Michelle Dozois Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn

Michelle Dozois’s More Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn is a 60 minutes long cardio only workout; 4 minute warm up, 51 minute training time and 5 minute cool down.

Another amazing Peak 10 workout. More Cardio Interval Burn is structured the same as Cardio Interval Burn so I will just copy the format description here:

The Peak 10 workouts have a basic structure, though the strength and cardio interval workouts differ a bit. There are 5 circuits, each done twice for a total of 10 circuits. Each circuit has a base camp, an ascent, a climb and a peak. Base Camp is a recovery period. Ascent is a more aerobic based cardio when you start raising your heart rate. Climb takes the cardio up to a higher intensity and the Peak is a 30 second anaerobic HIIT. The cardio only Peak 10s differ from the Cardio Strength workouts in several ways. First–they’re easier! That’s not to say that they are easy! They are not—they are very intense cardio.  However, you do get a genuine recovery. In the Peak 10 Cardio Strength workouts it does not feel like there is any recovery! You’re always pushing it to the max. In the cardio only programs the Base Camp is a genuine (short) recovery that, in my opinion, carries over to the Ascent. The Ascent is good cardio, but it isn’t intense. The only aspect of the cardio-only Peak 10s that is more difficult than that strength Peak 10s is that the Peak is longer (30 seconds rather than the 15 second Peaks in the Strength workouts).

Back to More Cadio Interval Burn:

More Cardio Interval Burn is another intense cardio interval program. I would say it is even more intense than the original Cardio Interval Burn. It is very athletic with lots of kickboxing combos—more so than the first/original Cardio Interval Burn. Lots of kicks, a double upper cut/scissor jump combo, a double punch hammer double jump knee combo, jabs into high knees. There was also an odd scissor plank jack. And many more rather unusual but interesting and doable moves. Some of the Peaks were more intense, too—such as a tuck jump to burpee. Wow! That is tough. Also, half eagles with tuck jump/knee slap, 180 jump lunges, air jacks and leap to jump shot. The choreography was a bit more complex than Cardio Interval Burn, but not confusing. Though I will admit that during the first interval it took me a few tries to get some of the moves right, but I caught on. That could have as much to do with the fact I workout at 430am, as the actual complexity of the moves! My mind might not have been firing at 100% at that point! The Climb and Peak are high impact, but the Ascent is mostly low impact, tho there is some hopping even in the Ascent. The cool down is shorter than in Cardio Interval Burn, but still very nice.

Another excellent Peak 10 workout! Keep them coming Michelle! I love them!


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