The Firm: Jiggle Free Arms

Jiggle Free Arms is part of The Firm's TransFirmer system. It is led by Stephanie Huckabee. This is a great little cardio + strength upper body workout. The TransFirmer system came with 3 main workouts but you could also purchase 3 add ons--this workout, Jiggle Free Buns and Jiggle Free Abs. I, of course, bought them … Continue reading The Firm: Jiggle Free Arms

Barlates: 100 Rep Challenge Upper Body

Upper Body is part of Linda Wooldridge’s 100 Rep Challenge series. She has 10 workouts in this series (here is her 100 Rep Challenge play list so you can view them all). You can also buy the entire series on DVD (which I have now done). The idea behind these workouts is that you do 100 reps of … Continue reading Barlates: 100 Rep Challenge Upper Body

JessicaSmithTV: Upper Body Strength

Upper Body Strength is quick but thorough and efficient upper body strength workout. I used in combination with Jessica's 40 minute Leg Day for an hour long total body strength workout. If you use heavy enough weights, this is pretty intense. Upper Body Strength Workout is 21 minutes long; 2:30 minute warm up and Jessica … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Upper Body Strength

Cathe Live: Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball

Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball is another excellent upper body strength workout from Cathe Live. There are so many things I love about Cathe Live but her upper body muscle split workouts are one of the major bonuses. She works the entire upper body in this workout and works it well. I feel like no … Continue reading Cathe Live: Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball

Strong & Sweaty: Ramped Up Upper Body

I was very excited about Ramped Up Upper Body (actually, I am excited about all of the Strong & Sweaty workouts for various reasons). When I do splits I prefer full splits--as in upper body and lower body. Cathe rarely does that on DVD. She does lots and lots of lower body workouts, but her … Continue reading Strong & Sweaty: Ramped Up Upper Body

Killer Arms & Back

Killer Arms & Back is the 4rd (and final) workout collection in Jillian Michael's Killer series. The other 3 workout collections in the series are Killer Abs, Killer Buns & Thighs and Killer Body. This DVD contains 3 approximately 30 minute workouts that work the entire upper body--not just the arms and back. And since this … Continue reading Killer Arms & Back

Cathe Live: Upper Body Sculpting

Before I start this review, I have a disclaimer to make. I am pretty sick. I've been fighting something for the past few days (successfully I thought) then it hit me hard last night. I barely slept and I feel like crap. I felt like crap when I did this workout. And it really challenged me. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Upper Body Sculpting

Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt

That is a really long name for a workout: Slim, Strong & Sexy Body Sculpt. It's one by Michelle Dozois and it's part of her Your Body Breakthru series. It appears there are 3 workouts in this series and two have been reviewed here already: Your Best Body Circuit and Rockin' Body Cardio Jam. Slim, … Continue reading Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt