The Firm: Slim Solutions Yoga

SSyogaWhile digging through my box of old Firm workouts I came across this one: Slim Solutions Yoga. I don’t even remember getting this workout tho I have the equipment that came with it in my workout room (a yoga block and a strap). Since I now try to do yoga every Sunday, I decided that this one would be worked into my rotation.

Slim Solutions Yoga is led by Allie DelRio and back when I did The Firm almost every day, she was my favorite Firm trainer. This is a pretty basic and simple yoga-stretch workout. No complicated or difficult yoga moves and the focus is on flexibility. I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing and great way to end a shorter workout. In fact, this morning I did The Firm: Advanced Cardio Blast and finished it off with this workout.

You use the equipment that came with it for many of the poses. Allie sounded pretty scripted, but she was encouraging and repeatedly told you to do what you can and to build your flexibility over time–don’t force it.

Slim Solutions Yoga is 30 minutes long and starts w/ a 30 second intro. Since it is a flexibility workout, I am not going to break it down in detail but I will give a review of the moves used. Start sitting cross-leg on the mat and do deep breaths and chest stretches. Place hands on yoga brick in front of you and slide it forward, stretching back and arms. Then side stretch. Using the strap, do a tricep stretch. Lay on side w/ knees bent and folded over on the floor; open both arms wide into a T, placing palms on floor and trying to get shoulders to lay flat. Wrap strap around bottom of foot; raise straight leg to ceiling and first lean it across to opposite side of body then open it wide to same side. Bridge pose. Some simple crunches. Cat and cow. Pointer dog pose. Get on knees and straighten one leg out to side; place block on floor by calf and lean body over, same side hand on block and other hand over head. Down dog. Warrior 2. Side angle w/ block . Triangle w/ block. The arm part of the eagle pose. Camel pose. Cobra pose. Boat pose. Butterfly w/ strap. Sitting forward fold. Happy baby pose. Ends w/ corpse pose.

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