Popsugar: 15 Minute Bootcamp Workout


This is a fun little bootcamp workout from Popsugar and Anna Renderer. It’s not super intense or super advanced, but for 15 minutes I really liked it. It works well as an add-on finisher workout to round out any workout. I pretty much liked every exercise in this workout–including the warm up and cool down moves, so I have included everything in the breakdown. It is a cardio and bodyweight workout. Lots of fun and Anna always brightens my mornings. As the title indicates it is only 15 minutes. All you need for this workout is one dumbbell and a mat. Anna has a 10 pound dumbbell and her exercisers each have a 5 pound dumbbell. It is only used for one exercise. I used an 8 pound dumbbell and that was plenty heavy for me for that particular exercise! Anna shows modifications for most of the exercises, plus one of the exercisers does the modified version of the exercises.

15 Minute Bootcamp workout. Warm up 4:30 minutes (#1-6) and 1:30 minute cool down (#13-15).

  1. Skip knees
  2. Butt kick runs
  3. Gateswings (jump out to deep plie squat and jump back in)
  4. Straight leg raise/swings to front
  5. Side lunge and hold; alternate sides
  6. Runners lunge pulses
  7. Start at one end of the mat in plank, hands on mat; plank walk to other end of mat, jump feet in to hands and do 3 squat jumps
  8. Reverse lunge w/ a hop (get into a lunge so deep one hand is on the floor and when you switch to other leg you do a sort of jog/gallop–so sort of a jump lunge, but not as plyometric)
  9. One push up + spider crunches (tap hand to opposite foot under body) + shoulder taps
  10. Sit in V sit and lift feet off ground; open arms wide to sides holding one DB; pass DB back and forth overhead from one hand to the other, never lowering feet (like a rainbow is the analogy Anna uses)
  11. 3 point stance + quick feet (3 point stance is squatting w/ one hand on the ground between legs, that is starting stance; on Anna’s cue, come up and do quick feet, drop into 3 point stance when she tells you to)
  12. Repeat #7-11
  13. Sit on mat and roll back, feet over head, then roll up into a wide leg stretch, reaching hands forward between legs; do this active stretch several times
  14. Full sit up (legs straight) but at top of sit up you will hold feet (legs straight) and stretch
  15. Sitting on bottom, knees bent and feet flat on ground, put hands behind you (under shoulders) and raise hips up as flat as possible into tabletop/crab position and hold

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



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