Cathe Live: PHAT 2

PHAT2-3-24-16PHAT stands for Peripheral Heart Action Training and I was so excited when Cathe announced she was doing a PHAT 2. If you follow my Cathe Live reviews you know that PHA Training (or PHAT #1) is my favorite Cathe Live so far. I love it!

Here is Cathe’s description of what PHAT is: With PHA training you alternate between upper and lower body resistance training exercises, allowing as little rest as possible between each movement. The lack of rest and recovery keeps your heart rate up for cardiovascular and fat burning benefits, while switching between upper and lower body exercises maximizes blood flow to all parts of your body increasing your metabolism as you build lean muscle mass and shape/define your muscles. 

So both PHAT 1 and PHAT 2 are total body strength workouts. You move quickly through each circuit so they are also very metabolic. PHAT 2 is set up different from PHAT 1. PHAT 1 has a circuit of 8 exercises that you repeat 4 times and the workout ends w/ core work. PHAT 2 has two circuits, not just one. Each circuit is made up of 6 exercises and you repeat each circuit 3 times. There is no core work. They are both excellent workouts but PHAT 1 is still my favorite of the two. But I will return to PHAT 2, too–it is excellent. I enjoyed it.

After having already experienced PHAT 1 and adoring it, I created my workout card in advance so I could record my weights immediately. So below I am only listing the equipment you need for each exercise. When I record weights in the review it is for the purpose of workout card creation at a later date. But since that was done in advance this time, it’s not needed. I will say that after the first run through each circuit, I was able to increase my weight on most of the exercises. I think, due to the fact that you are alternating upper body w/ lower body exercises, your muscles get enough rest that you can lift pretty heavy. Plus, each exercise is only done for 12 reps; with that in mind, plus the long rest periods for the muscle groups (while you are working another muscle group), really helps you get an excellent and efficient strength workout.

PHAT #2 is 45 minutes long; 5 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. It aired live on 3/24/16; here is the video clip. Equipment needed: a variety of dumbbells, a full sized step (3 risers on each side) and a mat. You do 12 reps of every single exercise except push ups and I note next to push ups the reps you do for that exercise.

Circuit #1 (repeat 3x):

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats (step + 2 DBs)
  2. Overhead Press (2 DBs)
  3. Step Ups (step + 2 DBs)
  4. Bicep Curls (2 DBs)
  5. Side Squats off Step (step + one DB)
  6. Push Ups, 8 reps at a 2/2 count

Circuit #2 (repeat 3x)

  1. Side Lunges (2 DBs)
  2. Overhead Tricep Extensions (2 DBs)
  3. Single Leg Deadlifts (2 DBs)
  4. Upright Rows (2 DBs)
  5. Squats (2 DBs)
  6. Pullovers (2 DBs + step)



11 thoughts on “Cathe Live: PHAT 2

  1. hi
    I have bowflex selectechs- would i have time to dial the dumbells to different weights for each exercise? also does she use the same weights for some of the consecutive exercises or does she give you time to rest it down and pick up a new weight?(I also have several barbells and old school dumbells) Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Yoland–no, you definitely don’t have time to dial up different weights in Cathe’s PHAT workouts. I own SelectTechs and since I have started doing primarily Cathe workouts I have slowly built up my cast iron dumbbell collection. In fact, all I need now are 50 pound cast irons and I can get rid of my SelectTechs. I mention this because many Cathe’s regular DVD strength workouts move so fast it makes having to constantly redial the SelectTechs impossible. And I HATE pausing a DVD. The SelectTechs worked well for Beachbody programs but not for Cathe.


      1. Hi

        thanks for your response. Does Cathe at least give you time to put down the weights and switch to another? I also hate pausing the dvd and I would not do a strength workout where I have to use the same weights for each exercise. That would drive me nuts! Thanks again!


      2. Yes, she does. I create workout cards for every workout I do that lists the weights I plan to use. I almost always have enough time to check my chart and grab the correct dumbbells. However, I do plan everything. I workout first thing in the morning so the night before I set out all of the equipment (including dumbbells) I will be using and have the workout card and a pen nearby (in case I need to write an “up” arrow to indicate I need to increase my weight the next time I do the workout). Now, sometimes she will use the same dumbbells and go right into the next move whereas I need to increase or decrease my weight for the next exercise. I always make note on the workout card that I need to have the other set of dumbbells right next to me. But that doesn’t happen a lot. So it’s all about planning. But normally, yes, you have time to change dumbbells. For her pure strength workouts Cathe doesn’t use the same dumbbells for every exercise, so if she is changing her weights, then you have time to change your weights.

        The times when it can be most difficult is when she uses a barbell in her Live workouts. She will use the same weight for many exercises and I need a much larger (and heavier) variety. However, I own 3 barbells and a ton of plates, so I always have 3 different barbells ready to go with different weights on them for any Cathe workout that uses a barbell!


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