10 Minute Body Transformation, 2nd Edition

A second edition! I was very excited when I saw this. I love Jillian‘s first 10 Minute Body Transformation. It was very well done and it is one of her workouts I return to more frequently than her others. Since it is set up in approximately 10 minute segments, it’s perfect to use as an add on to finish off a longer workout, or I pair two together (w/ warm up & cool down) for a doubles workout. I’ve even done all 5 for an hour long workout. That is exactly how this workout is set up. Five approx. 10 minute workouts. You also get 2:30 minute warm up and a 2:30 minute cool down/stretch.

The five 10 minute workouts are HIIT/Plyo, Hard Core, Animal Style (body weight workout), Lift (metabolic strength training), and Yoga. Like her first 10 Minute Body workout, this one does not have the ability to program your workout in advance so that it plays straight through. After you finish a segment it brings you back out to the menu to select what you want to do next. Though this would work nicely as a 55 minute workout if you did all 5 segments + warm up and cool down, I would not recommend you do them in the order presented. I would do the warm up, then Animal Style and Lift first (in whatever order you want), followed by Plyo/HIIT, then Hard Core, do the cool down and end with Yoga. However, when I did these workouts the first time, I just did them as my doubles workout (second work out of the day), so I just paired two together for several 30 minute workouts (including warm up /cool down).

Just like in most of Jillian’s other workouts, she acts as trainer;  so other than doing the first few reps of a move, she leaves the actual workout to her crew. As they workout, she points out form. She has one exerciser doing easier modifications of everything and the other exerciser is doing them at the advanced level.

Warm up is 2:30 minutes long: 1. running man, 2. standing cat/cow, 3. jumping jacks, 4. toe taps (bend and tap tow w/ opposite hand; alternate sides), 5. arm circles.

Cool down is 2:30 minutes long. 1. arm swings to shoulder stretch to tricep stretch w/ side bend and chest stretch, 2. kneel and grab back foot, pulling it up into a quad stretch, 3. pyramid stretch, 4. repeat 2 & 3 on other side of body.

HIIT/Plyo is 11 minutes long. It is an intense little HIIT workout. I really liked it. Each exercise is done for  20 seconds then you get 10 seconds of recovery and it just keeps going from there, non-stop for 10 minutes. This is a high impact, plyometric workout. So if you don’t like to jump you might want to skip this one. However, there is a modifier showing easier/lower impact versions of the exercises. Personally–I loved it! Very intense.

  1. Squat jacks
  2. Rock start jump + burpee
  3. Long jump forward + 3 hops back
  4. Sumo scissor hops  (you only scissor the arms)
  5. Star jumps (air jacks)
  6. Alternating plyo jump lunges
  7. Tuck jumps
  8. 180 touch downs (180 squat jumps, tapping one hand to floor)
  9. Lateral jumps
  10. Skaters w/ hurdle
  11. Repeat all 10 exercises

Hard Core is 11:30 minutes long. This workout is exactly what it sounds like–a focused core workout. She starts out with two standing core exercises and the rest are done on the floor. It is a very good core workout. Not the toughest I’ve ever done but very effective.

  1. Alternating front lunges; as you lunge forward you will reach arms overhead and twist to side then rotate torso to side (alternate between those two twists as you lunge)
  2. Standing crunch alternated w/ cross-over crunch (arms straight overhead, kick up straight leg and touch fingers to toes, this is alternated with raising knee and bringing opposite elbow to outside of thigh)
  3. Boat sprawls (sit on bottom, torso leaned back, feet raised off ground and holding shins; extend body so legs and arms are straight and body is in an “X” and return to start)
  4. V ups (straight arms and legs)
  5. Plank taps (in straight arm plank, tap shoulders w/ opposite hand, then tap hips, then tap hand to opposite toe–come into down dog to do that)
  6. Oblique leg raises (jack knife on hip w/ legs straight)
  7. Squirms (lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor; alternate reaching hands toward same side foot and tap inside of heels)
  8. Sit up knee thrust (lay on back, sit up and roll over into elbow plank and bring knee to same side elbow; alternate sides)
  9. Clap crunch w/ vertical scissors (lay on back and scissor straight legs while clapping hands behind hamstring each time you raise one leg)
  10. Repeat all 9 exercises

Animal Style is 11:30 minutes long. This is a body weight conditioning workout that uses animal themed moves. It’s actually tougher than it seems! The first 3 exercises are misleading because they aren’t very challenging, but the rest are much harder. Plus, when you do one move right after the other, the intensity builds so that I was definitely feeling it by the end. This wasn’t my favorite workout in this collection but it is still a good one.

  1. Monkey squats (squat and straighten legs while holding onto toes throughout)
  2. High bear crawl (pike walk w/ knees slightly bent)
  3. Sumo walk forward and back (Jillian calls it horse stance)
  4. Bear crawl + donkey kick (bear crawl 4 steps forward then donkey kick, 4 steps back then donkey kick)
  5. Crab circles (walk in a circle while in crab)
  6. Alligator (plank walk 4 forward, 4 back–same arm and same leg go forward and back)
  7. Gorilla crawl (lower hands to ground, legs shoulder width and knees bent; jump 2 forward and 2 back, using hands)
  8. Duck walk (narrow walking lunges, staying low the entire time)
  9. Spiderman push ups (as you do a push up, bring knee to elbow on outside of body; alternate sides)
  10. Repeat all 9 exercises

Lift is 12 minutes long (first 30 seconds is Jillian describing the workout). You need dumbbells for this workout. Jillian and crew use her signature set which has 3, 5 and 8 pound dumbbells. The advanced exerciser used 5 pound dumbbells and the beginner used 3 pound dumbbells. I created my workout card in advance and I definitely overestimated how much I could lift. These are all compound exercises that work upper and lower body at the same time and they are done at a brisk enough pace that you cannot lift very heavy–you are definitely getting some cardio. Now, if I had been using merely 3 or 5 pound dumbbells for everything (like Jillian’s s crew) then I would not have found this workout as challenging but using the dumbbells I initially chose, wiped me out! I lowered my weights for the second round and it still challenged me. Excellent metabolic strength workout. The weights I list below are what I used on the second round and it was appropriate weight for me–it made the workout very challenging but doable. I think this is my favorite workout of the five.

  1. Squat w/ wide row (5# DBs)
  2. Deadlift to upright row (15# DBs)
  3. Alternating front lunges w/ overhead shoulder press (10# DBs)
  4. Sumo squat w/ double arm overhead tricep extension (10# DBs)
  5. Bow & arrow arms w/ side lunge (5# DBs)
  6. Alternating front cross-over lunge w/ hammer curl (12# DBs)
  7. Alternating reverse lunge w/ lateral raise (5# DBs)
  8. Chest press to chest fly while in bridge (20# DBs)
  9. Lat pullover into sit up (10# DBs)
  10. Repeat all 9 exercises

Yoga: Stretch & Strengthen is 11 minutes long. This was a very nice and relaxing yoga flexibility workout. You don’t need the warm up or cool down with this one. The workout starts with sun salutations; each time you repeat the sun salutation, Jillian adds something to it. So it flows in this order: forward fold, chatarunga, up dog, down dog. Repeat and end with chair pose. Repeat again and this time add down dog split (3 leg dog) then go into crescent, then side angle then side plank. Repeat, and this time after down dog split you do warrior 1 then warrior 2 then reverse warrior then triangle then warrior 3 and end in chair pose. She ends w/ approx. 1:30 minutes of corpse pose while she gives relaxing verbal encouragement.


3 thoughts on “10 Minute Body Transformation, 2nd Edition

  1. Hi
    I really like metabolic training and normally do cathe. How does Jillian’s workouts compare? I stayed away from her workouts cause I thought she always used her 3-2-1 system (strength, cardio, core) and I don’t like inserting core in the middle of a workout. But I see she may have other types. Which ones do you recommend (I am using the metabolic weight training as cardio only – so the ones with good cardio burn)? I am also interested in her cardios that don’t use weights like the hiit one here. How is she vs cathe? To me Cathe is the gold standard and every time I stray I always go back. So if I am straying I wanna stray for somebody goood!

    Thanks for all you do!


    1. I also use metabolic training for cardio–so that is how I use the majority of Jillian’s workouts. Jillian’s workouts are designed to be metabolic so just about any workout she puts out there can be used for cardio (not every single but the majority). I love Jillian’s workouts btw but I am a Cathe devotee and, like you, do Cathe workouts the majority of the time. But I always enjoy mixing things up with Jillian. You can never lift heavy in a Jillian workout like you can in a Cathe workout due to the metabolic aspect. My advice is to try some Jillian workouts just to mix things up. You won’t like her workouts better than Cathe’s but she will give you an excellent metabolic/cardio workout. They are usually challenging workouts, too. Her 10 minute ones are great because you can tack one or two on the end of a Cathe workout as a finisher.


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