Physique 57: Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout

p57full bodyThis was a very tough workout. I was able to execute every move but there was some serious muscle burn going on! The lower body section was long, hard and painful and so was the core. The easiest part was the upper body segment. I got this workout for 50 cents used. I am really trying to stop buying workouts but 50 cents! I already know I love Physique 57 workouts. How could I pass it up? So… I didn’t. I caved and bought it.

This workout is led by Tanya Becker. I have another Physique 57 workout that she leads: Express 30 Full Body Workout and I mentioned in that one she got a little weird. Well, she was way weird in this one. Irritatingly weird. Not so weird I won’t return to this workout tho. It is an excellent barre workout but listening to her in this workout is sometimes like nails on a chalkboard. She is trying to be funny, or cute or “cool”–not sure which, but she is failing miserably at it.

I probably will never do the entire workout again. In the future I will return to the lower body section. In fact, for a 30 minute workout I will start in the warm up, doing the marching, skip all of the upper body, do the thigh and glutes then the bridge work and end with the stretch. All of that is approx. 30 minutes. Perfect for a doubles workout. For every exercise in this workout there is a person doing a modified (easier) version and a person doing an advanced version.

Physique 57: Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout is 57:30 minutes long; 1 minute intro, the warm up (which is also the upper body section) is 9:30 minutes long; lower body is 23:30 minutes long (12 minute thighs, 11:30 glutes), core is 13:30 minutes long, spinal erector and bridge work is 4:30 minutes and stretch is 4:30 minutes. There is also a 4:30 minute bonus that works your quads and glutes–no stretch. Equipment needed: a chair, dumbbells (I used 8 and 5 pound dumbbells but they were using 5 and 3 pound dumbbells), a pilates or playground ball, a mat and a pillow or cushion to wedge under the mat for core work.

Warm Up/Upper Body (9:30 minutes): This segment starts w/ knee raise variations then you pick up your heavier set of dumbbells. 1. bicep curl variations, 2. bring arms in front of you, elbows bent, and pulse DBs toward ceiling then alternate raising and lowering them, 3. pulse w/ goal post arms, 4. back row variations. Grab lightest dumbbells. 5. tricep kickback variations. 6. Come to mat and do 15 push ups. 7. Hold in plank and pulse one leg up; 8. lower to forearm plank and alternate tapping knees to floor. 9. Tricep press in reverse plank. Stretch.

Lower Body (23:30 minutes):

Thighs 1 (5:30 minutes): position: heels together, feet slightly parted, bend knees and raise heels; 1. pulse in this position, 2. move pelvis forward and back, 3. raise and lower while moving pelvis forward and back, 4. shift hips side to side, 5. raise and lower (deep), 6. pulse again, 7. circle hips while lassoing arm overhead, 8. move feet wide into plie, squat deep and pulse, 9. hold in deep plie and pulse/press thighs back. Stretch.

Thighs 2 (6:30 minutes): position: place pilates/playground ball between thighs, feet straight forward, and squat; 1. pulse in this position; alternate raising heels while still pulsing; 2. raise and lower deeper; 3. raise up onto toes and pulse; 4. shift hips side to side; 5. pulse in squat again; 6. stay in squat and squeeze ball w/ thighs; 7. raise and lower deep again. Set ball aside and come to mat; get onto knees, feet under bottom but bottom is raised; 8. in this position, shift hips side to side while punching arms overhead; 9. circle hips and arms overhead; 10. raise and lower hips, while pushing pelvis forward at top, while punching arms overhead; 11. 15 push ups. Stretch.

Glutes (11:30 minutes): position: stand behind chair, knees bent, one leg bent and heel brought to bottom behind you; 1. in this position, different variations of pressing foot back; 2. flex foot, open legs a little, and continue to do variations of pressing foot back; 3. raise knee higher and continue pressing back; 4. lift knee to side then press foot back; 5. lay forearm on back of chair and bring bent leg all the way behind you (still pulsing); 6. press foot/knee back (toward opposite hip); 7. small knee circles in this position; 8. straighten leg behind you, foot flexed and pulse high; 9. bring straight leg to side of body and continue pulsing; 10. in this position, bend knee and kick foot while punching arm overhead. Move to mat and situate yourself in pretzel: one leg bent in front of you and the other bent behind you, so your legs are in a sort of Z or pretzel; 11. in this position, raise and pulse back leg; 12. back leg still raised, press foot/knee back; 13. tap knee then foot to ground; 14. straighten back leg a little (not completely straight) and raise and lower leg; 15. in this position, press leg back. Stretch. Repeat all glute exercises on other leg.

Core: (13:30 minutes): lay on back on mat; 1. raise straight legs, feet to ceiling; press hips to ceiling; 2. bend knees and alternate bringing toes to ground; raise head/shoulders; 3. continue this move while turning feet in; 4. bring heels together, toes out, feet flexed; press feet out and in; raise head and shoulders; 5. legs are straight to ceiling; lower one leg slightly and pulse; 6. bicycle legs; raise head/shoulders; 7. raise into crab and do tricep dips; 8. lay back on bent elbows, legs raised straight to ceiling and pull straight legs in toward torso; 9. lower one leg halfway to floor and pulse leg in; 10. raise both legs raise straight to ceiling (still leaning on elbows), raise and lower one leg; 11. bicycle legs again, this time you will do it in a pattern (single, single, double); 12. scissor legs. Stretch hip flexors. 13. forearm plank; rotate hips side to side. Place pad/pillow under mat to support lower back. Sit on mat, low back against raised portion, in C-sit. Place pilates/playground ball between knees. 14. squeeze and release ball; 15. raise and lower torso; 16. twist elbows toward opposite leg; 17. bring elbows out to floor (opening arms as if in chest fly) then sit up, bringing elbows together in front of chest; 18. ball is still between knees, raise one leg and punch arm to outside of opposite (raised) leg; 19. still in C sit, ball between knees, bring ball in to chest, then lower; 20. sit up and alternate punches in front of you; while still punching, lower torso.

Spinal Erector and Bridge Work (4:30 minutes): lay on back on mat, knees bent. The bridge segment is 2:30 minutes long. I am not going to break it down. You are doing hip thrusts in bridge with various foot positions. It is excellent and it burns. Then you lay on your stomach for 2 minutes of spinal erector training doing swimmer moves.

Quad/Glute Bonus (4:30 minutes): there is no warm up or cool down and all you need is a chair. Stand to side of chair, right hand on chair back. 1. Raise right leg straight in front of you; bend and straighten knee, toe pointed; 2. raise and lower straight leg, tapping toe to floor; 3. hold straight leg, straight in front of you and pulse it up; 4. lean forward, placing right forearm on chair and extend right leg straight behind you; pulse right leg to ceiling. Repeat on left leg.



3 thoughts on “Physique 57: Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout

  1. I look forward to reading your review of Booty Barre when you try it. Ive just order Tracey’s Fuse Dance Cardio DVDs, so Im looking forward to trying them out.


  2. I have not tried this DVD but I have recently discovered barre workouts by Tracey Mallett founder of Booty Barre. Her workouts are fantastic & I would highly recommend them if you fancy investing in even more DVDs!! She has a really kind & warm personality which makes the workouts even more enjoyable. I am super fussy when it comes to the instructors – if I don’t like them then I just can’t get motivated.


    1. I actually have some Booty Barre on my wishlist. I will try it eventually. And yes, it does make a workout–especially a really tough one–much more bearable when the trainer isn’t irritating the @#$%& out of you!


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