Cathe Live: Body Works


Body Works is an interesting Cathe Live workout. I did like it, but I have noticed something about the most recent Live workouts I’ve been doing. They are not terribly intense. They seem to be more intermediate level workouts. I do enjoy them and I am still getting good workouts but I don’t feel like I am working as hard as I normally do when doing a Cathe workout. The cardio in this workout started out very intense. In fact, in the beginning, this workout seemed as if it would be an intense metabolic cardio + strength workout (I did use heavier weights than Cathe & class, so that helped to increase the intensity early on) but then the intensity dropped off. Still a good workout. She does hit every muscle group and gives you some good cardio. But lately, I have been feeling like I need something more than what these live workouts are giving me. Maybe it’s because I recently finished a round of MetaShred Extreme and some of the Cathe Lives I did immediately after were pretty intense (Smokin’ Lower Body, Upper Body Challenge, Keep the Cardio Coming, Strong & Lean Reps). But then the last few just didn’t work me nearly as hard. There is always a place for these types of workouts but I don’t want them one right after the other. However, that’s not Cathe’s fault. That’s just the way they fell when I plugged them into my rotation. But now I know!

Anyway! This is the last Cathe Live I will be reviewing for about 6 weeks (probably). I am doing another fitness program then all of the Cathe Blender workouts I created. But since I’m pretty sure I’ve done all of the Cathe Lives currently in the Live database that I am interested in, I will just be playing catch up, doing her newest live workouts when I start up again (and returning to favorite Cathe Lives, of course!).

Body Works is 55 minutes long; 6 minute warm up and 3 minute cool down/stretch. You’ll be using the firewalker in the warm up–around wrists for band pulls. There is core work at the end, but I didn’t break it down because she mixes it up with strength work (push ups and back band work). It aired live on 2/02/17 and here is the video clip.

  1. Snowboarders
  2. Split lunge jumps; change legs after 4 jumps
  3. Slide back lunge w/ one arm bicep curl (Cathe used one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  4. Front raise (Cathe used one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  5. Repeat #3 on other leg
  6. Repeat #4
  7. Bicep curls w/ resistance tube
  8. Repeat #7 but add 5# DBs
  9. Squat digs and apple pickers
  10. 4 jacks + 4 air jacks
  11. Squat press (Cathe used 10# DBs, I used 12# DBs)
  12. Alternating overhead presses (Cathe used 10# DBs, I used 12# DBs)
  13. Sliding crossback lunges (Cathe used one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  14. Pulsing tricep kickbacks w/ band
  15. Overhead tricep extensions w/ band
  16. Repeat #14 & #15
  17. High/low hopping punches to side
  18. Lateral sumo squat hops
  19. Sumo squats w/ upright rows (12# DBs)
  20. Band pulls (holding resistance tube in both hands, about 12 inches between hands, elbows close to sides–pull fast)
  21. Side straight arm circles w/ band under one foot
  22. Pulsing band raises to side (band still under one foot)
  23. Repeat #20, #21 & #22
  24. Plie jacks w/ firewalker around ankles
  25. Front/back/quarter turn jumps w/ firewalker still around ankles
  26. Lunge foot 4x to side + 4 jacks w/ firewalker still around ankles
  27. Lateral walks 4 steps to each side + jacks w/ firewalker still around ankles
  28. One arm bicep curl w/ band under one foot and both handles in one hand
  29. 3 lateral hops over mat + 1 tuck jump; tuck jumps change to jacks
  30. Lateral skaters over mat
  31. Sliding warrior lunges
  32. While remaining in lunge, slide working leg in and out fast
  33. Tricep push ups on knees
  34. Push ups on toes
  35. Marches in elbow plank
  36. Repeat #33 & #34
  37. Swim arms while in elbow plank; changes to knee jogs
  38. Seated T pulls w/ band
  39. Bicycle maneuver
  40. Straight leg & bent leg jack knife on one hip
  41. Reverse crunches




3 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Body Works

  1. I agree with your comments on the intensity of the workouts. I have always felt, for the most part, the Cathe Live’s are not advanced. She takes way too many water and stretching breaks. With DVD’s, I can skip to the next chapter if the breaks are too long. Thanks so much for all your reviews! I love coming to your site to see what you have to say! Michele


  2. Thank you for all your in depth reviews! I visit your site often to see what’s good.
    I, like you, also have a ‘problem’ of buying a bunch of workout programs..I doubt I will ever get to them all.. But will try. I can only squeeze in one workout a day..
    Anyway..just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. It doesn’t go unnoticed.


    1. You’re welcome Patrick! It is frustrating, isn’t it? I have this horrible compulsive problem of buying so many workouts and then wanting to them all–every day. But it is impossible. I want to try new workouts but I also want to revisit the ones I love.


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