10 Minute Body Transformation

jm10minutes10 Minute Body Transformation is the latest collection of workouts on DVD by Jillian Michaels. This one is a little different from her other workouts. It contains 5 approximately 10 minute workouts, plus a separate warm up and  cool down that you can add onto the workout(s). I really, really loved this DVD. I’ve only done it once and when I did it, I did all 5 workouts. It was tough and I got an excellent workout. These workouts are perfect for an hour long cardio + strength workout, or several done together for an excellent shorter workout–or just one or two of them as an add on to finish off another workout. They are all excellent little workouts on their own that also work well together.

Here are the 5 workouts and their focus: Calisthenics is an intense bodyweight strength workout, Kickbox Blast–self-explanatory, Booty Boot Camp is a lower body strength workout, Pilates Power is a pilates inspired core workout, and Cardio Burn which is a very intense cardio workout. They are all structured the same way. Each workout contains 9 exercises that are each done for approx. 30 seconds; then the entire 9 exercise circuit is repeated–equaling 10 minutes. Except every one of these little workouts was over 10 minutes–but not by much, only 1-2 minutes. Only one of the workouts uses dumbbells and that is Booty Boot Camp. As usual, Jillian and crew are using her brand of dumbbells that range from 3-8 pounds. However, Jillian encourages you to use heavier dumbbells, which I of course did.

Unlike other similar collections (of short 10-15 minute workouts by other trainers), this one does not have the ability to program your workout in advance so that it plays straight through. After you finish a segment it brings you back out to the menu to select what you want to do next. So even though below I review them in the order they are listed on the DVD menu, that is not how I sequenced them. Having done both Jillian’s cardio workouts and her kickbox workout, I felt the kickbox would probably be an extension of the warm up and the cardio would be very intense. I was right. The kickboxing was great–but not nearly as intense as Cardio Burn. So, here is how I sequenced them when I did it: Warm Up, Kickbox Blast, Booty Boot Camp, Calisthenics, Cardio Burn, Pilates Power and Cool Down. This sequence actually turned out to be perfect and totaled 65 minutes.

As usual, Jillian is the trainer in this workout and other than doing the first few reps of a move, she leaves the actual workout to her crew. As they workout, she points out form. She has one exerciser doing easier modifications of everything and the other exerciser is doing them at the advanced level.

The warm up is 2:30 minutes long and consists skier swings (squats while swinging the arms overhead at top of squat and down to sides at bottom of squat), alternating forward lunges while stretching arms overhead and twisting torso toward front leg, fast alternating side to side lunges while swing straight arms w/ hands clasped together from side to side, halo clasped hands around behind head then slam them down between legs while squatting–alternate sides when haloing, cross-over jacks (crossing arms in front of body and crossing feet while jacking).

Calisthenics is 12 minutes long. This is bodyweight strength work w/ some plyometrics. You do each move for approx 30 seconds then repeat them all.

  1. Lunge-squat combo (alternate plyometric lunges then jump into squat)
  2. Ninja jumps (get on knees, toes planted and bottom on heels; jump into squat)
  3. Blast off push ups (start in high plank and press body back like a child’s pose but knees off floor then return to plank and do a push up)
  4. Supermans w/ an angel (do a superman then bring straight arms around to bottom, like a swimming stroke)
  5. Rolling bear (get on all 4s then raise knees off ground so you are on hands and toes but in quadraped; from this position roll to crab then back to bear)
  6. Front kick shooters (still in bear position, jump feet forward underneath you so one leg is kicking out and up to opposite side of body–you also raise the arm on that side so your leg can kick through; alternate sides–btw–this is a PiYo move)
  7. Plyometric pelvic thrusters (lay on back w/ one knee bent and foot on ground, the other leg raised straight; thrust/push hips up into air, bringing pushing foot off ground)
  8. Tricep dips (while in crab)
  9. Wheel or bridge pose

Kickbox Blast is 11:30 minutes long. I used 2 pound weighted gloves in this workout to increase the intensity. It wasn’t super intense, but it was a good little kicboxing segment. This kickbox workout is done the same way as Jillian’s Kickbox FastFix–meaning she never changes leads to work both sides of your body evenly. However, the beauty of this one is once you go through all of the kickbox combos once, you repeat them all. So just change leads. I will say it is a little disorienting to be doing the opposite of Jillian and crew the second time through the circuit, but it does the job of working both sides of the body evenly. I am not going to break this segment down. However, it is made up of 9 little mini boxing/kickboxing combos. None of them are terribly complex and they are easy to follow. Do each move for approx. 30 seconds and repeat entire circuit.

Booty Boot Camp is 12 minutes long. This is the only workout on this DVD that you need dumbbells for. As mentioned above, the only dumbbells Jillian and crew use are Jillian’s special dumbbells she sells that are 3-8 pounds. You will need heavier dumbbells for this workout and she encourages you to use heavier dumbbells. In fact, she spends the first minute of this workout introducing this as a lower body workout and telling you to use heavier weights than what they are using. I used 8, 12, 15 and 30 pound dumbbells for this workout. I will note below what weight I used for each exercise. Jillian uses the term “pendulum” for two different exercises in this workout. What she means is you will be doing two different lunges on the same leg, one right after the other and between each lunge your foot never touches the floor–that is the pendulum aspect. Just like all of the other workouts you run thru the circuit once then repeat it, doing each move for approx. 30 seconds. The only difference in this one, is when you repeat the circuit, you do all of the exercises on the other leg. Another thing I will note is that if you follow my blog, you know I generally use heavier weights than what I am using below. As usual, Jillian finds ways to make everything harder and for many of these exercises you are holding the dumbbells at your shoulders (not on your shoulders and not at your side)–they start feeling pretty heavy!

  1. Sumo goblet squat (one 30# DB)
  2. Pedulum cross-over lunge + curtsy lunge (cross-over lunge is the same as a curtsy lunge except you do it in front of the body instead of behind) (12# DBs)
  3. Weighted warrior 3 deadlift (do a one leg deadlift, bringing leg up behind you so you are in warrior 3, and pulsing that raised leg once) (15# DBs)
  4. Weighted pendulum lunge (forward lunge to reverse lunge on same leg) (12# DBs)
  5. Weighted side lunge (15# DBs)
  6. Weighted surrender lunge (holding both DBs overhead w/ straight arms, kneel, one leg at a time then stand) (8# DBs)
  7. Single leg pelvic thrust w/ dumbbells on your hips (one 30# DB)
  8. Get on hands and knees and bring one knee underneath you then kick it up high behind you
  9. Rainbow lift (still on hands and knees, working leg out straight behind you w/ pointed toe; bring toe to other side of non-working leg and tap the floor then arc it high and tap it to the floor on the same side as the working leg)

Pilates Power is 12 minutes long. The advanced exerciser is someone named Shannon who is apparently a pilates instructor. Jillian doesn’t seem that familiar with pilates and refers to her a lot, stating that she coached her on how to lead this workout properly. Shannon does have amazing form btw. Do each move for approx. 30 seconds and repeat entire circuit.

  1. Pelvic lifts (laying on back, knees bent and feet near bottom, raise hips while pressing into floor w/ heels (toes raised) then at top of move, raise onto toes (heels lifted) and slowly lower hips)
  2. Clam (lay on side, knees bent, sides of feet together; open and close top leg, keeping heels/sides of feet locked together)
  3. Side kick reaching (still laying on side, straighten legs, heels together and toes pointed; raise and lower top straight leg)
  4. Swan dive (lay on your stomach, legs straight behind you and hands under shoulders; do a cobra then hands (quickly) come out from under you as you raise arms and legs and rock into a superman)
  5. Knee stretches w/ donkey kicks (get into bear pose (see Calisthenics workout above) and alternate kicking flexed foot to ceiling)
  6. Quadruped leg circles (get on all fours and lift one leg straight behind you; circle the leg)
  7. Snow angels (lay on back w/ legs straight and arms straight overhead; come up into full boat pose while circling arms around until they are in position, then lowering down slowly, bringing arms back overhead)
  8. Single straight legs (lay on back, head/shoulders raised and legs straight and about 6 inches off the floor; alternate raising one straight leg, trying to bring in to nose while holding working thigh w/ both hands)
  9. Sit up side twist (lay on back w/ legs straight and arms straight over head; do a full sit up while bending one leg and twisting torso toward that leg, arms straight out to sides of body)

Cardio Burn is 11:30 minutes long. This was actually a very intense little cardio workout. It was the 4th segment I did, so I had already been working hard in the 3 segments before this one, but man–I was wiped out after this workout! I had to take a few seconds to lower my racing heart before I moved onto Pilates Power! Do each move for approx. 30 seconds and repeat entire circuit.

  1. Karaoke w/ double hop
  2. Behind the back jacks (regular straight arm jumping jacks but clap hands behind back)
  3. High knee runs forward and back
  4. 3 lateral jogs to side and tap insole w/ opposite hand
  5. Semi-circle mountain climbers (do a mountain climber, but run feet up toward hand on one side of body then to other hand)
  6. Burpees
  7. Froggy thruster + plank jack (start in straight arm plank, jump feet to hands, jump feet back to plank and do plank jack)
  8. Rock stars w/ 180 fast feet (face side and do a rock star plyo jump then do fast feet while turning until you face the other side (so 180 degrees); keep repeating)
  9. Cross country speed bags (cross country skier feet w/ speed bag arms)

Cool down is 3:45 minutes but the final minute is credits. So you are actually stretching for 2:45 minutes.


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