30 Minutes to Fitness: Kickboxing

kickboxingKickboxing is yet another awesome offering from one of my new favorite trainers Kelly Coffey-Meyer in her 30 Minutes to Fitness series. I love her workouts for so many reasons that I have already ranted about in other reviews so I will not keep repeating myself. Kickboxing contains two 30 minute kickboxing workouts plus a 14 minute bonus ab workout–and of course Kelly’s wonderful premixes. I found these workouts very unique and fun–which seems to be the theme with Kelly’s workouts: unique, fun and effective. The workouts were actually pretty tough–and intense once you got the hang of a combo. And that was key–getting the hang of the combos; but more on that in second.

The workouts are made up of combos that are done for 2 minutes each. They are kind of taught in layers. I say “kind of” because there are really only two layers. She teaches you the first part which is usually pretty easy, then throws the remainder at you–which is the much more complex part of the combo. However, there is a good rhythm to the combos so once you get the hang of them, the intensity builds quickly (and it took me several tries to get the hang of most of the combos). Though both workouts have complex combos, I found them harder to catch onto in Workout #2, so the first time through that workout it didn’t feel as intense as Workout #1. And maybe it wasn’t, but I can’t be certain until I do the workouts more and become more familiar with the combos so that I catch on quickly. It may have only seemed less intense because I got more recovery time as I tried to learn the next combo. Kelly does none of the moves slow. Even tho they are taught in two parts, she throws everything at you fast, so I would stand there and watch the tv as she went at least one time through the combo, then fumble through several more combos before I caught on and could really throw myself into it. Then my heart rate would climb. But every time I had to learn a combo my heart rate dropped. I like these workouts a lot though, so I will come back to them. And not only as doubles. I will use the premix that combines the two workouts sometimes for my main workout of the morning. And add on the Core Bonus, too–which is awesome and fits perfectly with these workouts. It is 14 minutes long and almost the entire 14 minutes incorporates some kind of punches–and even some kicks and knees in the beginning. The first 4 minutes are done standing, then you get down on the floor for the remaining 10 minutes. It is a lot of fun and keeps the heart rate elevated.

Warning–these kickboxing workouts are heavy on the kicking. So your lower body is going to get a good workout! Kelly is wearing weighted gloves. She says her crew members are too, but they look they are wearing weighted wrist bands. These workouts are structured a little differently on the main menu, too. You get an intro by Kelley giving you more info about workouts, there is only one warm up  (it is 4 minutes long) and it is listed separately. It is not included with the main workouts. So once you do the warm up, it brings you back out to the menu to choose your workout. There are two main workouts, then there is the Bonus Core/Abs, the premixes and last is a tutorial where Kelly breaks down the combos that you will see in her workouts. It might be a good idea to go through the tutorial if you have the time. I didn’t have the time so I didn’t go through it. That might have helped me catch onto things quicker. Oh, she also has a little circle that pops up in the right hand of the screen that previews the upcoming move before you do it. In fact, between moves, Kelly verbally lists the punches/kicks you will do while the circle shows the finished combo (the combo is going full speed btw), then the circle disappears and she goes into the combo. It’s kind of weird and too small to do the combo any justice. I didn’t like it. It would have been better if she just broke it down slower.

Workout 1 is 27 minutes long; 25 minutes of kickboxing and a 2 minute stretch; with the 4 minute warm up it totals 31 minutes. Workout 2 is 24: 30 minutes long; 22:30 minutes of kickboxing and a 2 minute stretch; with the 4 minute warm up it totals 28:30.

The Bonus Core/Abs has it’s own little menu that lists 3 different workouts using it. You can just do the Bonus Core/Abs and nothing else; that’s 14 minutes. Or you can do a premix with Workout 1 (warm up + workout 1 + core/abs) which is 44 minutes or a premix with Workout 2 (warm up + workout 2 + core/abs) which is 42 minutes.

Premixes: Knockout Mix (warm up+ workouts 1 & 2 +  cool down) 53 minutes, Punch Mix (warm up + upper body combos + cool down) 22 minutes, Kick Mix (warm up + lower body combos + cool down) 21 minutes, Punch & Kick Mix (warm up + mixed upper and lower body combos + cool down) 22 minutes.

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