The Firm: Slim & Trim

Slim & Trim is a pink Firm workout that came with a 4 pound medicine ball. It is led by trainer Tina Smalley. Currently, this workout is only available on Amazon prime video. I don’t see it listed anywhere else, even used! Obviously the prime video version does not come with the medicine ball but that is okay. Though I used the 4 pound medicine ball for some of the exercises, for the majority of the workout I used heavier medicine balls.

I remember this workout well. When I purchased it, the 4 pound medicine ball was my very first medicine ball. Though I did like the workout, I found the ball too light and so only did this workout 1 or 2 times. Many years later I have balls weighing from 2 pounds to 14 pounds. When I did this workout this morning I used 4-14 pound medicine balls and it made it a much more effective and intense workout. I really enjoyed it. Though Tina says this is a cardio + strength workout I would never count this as my strength work, even with heavier medicine balls. For me, this workout falls in the metabolic category–using the medicine balls to increase cardio intensity. And with heavy enough balls, this is a perfect metabolic cardio workout. I really enjoyed it.

This DVD has the full 41:30 minute workout, a 23 minute Express Workout, which is just a condensed version of the main workout (a premix) and an 8:30 minute core bonus. I have broken down the core bonus at the end of the main workout break down. The core bonus is a very effective core add on that works your core from all angles using the medicine ball. And since it’s warm up is really just stretching, it flows nicely from the main workout, starting as a continuation of the stretch at the end of the main workout then moving into core work, giving you a 50 minute workout if you do both.

Slim & Trim is 41:30 minutes; 1 minute intro, 4 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment: medicine ball. There is a beginner modifier. It was hard to tell when the warm up ended and the workout began so I am starting the break down when Tina started the pendulum lunges. However, there is no break, Circuit 1 actually appears to be part of the warm up. The medicine ball weights listed below are what I used. Tina and crew obviously used only the 4 pound ball that came with the DVD. There isn’t much time to swap out balls, but unlike dumbbells, they are pretty easy to quickly swap out. I had all of my medicine balls lined up in front of me, so I didn’t miss much when swapping out a ball.

Circuit 1:

  1. Pendulum lunges; add figure 8s with the ball; add knee raise between lunges (6# ball)
  2. Stand on one leg and do overhead tricep extensions; add extending and bending leg; add a little squat in the standing leg (10# ball)
  3. Hinge forward; add stepping out when you hinge and rowing the ball to chest and back down; add a twisting row to the side of ribs (14# ball)
  4. Alternating fencing lunge (diagonal side lunge to the back); add upright row, lowering ball near foot when lunging (10# ball)
  5. Repeat 2 & 3 on other side of body
  6. Repeat #4

Circuit 2:

  1. Run in place while pushing ball forward and back (6# ball)
  2. Pendulum lunge w/ figure 8 arms (6# ball)
  3. Low jacks (6# ball)
  4. Repeat #2 on other leg
  5. Repeat 2-4 but raise knee between lunges and low jack turns to full jack holding ball overhead (6# ball)
  6. Keep jacking while pushing ball overhead; changes to just holding it overhead while still jacking (6# ball)

Circuit 3:

  1. Squats; add pushing ball down toward floor with upright row at top of squat (10# ball)
  2. Push ups w/ one hand on ball (4# ball)
  3. In straight arm plank (both hands on floor), alternate bringing foot up and outside of same side hand
  4. Stand up, ball remains on the floor in front of you, alternate tapping toes to ball; changes to fast toe taps w/ hop/jog
  5. Squats; add pushing ball down toward feet and to the side when squatting (10# ball)
  6. Repeat #2 w/ ball under other hand
  7. Repeat #3 & 4
  8. Squats; add twisting torso/ball to side at top of squat (when standing) (10# ball)
  9. Push ups, rolling ball from hand to hand after each push up (4# ball)
  10. Repeat #3 & 4
  11. Hop from foot to foot w/ knee raises and wrapping ball from hip to hip (5# ball)
  12. Plyo squat jumps + 2 hops pushing ball down when squatting and overhead when hopping (5# ball)
  13. Repeat 1 & 2

Circuit 4 :

  1. 4 count short lunges; add bicep curls w/ the ball; add a glute lift; changes to 3 glute lifts (10# ball)
  2. 4 count side lunge + 4 count rear lunge; add swinging ball down when doing side lunge and overhead tricep extension when rear lunging; add a knee lift between lunges (10# ball)
  3. Bowler lunges (forward lunge w/ ball held in one hand, when you lunge swing the ball up like bowling); remain leaned forward and pull back leg in and out while still doing bowler move with ball (but faster) (8# ball)
  4. Set ball on floor in front of you and tap feet side to side; taps change to cardio lunges side to side while tapping the ball w/ fingertips
  5. Repeat 1-3 on other side of body
  6. Repeat #4

Circuit 5:

  1. Squat and push ball overhead at top of squat; push ball to floor when squatting; remain in squat w/ torso hinged forward and do a double arm row with ball; overhead press with ball changes to a toss and double arm row changes to bouncing the ball to the ground and catching it (you are still squatting throughout) (14# ball)
  2. Crescent knee then lift left straight to side while holding ball in one hand against same side shoulder; add a squat after crescent knee; add raising elbow when raising leg to side (5# ball)
  3. Squat and hold, holding ball in both hands in front of you and bounce heels up and down; changes to small squat hops; add jumping higher and clicking heels together (5# ball)
  4. Repeat #2 on other leg
  5. Repeat #3
  6. Chasse with a back step side to side pushing ball overhead (4# ball)
  7. V steps bringing ball from hip to hip (4# ball)
  8. Repeat 6 & 7
  9. Scissor run; add rocking ball side to side (4# ball)

Circuit 6:

  1. Wide pulsing plie squats; changes to plie, pivot into a lunge to the side, pivot back to wide plie squat, alternate sides; add pushing ball in front of you when lunging; add overhead press after plie squat (6# ball)
  2. Double step touch side to side while circling ball overhead (5# ball)
  3. Step out wide plie squats, alternate sides; extend arms to sides holding ball in one palm; pass ball from hand to hand overhead while continuing side to side wide plie squats (5# ball)
  4. Heel raises while holding ball overhead; add overhead tricep extensions; add a small squat when lowering heels (10# ball)
  5. Repeat #2; add lifting one leg straight to side; changes to squats w/ side leg raises, alternate legs
  6. Raise ball overhead and to the side, do knee pull while bringing ball down to knee (4# ball)
  7. Pulsing single leg squats holding ball in front of you (other leg is bent and raised slightly, toe on the ground; add tapping non-squatting leg out to side then raising knee; add twisting torso and pushing ball out to side when tapping to side and raising ball over head when raising knee (other leg is still squatting throughout) (4# ball)
  8. Standing crunch (raise ball overhead and tap one heel to floor in front of you then raise knee and bring ball to knee) (4# ball)
  9. Squat and raise one leg to side, alternate legs (4# ball)
  10. Repeat 6-8 on other side of body

Bonus: Twist Your Belly Flat is 8:30 minutes; 1 minute warm up and 45 second stretch. Equipment: Ball and mat. Start sitting cross-leg on mat w/ ball in front of you. I used the 4 pound ball for this entire bonus.

  1. Still sitting cross-leg, genie fold arms in front of you and twist torso side to side
  2. Lay on back, knees and feet raised, ball between knees, hands behind head, do basic crunches; changes to reverse crunch; crunch both upper and lower body; changes to passing the ball from knees to hands while reaching the ball overhead and extending legs straight
  3. Same starting position as #2, extend arms out to sides, rotate knees still holding ball side to side; extend legs straight to ceiling and continue rotating legs side to side (windshield wipers)
  4. Lay on one hip and same side elbow, both knees bent and holding ball against top hip, push top leg out straight then bring knee into chest; add lifting hip off ground when pushing leg out and lowering hip when pulling knee in; add isometric hold at top of move (with leg extended and hip raised)
  5. Sit on bottom, knees bent and feet on floor, lean torso back to 45 degrees, push ball over head then tap to floor beside hip, alternate sides; changes to just twisting ball side to side still tapping ball to floor; changes to tossing ball overhead then tapping to floor beside hip, alternate sides; just twist ball side to side again
  6. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  7. Get on hands and knees with ball squeezed between knees, raise and lower knees a few inches off floor (on all 4s but toes and hands)
  8. Straight arm plank hold w/ hands on ball; add lifting one leg
  9. Lay on belly, arms extended in front of you and ball under palms, roll ball in while raising chest and roll back out while lowering chest



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