10 Minute Torchers

10 Minute Torchers was discovered completely by accident. First, I came across a forum post about a Men's Health workout series called The Anarchy Workout. I was curious so I did some research on it. When I decided to spring for it, I was offered 10 Minute Torchers at the checkout. So, of course, before … Continue reading 10 Minute Torchers

Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

Slo-Mo Strength Challenge is 3 tough and advanced strength workouts by Amy Bento. These are┬áthe first workouts I've tried by Amy and I really like them. This collection is set up as a split series--3 workouts that each focus on different muscle groups so that if you do all 3 (plus the core workout) each … Continue reading Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

Breathless Body 4: Going Strong

Going Strong is the newest high intensity workout from Amy Dixon in her Breathless Body series and I love it! I love all of her Breathless Body workouts but this is my absolute favorite. However, it deviates from the first 3 a lot. In fact, it is more along the lines of Patrick Goudeau's awesome … Continue reading Breathless Body 4: Going Strong