Cathe Live: Total Body Band & Glide

totalbodybandandglide-9-8-16Total Body Band & Glide is an interesting Live workout. It is a total body workout using only a resistance band and sliding disks. It is a pretty good workout. I did enjoy it. Not your usual strength training, but a nice departure from the norm. A good way to mix things up. Personally, I prefer lifting iron, but I do think it is good to work your muscles in new/different ways. I always plan to return to my Tapout workouts for that reason, but I don’t. So many good intentions… so many workouts…

Anyway, it is a very good total body conditioning workout. It starts with nonstop sliding disk work for your lower body, so your heart rate will get up there. Then you do primarily upper body work w/ the band. Cathe does a good job of working the upper body nicely. My biggest complaint with band work is neck strain. No matter how I try to relax my neck, I always tighten it during band work and then it aches the rest of the day. That is one reason the band is not my go-to for strength training. But it’s not horrible pain and I just spend my day stretching it frequently. It’s worth it to mix things up occasionally.

Total Body Band & Glide is 52 minutes long; 7:30 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment needed: sliding devices, medium tension resistance band w/ handles and a fitness mat. It aired live on 9/08/16 and here is the video clip.

  1. Side slide lunges
  2. Reverse slide lunges
  3. Angled side slide lunges (45 degrees behind you)
  4. Reverse sliding warrior lunges
  5. Fast squats
  6. Get down in squat and slide leg to side in and out
  7. Repeat #5
  8. Repeat #6 on other leg
  9. In squat, repeat sliding leg to side in and out on both legs
  10. More fast squats
  11. Sliding cross-back lunges
  12. Posture pulls w/ band (chest fly w/ band); add forward lunges
  13. Stand on band and hinge forward; w/ straight arms and palms facing up, press arms/band to ceiling
  14. Shrugs while still standing on band
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Bow and arrow pulls (put handle of band on one hand and straighten arm; grab band w/ other hand and pull straight back at shoulder height)
  17. Hold band in both hands, about a foot between hands and elbows at sides; pull band
  18. Double arm bicep curls standing on band
  19. Single arm bicep curls holding both handles in one hand
  20. Double arm bicep curls standing on band; changes to reverse curls; alternate traditional w/ reverse curls; pulsing reverse curls
  21. Slide back lunges w/ bicep curls using band
  22. Upright rows using band
  23. One slide back lunge w/ bicep curl + 2 upright row
  24. Straight arm circles to side w/ band
  25. Repeat 21 on other side of body
  26. Alternating straight arm front raises using band
  27. One slide back lunge w/ bicep curl + one set of alternating straight arm front raises; changes to lunge/bicep curl + one double arm straight arm front raise; ends w/ pulsing straight arm front raises
  28. Repeat #24
  29. Fold band in half and hold just under handles w/ one hand, bring that hand/band to opposite shoulder and hold it there; grab double band w/ other hand and pull down, working tricep
  30. Double arm tricep kickbacks standing on band
  31. Single leg deadlift w/ band under front foot, while hinging forward, bicep curl one arm and other arm holding band lifts straight behind you; changes to curling w/ both arms while raising leg behind you (like warrior 3)
  32. Repeat #31 on other leg
  33. Lay on back, band around feet and crossed; open and close straight legs in a V
  34. Sit up, band still wrapped around feet and do T pulls
  35. Repeat #33 & #34 two more times
  36. Wide sliding mountain climbers (so feet slide up to outside of same side hand); changes to high to elbow plank + one wide mountain climber
  37. One push up + one sliding plank jack; changes to two push ups, slide one leg out and in then slide other leg out and in
  38. Knee push ups
  39. Sit up w/ sliders under heels; alternate sliding feet in and out while bringing elbows to opposite knees
  40. Sliders still under heels; do full sit ups, but as you come up, slide heels in toward bottom while raising straight arms overhead
  41. Lay on back, straight legs in an “L” and sliders under hands on floor, head/neck/shoulders raises; pulse torso forward, pushing sliders toward legs
  42. Legs are in a pretzel (one leg bent in front of you, one bent behind you) and sliders are under palms on floor; slide arms/torso in and out
  43. Still in pretzel, only slide one arm out to side while raising other arm overhead
  44. Repeat #42 & #43 on other side of body





4 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Total Body Band & Glide

  1. I’ve been searching Cathe’s forums for a total body strength “travel” workout. I identified two–Slide and Glide and Travel Fit–but they both have a cardio component. Turbo Barre works, but I have to substitute resistance bands for the 5 lb dumbbells.

    This workout, however, seems to fit the bill perfectly! Let me know if you can think of any others.

    Also, thanks for your great reviews!


    1. Hi Caitlin! It is so funny that you posted about this workout! I am going on vacation next week and I was putting together travel workouts, too! I plan to either put together my own workouts or stream workouts through my computer–either Cathe Live or YouTube–and I came across this exact same workout and thought the same thing–PERFECT!!!In answer to your question, outside of the workouts you listed, I haven’t come across anything Cathe has done that is better. And I do think this one is the best for travel. YouTube has some good ones, too. Millionaire Hoy has low impact/silent HIIT workouts, Jessica Smith has a low impact/quiet workout, Linda Wooldridge has barre workouts that would work well in a hotel room and Tracey Anderson has a lot of workouts on YouTube–most would work well in a hotel room. And finally FemFusion and Christine Salus both have quiet bodyweight hotel workouts. And all of this is free on YouTube! I created a play list titled “Low Impact/Quiet” and stuck them all in there so they are easy to find.


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