Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix

remixYet another tough Peak 10 workout by Michelle Dozois. Cardio Interval Burn Remix is cardio/HIIT–no strength. 60 minutes; 4 minute warm up, 51 minute training time and 5 minute cool down and stretch.

I like all of Michelle’s Peak 10 workouts, but I like the Cardio Strength workouts the best. Not only are they tougher, but the choreography is generally less complex. Not that the Cardio Interval Burn workouts have “complex” choreography, but compared to the Cardio Strength workouts it is more complex and dancy. Still a great and intense workout. I also felt the Ascent in this one was more intense than the Ascent phase of her other two Peak 10 Cardio Burn workouts.

Here is the break down I used in the other two Cardio Interval Burn workouts to describe it–since they are essentially the same:

The Peak 10 workouts have a basic structure, though the strength and cardio interval workouts differ a bit. There are 5 circuits, each done twice for a total of 10 circuits. She calls the circuit pairs “blocks.” Each circuit has a basecamp, an ascent, a climb and a peak. Base Camp is a recovery period. Ascent is a more aerobic based cardio when you start raising your heart rate. Climb takes the cardio up to a higher intensity and the Peak is a 30 second anaerobic HIIT. The cardio only Peak 10s differ from the Cardio Strength workouts in several ways. First–they’re easier! That’s not to say that they are easy! They are not—they are very intense cardio.  However, you do get a genuine recovery. In the Peak 10 Cardio Strength workouts it does not feel like there is any recovery! You’re always pushing it to the max. In the cardio only programs the Base Camp is a genuine (short) recovery that, in my opinion, carries over to the Ascent. The Ascent is good cardio, but it isn’t intense. The only aspect of the cardio-only Peak 10s that is more difficult than the strength Peak 10s is that the Peak is longer (30 seconds rather than the 15 second Peaks in the Strength workouts).

Just like in the Cardio Strength workouts, your basecamp recovery isn’t a “stand there and breathe hard” recovery. You have less than 10 seconds to regroup before she immediately makes you begin another move. It is always a lower intensity version of the first move in the Ascent series. Once the Ascent begins, you just pump up the move somehow. So keep that in mind in the breakdown below–the Basecamp move will follow through to the Ascent (and then be repeated in the Ascent as part of the series).

Just like Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix this workout has an introduction that explains the concept of the workout and a movement review that breaks down 6 of the more complicated moves.

Before I break down the blocks of this workout, I have to say, it was difficult to review this workout. Writing descriptions of the moves made them seem less intense than they were. It is a pretty intense workout. Michelle is very energetic and puts intensity into everything. For instance, when you see something like “step touch”–this is never a simple side-to-side step. It is full of energy and bounce. Same with a jab or punch–you never stand there and punch–it is not stationary shadow boxing–you are doing a high energy boxer shuffle with it (unless it is in Basecamp–but as soon as you change to Ascent the energy shifts upward immediately).  In addition, the cadence/beat/tempo of the music accelerates as you move from Basecamp, to Ascent, to Climb and Peak. It gets faster and faster–it really spurs you on to work harder and put more into it each level as you advance to a higher level. The whole package is put together very well.

Block 1
Shuffle up and step touch
Box step jogs
Step knee and walk
Punch up and cross jack
Double jabs front and back
Single jabs front and back
3 wide hops and side knee
Elbow pulls while bouncing
Alternate side leg lifts
Side-to-side lean (arms in goal post), double knee and side kick
Tuck jump and side burpee

Block 2
Punch high, middle, low and twist with arms in guard (continue this into the Ascent)
Walk forward 3 steps and knee lift
Alternate lunges behind you
Step out and in and jump
Lunge combo at 3 different levels–high, low and with hands on the floor
Grapevine with hamstring curls
Heel digs both low and with power
Run forward, 2 jacks
Run backward, 2 jacks
Power lunge: in lunge, pump arms while pulsing then 180 jump lunge
With legs wide do figure 8 arms into a dips
Figure 8 arms into dips except jumping

Block 3
V step
V step
4 tap outs, hop and change legs
4 punches, twist/180 squat jumps 3 times, plank to frog jump 3 times
Cross step and sashay
Jack, cross, reach, knee
Jog to side and reach knee
Double jab, 2 hooks and bounce back
Fast feet and two squat jumps
Triple jog and raise knee (or of you’ve done Insanity–this is just 1-2-3 Heismans), run in place, ski hops
Jump knee kicks

Block 4
Walk to side with elbow block
Shuffle to side, turn and elbow block
Step forward and back with wide legs and “throw away” arms
Stomp front and back kick
Jab and jack twice, two touch down jacks
Diagonal knees, high knee run, diagonal knees to other side
Run back and forth, drop to mountain climber, then push up jacks
Speed bag and two squats
“Groucho Marx” lunge-walk forward and scissor jog back
Drop squat to pencil jump

Block 5
Shuffle and cross back (sashay) (continue as first ascent move)
Shuffle and cross back (sashay)
Punch low while leaning forward and back, and raise knee
Walk and step touch while swinging arms
“Wide hips” (hopping/bouncing) and airplane arms while bouncing in a circle
Hop wide for 3 then twist hop
Double jab, cross, jab, knee, kick
3 alternating lunges and one side kick
Run forward and back (dancy run)
4 knees then alternate knees in center then 4 knees other side
Straight jump to air jack (alternate)

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