Cathe Live: Boxing with Leg Blasts

CatehLiveBoxing w/ Leg Blasts is the second Cathe Live workout I’ve done and I am impressed. What I am seeing so far with the two live workouts I’ve done, is that even tho Cathe uses familiar exercises that appear in her DVD workouts, things are put together differently. And in ways that I really like. I suppose this workout is more along the lines of 4 Day Split Kickboxing and Lower Body–except the lower body is done like it is in Ripped w/ HIIT lower body workouts (contrast training). And it is cardio boxing–no kicking. Overall, I loved this workout. It was very intense and tough, but due to the live aspect of it I did get breaks to get a drink and towel off.  And btw–I was drenched in sweat when this workout was over.

Boxing w/ Leg Blasts originally aired 4/30/15. It is 58 minutes long; I honestly am not sure how long the warm up is since you start boxing immediately. The cardio boxing is 32 minutes, 22 minutes of HIIT + lower body strength, 4 minute cool down/stretch. Here is Cathe’s forum post about this workout (it includes a video clip). Recommended equipment: boxing gloves (I used 2# weighted gloves), 12 and 15 pound dumbbells. You should also have a heavier set of dumbbells available for the last exercise–deadlifts. Cathe combines the 12 & 15 pound dumbbells in one hand, which is hard on the hands. I just grabbed 30 pound dumbbells.

The workout begins with cardio boxing which consists of boxing combos alternated with cardio blasts. First, I cannot tell when the warm up ended. It started out with punching and just escalated from there. Also, due to the live aspect of it, the combos were something of a mishmash. At one point Cathe even points out that one punch combo she inserted was a “blooper.” We also revisited the same combo more times than she normally would in a DVD workout. But that was ok with me because I liked it! I’m also not sure we punched evenly on both sides of the body–but it was pretty close. It was a great cardio boxing workout and I really liked it.

Around the 32 minute mark you will get a brief rest to remove your gloves, get a drink of water and towel off. Then you jump into the HIIT + lower body work. This section is very reminiscent of Ripped with HIIT workouts.

  1. snow boards
  2. 16 squats (15# DB)
  3. snow boards
  4. 16 squats (15# DB)
  5. 3 lateral hops + 1 tuck jump
  6. 16 plié squats w/ upright row (15# DB)
  7. 3 lateral hops + 1 tuck jump
  8. small steps in plié + plié squats + 15 plié pulses (15# DB)
  9. hop forward, hop backward, hop in place 2x
  10. 16 static lunges (15# DB)
  11. hop forward, hop backward, hop in place 2x
  12. 16 static lunges (other leg) (15# DB)
  13. lateral skates
  14. 12 alternating side lunges (12# DB)
  15. lateral skates
  16. 24 alternating side lunges; this time raising DB overhead between lunges (one 12# DB)
  17. grapevine + 8 alternating jump lunges (8 times)
  18. curtsy squats (one 15# DB); pulse 15 each side, pulse 7 each side, pulse 3 each side 2x, 4 singles
  19. grapevine + 8 alternating jump lunges (8 times)
  20. curtsy lunges (one 15# DB); pulse 7 each side 2x, pulse 3 each side 2x, 8 singles
  21. 14 deadlifts (15# + 12# DBs; I just used two 30# DB)

13 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Boxing with Leg Blasts

  1. I was so looking forward to read your Cathe Live reviews! Yay here they are 🙂 I will be checking your blog for new posts daily. Happy exercising , dear Not2Lazy 🙂


  2. I am so excited and thankful to see that you’re now reviewing Cathe’s Live workouts! Not only do you reviews always help me when deciding to buy (or not buy) a DVD but you’re now helping me decide that it’s time to start doing some Cathe Live workouts! 🙂 Keep em coming and thank you!!!


      1. Haha! Before I’d signed up for Live (when I was still doing my STS rotation) I was impatiently awaiting ICE. Now, I’m okay if it doesn’t ship until the end of December. I can sample more Live workouts!


  3. First of all I LOVE your blog! I was really curious about the live Cathe workouts and was thinking of subscribing. So thank you for writing about this.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad the reviews are helpful. I plan to do a Cathe Live workout ever day this week and next, so there will be a lot more reviews going up. About one a day for the next two weeks.


      1. I used to be a VHS workout junkie down to memorizing the dialogue of almost every 80s/90s step workout. So I love reading your reviews. Slipped off track more than a few times. And go back and forth between going to a kickboxing gym and my collection. I spent some time on your blog today and saw how much you like Cathe Xtrain. Need to give it another shot. Just didn’t quite find myself being able to make it a habit, but she is top notch. Did have some success with the Chalene Extreme but then fell off. Can’t thank you enough for this blog. Probably should have commented sooner. You’re awesome!


      2. Thanks Else! I really loved Chalene Extreme. I’ve actually been through that program 3 times. I keep planning to give it a 4th run (while hybriding it with something) so I can finally review it here, but I still haven’t gotten around to it. And yes, I do really love Xtrain. I really need to do an Xtrain rotation again, too! More than any other program of Cathe’s that is the one I revisit the most, tho oddly not the strength workouts. I tend to do Tabatacise, All Out Low Impact HIIT, Hardstrikes, and Legs frequently. I need to return to the strength workouts, too. Maybe do one of Cathe’s rotations where she mixes it with her Low Impact Series workouts.


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