Cathe Live: Body Works

Body Works is an interesting Cathe Live workout. I did like it, but I have noticed something about the most recent Live workouts I've been doing. They are not terribly intense. They seem to be more intermediate level workouts. I do enjoy them and I am still getting good workouts but I don't feel like … Continue reading Cathe Live: Body Works

Cathe Live: Cross Fire Quick Fix + Core

All Cathe has to do is put "Cross Fire" in the title of a workout for me to need to try it. I love her Cross Fire DVD workout. I have loved it since the first time I did it and it is one of my favorite DVD workouts that I return to frequently. So … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cross Fire Quick Fix + Core

Cathe Live: Cardio Strength Blast

Another winner from Cathe Live. In fact, so far, I have liked (if not loved) every Cathe Live workout I have done. They are some of the most enjoyable workouts I have done in a long time. They make me really remember why I got addicted to home workouts in the beginning. Cardio Strength Blast is … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Strength Blast

Cathe’s Drill Max

Drill Max is incredible! I almost didn’t buy this workout (amazing, I know, because when it comes to Cathe, I haven’t been very discriminating--if she creates it, I will buy it). However, I do avoid the majority of her step-cardio workouts because the choreography in those is very complex. I knew there was step involved … Continue reading Cathe’s Drill Max

Cathe’s Athletic Training

Athletic Training is a very eclectic cardio + strength workout and though I loved it, I can how see it will not appeal to everyone. More than other instructor's workouts that I've done, Cathe’s workouts tend to require a lot more equipment. I’m okay with that. I make substitutions where I have to, but I also … Continue reading Cathe’s Athletic Training