Stronger Longer Volume 1

Stronger Longer Volume 1 is an excellent workout by Tracie Long. This (and Volume 2) are what inspired me to start looking at Tracie Long workouts again. I checked out one of her workouts several years ago (Figure 30: Hips), hated it and never bothered with her again. Recently I was perusing the library’s workout DVDs when I noticed Stronger Longer Volume 1 and Volume 2. After all I have been through this year (cancer treatment) the proposed focus of the workouts interested me. I am trying to regain my strength. So I checked them out and previewed them at home. I was very impressed. They looked like excellent workouts so I worked them into my rotation. I am now back to working out 50-60 minutes in the mornings so they fit in nicely.

This is a very functional total body metabolic strength workout. Tracie hits all of your muscle groups and is working your body well from the very beginning (unique and effective warm up) to the very end (deep stretch). There is some cardio, some plyometrics, some balance work and strength training. I found it an incredibly effective workout and have already ordered my own copy. It is not advanced but it is a challenging intermediate level workout. I only had to modify one thing in the entire workout–single leg deadlifts that became balance moves. I just kept my non-working toe on the floor, so my working leg was still getting worked well. All of the other balance challenges in this workout were doable even for someone balance challenged like me (screws and plates in heels). And though there are plyometrics in this workout, they are not Cathe level plyo–so still very doable and not advanced. But still challenging! I got a great workout.

Stronger Longer Volume 1 is 51:30 minutes; 30 second intro; 6:30 minute warm up (#1 and 2 below are technically still part of the warm up but since that is the point where it became a lot more active, for me, the actual workout starts there) and 5:30 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and medicine ball. Tracie’s heavy set of dumbbells are 15 pounds and she is using a 5 pound medicine ball. She never revealed the weight of her lighter set of dumbbells, but just comparing their size to the 15 pound dumbbells I am guessing they are 8 or 10 pound dumbbells. She only used one of the lighter dumbbells for one exercise (#30 below). I used my 15 pound dumbbells for everything (including #30).

  1. V step forward + “triangle jump” (wide jump forward then jump back bringing feet together, wide jump back then jump forward bringing feet together)
  2. Squat side to side while swinging straight arms down then overhead; changes to double squat + squat jump to side
  3. Single arm overhead press
  4. Hold DB at shoulder and do a squat
  5. Combine 3 & 4
  6. Repeat 3-5 on other arm
  7. Big figure 8 circles w/ med ball
  8. Squat jump side to side holding med ball in front of chest; add pushing ball overhead
  9. Repeat 7
  10. Squat, pushing med ball straight out in front of you
  11. Repeat 7 & 8
  12. Repeat 7
  13. Single leg deadlifts w/ back toe on ground; changes to raising back leg when hinging forward then raising knee in front of you when straightening; add a reverse lunge w/ bicep curl after deadlift (alternate between deadlift and the reverse lunge)
  14. Renegade rows (she shows several different versions, from more beginner to more advanced)
  15. Repeat #13 on other side of body
  16. Alternating hammer curls
  17. 3 alternating jump lunges bringing med ball to hip w/ each jump then hold and bring ball from one hip to the other 2x, keep repeating this pattern
  18. Alternating side leg lifts hold med ball in front of chest
  19. Repeat 17
  20. Burpee, while in plank touch hand to same side hip
  21. Repeat 18 but w/out med ball
  22. Repeat 20 but instead of hip taps do sit outs while in plank (kick leg out under body, tapping toe w/ opposite hand)
  23. Repeat 21
  24. Repeat 22 but do 6 sit outs while in plank
  25. Wide squats holding DBs at shoulders
  26. French press (overhead tricep extension w/ one DB); changes to bringing DB below chin to chest then back overhead and do a French press; add a reverse lunge when bringing DB down to chest, alternate legs
  27. Repeat 25
  28. Push ups (lower body slowly, lower knees to ground, raise back to toes and up to full plank then tap feet out to side)
  29. Modified Turkish get ups holding med ball
  30. Holding one DB goblet style with legs wide, lower into a deep squat, place end of DB on floor w/ elbows pressed against inside of knees, lift hips, lower hips, then stand
  31. Repeat 29 on other side of body
  32. Seesaw chest press (lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, alternate pressing DBs to ceiling)
  33. Still on back, knees bent and feet on floor, holding one DB in one hand, raise hips into bridge, so a one arm chest press while also raising opposite foot off floor and extending leg
  34. Lay on back with arms and legs straight, raise one straight leg and opposite straight arm and touch hand to foot (you are also raising head/neck), alternate legs/arms
  35. Modified side elbow planks (on knees), raise and lower hips
  36. Repeat 33 on other side of body
  37. Repeat 34
  38. Get on all 4s and place one hand behind head, twist elbow under body toward opposite leg the twist elbow back up toward ceiling
  39. Dead bug using med ball (traditional dead bug while pressing med ball to inside of stationary knee w/ stationary hand)
  40. Russian twists using medicine ball
  41. Repeat 39 & 40

4 thoughts on “Stronger Longer Volume 1

  1. Okay. You are really getting me interested in Tracie’s workouts. I’m 50 and starting to feel the years. No step or jumping, and I’m needing to modify my weight lifting more and more. Very irritating. I had expected to keep going full force til I’m 60, at least!! 🙂

    So, I’m going to start reading all of your Tracie Long reviews. But if you have any advice or insight that might help, I sure would appreciate it.

    I’ve visited before, and I just want to tell you again how much I admire you for how you’ve dealt with your cancer – not to mention the past injuries you recovered from so well after your auto accident. You’re a real testament to the power of fitness when real life hits! Thanks for sharing your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shannon! I obviously have the same issues. My advice is to do the workouts you enjoy but modify as needed. Tracie Long is great–so far, they are intermediate and there is no dread factor. Jessica Smith’s workouts are also perfect since she sets them up so that you can modify to make them easier (or just make certain moves easier) or make them more advanced. I feel like I may never return to the fitness level I was prior to cancer. I am not really blaming that on cancer, either. I am not sure I want to work that hard anymore. I may find myself sticking with Tracie Long, Jessica Smith, Kelly Coffey-Meyer and Cathe’s intermediate cardio workouts. Though I do see myself returning to Cathe’s advanced strength work–I just don’t have any interest in her crazy cardio anymore.


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