Cathe Live: High Energy Kickboxing

highEnergyKickboxing-11-5-15High Energy Kickboxing is another fun Cathe Live workout. This one is all cardio kickboxing and the only equipment needed is optional boxing or weighted gloves. I wore 2 pound weighted gloves and got a great workout. Now, this was a “high energy” cardio kickboxing workout, but not her highest energy. Still a great and fun workout. The workout consisted of punch combos and kick combos (but no punch + kick combos) and some cardio blasts. And Cathe worked both sides of the body evenly.

High Energy Kickboxing is 47:30 minutes long and 2:30 minute stretch. I am not sure how long the warm up is. She jumps right into boxing and it is pretty high energy from the beginning. It aired live 11/05/15; here is the video clip.

This is a super short review. Tho it is a great kickboxing workout and one I plan to return to, it is pretty straight forward! All cardio kickboxing.


3 thoughts on “Cathe Live: High Energy Kickboxing

  1. I did this workout after reading your review. It was fun. My biggest complaint Is the camera man. He focuses to long on those behind Cathe especially when she cuing a new move. Otherwise great workout!


    1. Doesn’t that drive you crazy? I did Hi-Lo HIIT w/ Step this morning and that happened during the warm up so I was lagging with several of the moves–because the class was lagging! The warm up was done on the step so it seems really important that the camera should be focused on Cathe so we can mimic her steps! But it was still a great workout!


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