed for this workout is a mat for the yoga sections and kettlebells for the kettlebell portions. Brook and crew use a 15 pound kettlebell for Cardio Kettlebell and a 10 pound kettlebell for Kettlebell Crank. I did the same.

Fusion is the longest section of this workout and it consists of 4 combos; after going through and learning all the individual combos, you run through them all as a finished product. Though the description states there is plyo, there is really only plyo if you are following the advanced modifier. Brook does some, but for the most part all of the real plyometrics is done by the advanced modifier. And of course the beginner modifier does no plyometrics. You do all types of moves in this workout–kicks, punches, burpees, skaters, jump lunges, hitch kicks and lots more.

Cardio Kettlebell uses the heavier bell (15 pounds) and is lower body focused, though there are upper body moves. There are lots of swing variations, curvilinear rows, overhead press, mountain climbers, deadlifts, upright rows, lots of squats and more. It just keeps moving.

Kettlebell Crank uses the lighter bell (10 pounds) and is total body focused. It has halos, lunges with chops, snatches, plie swings and more.

I have had this workout for years and I used to use it more frequently (when I first got it). I don’t know why I have stayed away so long. It is excellent, fun and comprehensive. There are no complicated exercises. They may be intense, but they are not hard to perform. I will definitely be working it back into my rotations more frequently.


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