30 Minutes to Fitness: Meltdown

coffeyfit_meltdown_coverMore workouts from Kelly Coffey-Meyer! These are of course auto-buys for me and I pre-ordered them as soon as she announced them. I received them on Saturday and restructured my week to do them. She produced two DVDs in her 30 Minutes to Fitness series and this is the first one I sampled: Meltdown. The actual title of these workouts is Metabolic Meltdown. You get two workouts on this DVD, a tabata heavy bag boxing workout and a metabolic strength workout that uses dumbbells and a barbell. Now, as a quick disclaimer, I cannot give a completely accurate review of the heavy bag boxing because I do not own a heavy bag. I used 2 pound weighted gloves and I shadow boxed. I still got a good workout, but as good of a workout as if I had used a heavy bag? I have no idea. Before I go any further, I need to comment on what jumped out at me right away–Kelly looks amazing. She always looks amazing, but is it my imagination or does she look younger than ever? She looks gorgeous in these workouts. The benefits of exercise, right? She is getting younger rather than older.

These workouts are not up on Amazon yet. As far as I know, the only place you can currently purchase them is Kelley’s website.

I will break down and describe each workout in more detail below but suffice to say, I loved them. She has a lot of great premixes I am anxious to try but I am currently putting my entire rotation starting mid-December on hold. Cathe is wrapping things up with her Strong & Sweaty Series and I want to jump into that as soon as I receive them. My current rotation ends December 12. If I have not received Strong & Sweaty by then, I plan to sample some of the premixes on this DVD and I will update this review at that time.

Workout #1 (metabolic strength): 27:30 minutes; 3:30 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. Wow! What an intense little metabolic strength training workout. I previewed this before hand to choose my weights in advance and thought it looked pretty tough. I actually lowered my weight too once I got into the workout! I initially planned to use 15 pound dumbbells for everything–but #2 below is hard! So I dropped that one to a 12 pound dumbbell. I had my barbell at 40 pounds but again, after the first circuit I decided to drop it to 35 pounds, which felt more doable. I did get through the first circuit with the weights I was using but I didn’t know if I could manage 3 circuits with those weights since I was already struggling during first circuit! Kelly says she is using 12.5 pound dumbbells and it looks like her barbell was at 35 pounds. The weights listed below are what I ended up using after the first time through the circuit and they worked well for me. Which leads me to structure of this workout.

A circuit of 8 exercises that is repeated 3 times total. Exercises 1-5 are done for one minute each. Exercises 6-8 are done for 10 reps each. Pick the right weights and you will get an excellent total body workout that is very metabolic. Kelly is leading this workout by herself–just Kelly and you. She doesn’t show a lot of modifications either.

Equipment needed: a bench or a step with lots of risers, a barbell and at least one set of dumbbells. Optional is a kettlebell for the first exercise.

  1. DB or KB swings (25# KB)
  2. Sit on bench w/ knees bent and raised; pass one DB overhead from one hand to the other (12# DB)
  3. Seated bent over rows and bicep curls (15# DBs)
  4. Lying bench press + skull crusher w/ knees bent and raised (15# DBs)
  5. Donkey kicks over the bench
  6. Barbell cleans from hip to shoulder (35# BB)
  7. Overhead barbell thrusters (35# BB)
  8. Front squats (35# BB)

Repeat everything (1-8) 2 more times (3 times total); the only change you make is to #5–on the second time through the circuit you straddle the bench at one end and hands grip the bench at the other end; jump feet on and off the bench. The third time through the circuit you do the donkey kicks again.

Finisher: workout ends w/ mountain climbers w/ hands on barbell

Workout #2 (boxing) is 28 minutes long; 3:30 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. This is a heavy bag boxing workout; so to do it like Kelly, you need a heavy bag and boxing gloves. But, of course, Kelly offers options. There is another exerciser who is just shadow boxing. I do not own a heavy bag (or boxing gloves)–so I did the shadow boxing, but I did it with 2 pound weighted gloves and I got a great little boxing workout. This workout was a lot of fun. Kelly calls it tabata boxing because each boxing (or cardio) burst is done in 20 second intervals w/ a 10 second recovery time. And just like Kelly’s other tabata style workouts, the music is set up to accommodate the 20/10 intervals so she doesn’t have to do the actual time keeping. And since it’s boxing? The sound signaling it’s time to work is a boxing bell.

The biggest question people will have is–can I get a good workout without a heavy bag? Yes. Just like any other heavy bag–or kickboxing or cardio boxing workout. It is what you put into it. Use weighted gloves and full range of motion. Put your back into a punch, pivot your hips, punch with power and you will get an excellent workout. I did. And it was fun! The structure of the workout is 6 “tabata” circuits. These are not true tabatas for a lot of reasons, but I’m not going to explain why here. Suffice to say the structure works for this workout. You do 3 exercises (20/10 interval structure) move to the other side of the bag and repeat those 3 exercises with the other lead, then you do a 20 second cardio interval and move on to the next tabata circuit. And the cool down? What a fun little cool down! Kelly has Latin music playing and makes it a kind of fun dancey cool down–but no fancy choreography, just a lot of fun. This was an all around excellent workout with a feel good ending.

Tabata 1: 1. jab and duck, 2. double jab and duck, 3. fast jabs, 4. repeat 1-3 w/ other lead, 5. squat shuffle (lateral squat hops).

Tabata 2: 1. jab and cross, 2. jab-cross fast, 3. jab-cross-jab + one shuffle (all fast), 4. repeat 1-3 w/ other lead, 5. high knee runs.

Tabata 3: 1. lead hooks (hook punches same arm), 2. 3 alternating hooks + slip, 3. alternating hooks (fast), 4. repeat 1-3 w/ other lead, 5. mountain climbers.

Tabata 4: 1. jab, cross, hook, hop, 2. jab-cross 6x + one hook, 3. jab, cross, hook, cross, 4. repeat 1-3 w/ other lead, 5. jumping jacks.

Tabata 5: 1. lead upper cut (upper cuts same arm), 2. back upper cut (more upper cuts but other arm), 3. flurry 3 + shuffle (3 fast upper cuts + one shuffle), 4. repeat 1-3 w/ other lead, 5. switches (kind of like wide leg jump runs).

Tabata 6: 1. double jab + hook, 2. double jab + hook + alternating upper cuts, 3. jab, hook, upper cut (fast), 4. repeat 1-3 w/ other lead, 5. jump rope.

Premixes (all premixes included warm up and cool down):

Combined Workouts (54:14)

Meltdown Mix Up (36:46)

Dumbbell Meltdown (43:00)

Barbell Meltdown (33:00)

Mini Lift (14:45)

Meltdown No Barbell (21:15)

Total Meltdown (36:33)

Dumbbell & Boxing Meltdown (30:58)

Barbell & Boxing Meltdown (31:08)



3 thoughts on “30 Minutes to Fitness: Meltdown

  1. DO any of the premixes contain BOTH wkouts in their entirety in a mixed way? The dumbbell meltdown is the longer one but does it have all moves? I’ve done “combined wkouts” but it would be nice to do a weighted move then Tabata and so on. Thanks for your reviews as always


    1. I haven’t done any of the premixes yet, so I don’t know. I keep planning to, but I always end up just doing both of the full workouts, back to back. I have meant to try some of the premixes but haven’t yet. In fact, I was planning to do the combined one this Sunday but I got my shipping notice for Cathe’s new series, so now I don’t know if I will still be doing it! But if I do, I’ll let you know!


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