30 Minute Medicine Ball Birthday Blast

This is a super fun workout Yvette Bachman created on her birthday. Her brother Theo joins her. Yvette is wearing a little birthday hat at the beginning of the workout. It falls off pretty quickly. This is a high impact cardio workout using a medicine ball. Yvette and her brother are using 6 pound med balls. I used my 6 pound med ball for the majority of the moves but I also had all of my med balls lined up just in case. I did end up using my 8 and my 10 pound med balls for a few of the exercises, but since this is a cardio workout my 6 pound med ball was appropriate for the majority of the exercises. As already mentioned, this is a cardio workout but there is also a good bit of core work, too. Over all, fun and effective. At the end of the workout, Yvette and her brother do some partner moves, but Yvette always gives you an option if you are doing the workout alone and since I had no partner–I did all of the single exerciser moves. My stats: 287 calories burned, I was in my cardio heart rate zone 78% of the workout and I was in my peak zone a total of 6 minutes.

30 Minute Medicine Ball Birthday Blast is 35 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. Equipment: medicine ball. Yvette and her brother are using 6 pound medicine balls.

  1. Squat jacks swinging the med ball between legs when in squat and raising ball overhead when feet are together
  2. Repeat #1 but add a burpee to it (when in squat, place ball on ground and jump feet out to plank with hands still on ball, jump feet in and complete #1); hold plank for 8 slow counts
  3. 2 regular jacks pushing ball overhead, quarter turn squat hop swinging ball down between legs
  4. Sit floor, legs extended in front of you with knees bent, slam/bounce ball on floor beside thighs, alternate sides
  5. Squeeze ball between palms in front of chest, elbows extended out to sides, squat jack forward and back, arms remain stationary
  6. Double step hop side to side, pushing ball overhead during the hop step
  7. 2 jumping jacks pushing ball overhead + one side lunge tapping ball to floor
  8. Alternating knee raise, arms/ball extended overhead, pull ball down to knee when it raises
  9. Double hop step then push ball out to side
  10. Legs are wide, lower into a plie/sumo squat with ball reaching to floor, when you stand, circle ball up to one side, overhead and down the other side back to starting position, alternate sides (Yvette calls this “around the world”)
  11. Shuffle step 3x to side, drop into a squat swinging ball between legs
  12. Straight arm plank hold with hands on floor and both toes on the ball
  13. Jump squat, slamming ball to ground + 2 jumping jacks pushing ball overhead
  14. Corner to corner knees, chopping ball from shoulder to hip when raising knee
  15. Stand with legs wide and ball raised overhead, squat and swing ball between legs, swing ball overhead again, swing ball down between legs but this time when you swing ball overhead jump feet together
  16. Russian twists with medicine ball
  17. Double hop step to side, pushing ball overhead before double side stepping back to start
  18. Alternating reverse lunge, raising ball overhead with straight arms when lunging
  19. Straight arm plank hold with hands on ball
  20. Fast feet run while doing overhead presses with the ball
  21. Squat jacks swinging ball between legs when in squat, hold squat for 4 counts before jumping feet together
  22. Sit on bottom, legs extended with heels resting on top of ball, torso is leaned back, arms are extended out to sides, hold this position isometrically while raising and lowering straight arms
  23. Wood chops with ball (stand with legs wide, chop ball between legs while squatting to overhead when standing, chop ball between legs while squatting, raise ball overhead but to the side when standing, alternate sides with a center chop between each side)
  24. Jump squats swinging the ball between legs, curl ball into overhead press into overhead tricep extension; remain standing and do 8 overhead tricep extensions
  25. Straight arm plank with hands on ball, jump feet in to wide squat, remain in squat holding ball in front of chest for 4 counts
  26. Stand with legs wide and alternate pushing ball side to side with with toe taps
  27. 4 lateral hops + 4 jumping jacks pushing ball overhead
  28. Straight arm plank with hands on ball, alternate bringing knee to same side elbow; hold plank isometrically
  29. Step + knee raise + step back, alternate legs, chop ball across hip with each knee raises
  30. 15 knee pulls, ball is raised overhead, when knee is raised, pull ball down to hip
  31. Jumping jacks, pushing ball overhead
  32. Repeat #30 on other leg
  33. Squat toss (Yvette and her brother squat and toss the ball to each other when the stand, if you are alone, as I was, just squat and do an overhead press with the ball when you stand)
  34. Burpee and at top of burpee Yvette tosses the ball to her brother (if you are alone, toss the ball overhead and catch it when you stand)
  35. Repeat #33
  36. Sit up rolls (Yvette and her brother sit on the ground facing each other, legs extended straight, feet almost touching, they do full sit ups and the one with the ball holds the ball in straight arms overhead, at top of sit up, roll the ball to the other person–obviously if you are on your own, you just do them all with the ball held in straight arms overhead)
  37. Repeat #4 (Yvette and her brother are still facing each other and they roll the ball to each other after each rep)
  38. Sit up toss (same as #36 except knees are bent with feet on floor, at top of sit up Yvette tosses the ball to her brother)
  39. (set ball aside) Burpee + 2 jumping jacks punching arms overhead, 10 reps
  40. Alternating front punches, 10 reps
  41. 10 body weight squats
  42. 14 regular jumping jacks

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “30 Minute Medicine Ball Birthday Blast

  1. Yvette is adorable — looks like a challenging but fun workout. It seems it was an accident that her party hat fell off — looks like she accidentally nudged her hat off with the medicine ball when she was lowering her arms. Makes me wonder how much longer it would have stayed on 🥳

    I’ve tried wearing fun knee socks while I work out to liven things up but the knee socks end up making my legs feel too hot so I end up having to stop to take them off.

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