Stronger Longer Volume 2

Stronger Longer Volume 2 is another unique total body strength workout by Tracie Long. In the intro, she says when she turned 46 she felt stiff and didn’t move as well as she wanted to. She felt something needed to change and apparently these Stronger Longer workouts address that. In less than a month I will turn 48, so I definitely understand what she is saying. My body has changed within the past year. Though some of the changes in my body seem to also be secondary to cancer treatment, I am sure my age is a contributing factor. I am also more stiff, less flexible and have more aches and pains than I used to. When I saw these workouts at the library (Volume 1 has already been reviewed), I checked them out to see if Tracie could help me regain my strength and endurance.

I am seriously impressed with these workouts and have already purchased my own copies. I’ve only done each workout once, so I cannot comment on whether it has helped me yet, but I do see a lot of potential and I plan to use them both regularly. They are both challenging intermediate level workouts but more than that they are functional strength work. Tracie works every muscle in your body and, just like in Volume 1, the work begins in the warm up. The warm up in this workout is very hip intensive and by the time the warm up was over my hips were aching. And hours afterward–still achey. I fear I will be sore tomorrow. But this is not a bad thing. My hips clearly need the work. In fact, my hips and my shoulders seemed to have tightened up and become more cranky in the past year. And the chemo port messed up my left shoulder. Even though it is gone, my shoulder has never been the same. So I am hoping workouts like these (and Mark Lauren‘s–he does some excellent functional strength workouts) will help me regain the strength and mobility I’ve lost.

Back to this workout. I was working hard, but my fitness level is more intermediate. Using heavier weights will make it more advanced. This is a cardio + strength workout. The cardio is not super intense but it does contain plyometrics. Just like in Volume 1, the plyometrics are nothing crazy like Cathe does–so  very doable. I feel Tracie includes them because impact is so important to bone density. So don’t be afraid of it. I’ll be honest. I am feeling very resistant to returning to Cathe level cardio. Jessica Smith‘s cardio has spoiled me. I am all about returning to Cathe’s advanced strength workouts eventually and have already returned to her ICE cardio and strength workouts (though I am avoiding the Blizzard Blasts), but I don’t know if I ever care to return to her HIIT level workouts. So if you have those same feelings about tuck jumps and crazy burpees–have no fear. For me there is no dread factor to Tracie’s plyo. Even her burpees are much easier than a Cathe burpee.

Stronger Longer Volume 2 is 50:30 minutes; 30 second intro, 7:30 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells, one heavier and one lighter and a medicine ball. In Volume 1, Tracie’s heavy set was 15 pounds and it looks like she was using the same set of dumbbells. She also used what appeared to be the same medicine ball and in Volume 1 it was 5 pounds. However you never actually lift the medicine ball–it is used for other things. In Volume 1 she never revealed the weight of her lighter set of dumbbells but they look like they are probably 8 or 10 pound dumbbells (in comparison to the 15 pound dumbbells). The weights listed below are what I used but I felt on the majority of the exercises (not all but most) that I could have lifted heavier so I will increase my weights in the future. I am noting below in the breakdown which exercises I need to increase the weight of my dumbbells the next time I do the workout.

  1. Mountain climbers (she starts slow then speeds up)
  2. Overhead snatch (legs wide, one DB on floor in front of you, squat and grab DB w/ one hand and snatch it up into an overhead press, squat and set DB on floor to change hands) (one 15# DB)
  3. 4 small squat jumps then repeat #2 one on hand, 4 small squat jumps and repeat #2 on other hand, keep alternating moves and the hand that you do the snatch with
  4. Alternating bicep curls while kneeling; changes to double arm bicep curls (12# DBs–increase weight)
  5. Spiderman jump lunges + shoulder retractions (in plank, w/ feet wide, jump feet in a wide mountain climber 3 times then hold in plank and do 2 shoulder retractions, keep alternating these two moves)
  6. Repeat #4 but only do alternating bicep curls
  7. 3 alternating step knee hops then walk 3 steps to side and repeat
  8. Big arm circles
  9. 2 squat pulses + one squat jump
  10. 3 lateral skaters + 2 marches to side
  11. Repeat #8 & 9
  12. Repeat #7-11
  13. Alternating knee raises
  14. Hold one DB in both hands, feet wide, do a side stationary side lunge and when you straighten do an overhead tricep extension, alternate sides/legs; add an extra tricep extension (same combo move but now you are doing 2 overhead tricep extensions) (one 15# DB–increase weight)
  15. Bent over single arm back row (one 20# DB)
  16. Double arm bent over tricep kickbacks; changes to alternating tricep kickbacks (8# DBs–increase weight)
  17. Get into kneeling lunge (back knee on floor) and do a one arm overhead press (same side arm as back leg); changes to holding DB at top of overhead press and raising from lunge to split stance then lowering knee to floor and lowering DB to shoulder; changes to raising and lowering in and out of lunge while holding straight arm/DB overhead; ends just like it began (back in kneeling lunge doing one arm overhead presses) (one 8# DB)
  18. Get into forearm plank w/ med ball in front of you, alternate tapping hand to ball then alternating raising feet/legs, alternate between hand taps and leg raises; changes to placing one hand on ball and raising opposite leg off ground and holding isometrically in this position for about 2-3 seconds, alternate sides
  19. Get into straight arm plank, raise one arm straight in front of you and raise opposite leg and hold for 2-3 seconds, alternate sides
  20. Repeat #17 on other side of body
  21. Repeat #19
  22. Child’s pose using med ball
  23. Touch down jumps (squat jacks reaching for the floor when in squat)
  24. Reach one leg out to side long and straight (bending other knee into single leg squat) while hinging forward and touching fingertips of same side hand to floor, alternate sides
  25. Repeat 23 & 24
  26. Burpee w/ 2 plank jacks
  27. Repeat 23-26
  28. Straight leg deadlifts (18# DBs–increase weight)
  29. Bent over rows (18# DBs–increase weight)
  30. Repeat #28
  31. Get into lunge position for a static lunge series using one DB: 2 quick lunges + one slow lunge while passing DB to other hand under front thigh (one 12# DB)
  32. Goblet squats (one 30# DB)
  33. Repeat #31 on other leg
  34. Repeat #28 & 29
  35. Windmills (one 8# DB)
  36. Lay on stomach, legs straight, forehead on floor/mat, hands behind head and elbows out to sides, lift elbows off ground then lift head/neck/chest and extend arms out to sides of body in a “T” and hold, return hands to back of head and lower forehead and elbows to ground; change: while in “T”, tap one hand to back of head then extend back out straight, bring other hand to back of head then extend back out straight, bring both hands to back of head and lower forehead and elbows
  37. Raise to hands and knees and do cat/cow (but you are doing it as an exercise, not a stretch)
  38. Lay on stomach again, legs straight, arms extended straight overhead w/ palms on floor and forehead on floor, raise one arm and opposite leg, raise the other arm and opposite leg, then lift both arms and legs + head/chest and hold
  39. Lay on side w/ hips stacked, bottom leg extended straight and top leg bent on front of you w/ knee resting on med ball, arms are extended out to either side of your body in a “T”, bring one arm over to meet the palm of other hand (keeping both arms straight) then return it “T” position on ground
  40. Lay on back w/ knees bent and feet on ground, twist both knees to same side, alternate sides
  41. Repeat #39 on other side of body

10 thoughts on “Stronger Longer Volume 2

  1. This is another one I had purchased but never did. Until today! I found this to be a very unique workout and I loved the warmup and stretch. But damn that kneeling lunge/overhead press combo was TOUGH. I thought I could do it with 10# but switched to 8# on the other side. I’ve always had trouble with surrenders and it’s the same concept. I’m with you on possibly not returning to Cathe-level cardio. I’m looking forward to her new low impact series. I appreciate that she’s not leaving her older fans behind. Actually, I think Cathe is about my age. She puts me to shame. But working out shouldn’t be about shame and being disappointed in yourself.


    1. Yes, I wish I had Cathe’s energy! She is older than me! I’m grateful for her LITE series, too. Wish it would ship! I had planned to start it in January and had to redo my January workout calendar.


  2. I really loved vol2 ! I bought this one first and then had to get the vol1. The vol 2 actually helped my hips! I have had throbbing pain at night on my hips And thighs. I do Cathe workouts and love them but time kept going on trying to keep doing them but my legs were causing problems! I love being sore but this was so different and deep. I went to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything wrong except arthritis.
    So I ended up having to do less intense workouts. Then I event thought oh no, am I gettto old to exercise like this? I didn’t want to do beginners or unchallenging ones.
    So I heard Tracie speak about stiff and she was saying what I thought! So I decided to try it. I remember she was in the FIRM videos and I was on fence about the Firm before, because using weights through out the workout I just wasn’t only that. Tilll now, I need cardio without jumping the whole time so I started back on the Firm workouts.
    And Cathe’s intermediate workouts.
    So now on the first day I did this video, I ended up going on with my day and all sudden it hit me I went all day without feeling aching!
    I usually go to work and come home and being in the car for 30 minutes and I can hardly move. I was stiff but not this time!
    I thought oh just a fluke! And then going forward for three weeeks I kept doing this workouts warm up and cool down with other workouts. And I’d do this workout in entirety as well on some days. But no pain and I was moving again! No stiff aches!

    Now I am hurting some days again but not like I was. And I find if I do this workouts warm up again I have relief! Now I am trying to find the ones she has to do same thing with my neck and shoulders.
    I love this dvd


    1. I love these workouts, too. I would like to eventually work them in a rotation where I am doing one of them at least once a week. That is a good idea–also using Volume 2’s warm up. I may do that. I know my body has changed since chemo and radiation and I have been thinking I need more yoga. But who knows? Maybe what I need is more Tracie Long! I know she has a Focus yoga workout that I have been eyeing. I might get it. And like you, I also have neck and shoulder issues so maybe Tracie’s yoga workout will target that. Jessica Smith has some targeted yoga workouts that I do not use often enough. I really need to work hers in more frequently, too.


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