Cathe Live: Legs w/ Weights & Stability Ball

legsWithWeightsAndStabilityBall-3-5-15Legs w/ Weights & Stability Ball is another tough and excellent lower body workout. This one is along the lines of STS Mesocycle 2’s lower body workouts. It is set up in trisets–3 exercises done one right after the other with little rest between. You repeat each triset 3 times. What was really surprising about this workout was Cathe‘s weight selection for her barbell. She had hers set at 65 pounds for deadlifts and 45 for plié squats! That is much more than she uses in any Live workout I’ve done. It’s actually more than she usually lifts in many of her DVD workouts, too, outside of STS.

Because you get little rest during a triset and not a ton of time before you repeat the triset, your are also getting a cardio workout–so definitely very metabolic. In fact, just like in Totally Toned Legs, my Fitbit says my heart rate got into my peak zone during this workout. You do get a longer break once you finish repeating a triset 3 times. This is really an excellent workout. I am feeling it now (several hours later) especially in my glutes.

At the end of the first triset Cathe almost forgot the final set of wide leg deadlifts. She was even removing plates from her barbell to get it ready for plié squats. But luckily her class was paying attention and reminded her–so you still get the full triset, just with a much longer break! Cathe actually seemed to be getting worn out in this workout. It was a tough workout. She frequently stops during a Live workout to give form pointers (while the class continues to do the exercise) and this always seems genuine (unlike other trainers who are clearly “pointing out form” to avoid actually doing the exercise). However, a few times, it seemed she was pointing out form because she was getting worn out!

Legs w/ Weights & Stability Ball is 56 minutes long; 8:30 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. It aired live on 3/05/15 and here is the video clip. Equipment needed: High Step with three risers under each side totaling 10 inches (the high step is the square step). One set of 15 pound dumbbells (I also used 25 and 20 pound dumbbells). A barbell loaded with whatever weight you use for heavy deadlifts (I had two barbells at the ready but Cathe actually gives you time to change your plates for plié squats, so it wasn’t necessary). A stability ball. A Paper Plate or Disc. A fitness mat.

Triset #1 (repeat 3x):

  1. 16 squats; Cathe used 15# DBs, I used 25# DBs
  2. 12 elevated lunges (one foot on step behind you); one 15# DB
  3. 10 wide leg deadlifts; Cathe used 65# BB, I used 70# BB

Triset #2 (repeated 3x):

  1. 16 static lunges; 15# DB
  2. Plie squats; 45# BB (the first two sets she does 12 reps, the final set she does 10 singles, 4 to a 2/2 count and 2 to a 4/4 count)
  3. 10 slide back lunges; disk + 15# DBs

Triset #3 (repeated 3x):

  1. 10 stiff leg (narrow stance) deadlifts; Cathe used 65# BB, I used 70# BB
  2. 10 step ups onto high step (when you step off, you drop into a lunge w/ one foot still on step); 15# DBs
  3. 12 side slide lunges; disk + Cathe uses one 15# DB, I used one 20# DB

Stability Ball work (9:30 minutes):

  1. 16 hamstring roll ins; 4 sets
  2. Outer thigh work; lean on side on ball, knee closest to ball on ground and other knee straight and out to side; pulse w/ toe pointed 32 times, raise and lower w/ foot flexed 16 times, then point and flex while pulsing 32 times
  3. Inner thigh work; lay on back, legs raised straight to ceiling; toss ball and catch and squeeze between feet 12 times, then toss and catch but hold for 4 counts 4 times, 4 singles, then hold between feet and pulse feet in 16 times; ball still between feet w/ feet pressing into ball, turn slightly to side using feet 2 times to each side; ends w/ 10 toss and squeezes.

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