Cathe Live: Low Impact Cardio & Strength w/ Step

lowImpactCardioAndStrengthWithStepLive-6-11-15Another awesome Live workout from Cathe. Low Impact Cardio & Strength w/ Step is reminiscent of Athletic Training from Cathe‘s Low Impact series (which I love) but different enough not to make you feel like you are doing the same workout. It is a great cardio + strength workout and lots of fun. This time Cathe has a man exerciser present! In the Live workouts I’ve done so far it is always all women. I actually think he is one of the men from her Xtrain series but I’m not positive. This workout moves pretty quickly and some parts merge/meld into the next. For instance, I am not entirely sure when the warm up ends and the actual step cardio portion begins. And the step cardio melds right into the metabolic lower body since that is cardio based, too. You get it all in this workout–total body strength, intense cardio and core work.

Low Impact Cardio & Strength w/ Step is 53 minutes long; 7:30 minute warm up?, 7:30 minutes of low impact step cardio, 15 minutes metabolic lower body, 12:30 minutes upper body, 7 minutes core work and 2:30 minute stretch. It aired 6/11/15 and here is the video clip. Equipment: 5, 8, 10 and 12 pound dumbbells, a step w/ 6 risers total. You’ll start with the step at 6 inches (one riser under each side) and add risers as the workout progresses. I’m not sure exactly how long the warm up is. She starts warming you up on the floor then you move into low impact step. It seems the first “combo” that you repeat starts at about 7:30 minutes into the workout, so I am guessing that is the length of the warm up. The combos for the step cardio and the metabolic lower body work is simple and easy to follow but intense.

Metabolic lower body begins when you raise the step to 8 inches:

1. 32 knees on corner of step,

2. lunges to either side of step,

3. 16 running man on corner of step,

4. step knee touch back,

5. air squats.

Repeat. Add another riser to each side, bringing step height to 10 inches. Grab one 10# DB.

1. uneven pulse squat then step over step,

2. squat, step over step while raising DB overhead,

3. place one foot on step and hold 10# DB in outside hand; do leg abduction with one arm upright row.

Repeat 1-3 of weighted exercises.

4. Grab one 8# DB; one leg on step, do leg abduction w/ front swing.

5. Grab two 5 pound dumbbells. One foot on the step; do a knee raise with side lateral raises.

Upper body strength:

1. 16 push ups w/ hands on step.

2. 10 rear flys w/ 10# DB,

3. 16 push ups w/ hands on step, alternate raising one arm after each push up,

4. 12 rear flys w/ 10# DB,

5. 16 push ups w/ hands on step, alternate tapping shoulder w/ opposite hand,

6. 12 rear delt flys w/ 10# DB.

7. grab 12# DB and lay on step; 14 narrow chest presses,

8. 10 pull overs w/ 12# DB,

9. sit up and do 9 overhead tricep extensions; w/ 12# DB;

Repeat 7-9 (rep count is approx the same).

10. sit on edge of step and do 12 bicep curls w/ 12# DB,

11. stand and do 13 hammer curls w/ 12# DB.

Repeat 10 & 11 (except 9 bicep curls and 9 hammer curls).

Core: lay on back, knees bent and hands behind head and crunch; extend right leg about 6 inches off floor and continue to crunch; bring right leg in and out while crunching; raise and lower straight leg while crunching; extend right arm to side and continue raising and lowering straight right leg while bringing left elbow to right leg; raise straight leg to ceiling and hold, bringing left pinky finger to right pinky toe and pulse. Repeat on other side of  body. Get into elbow plank and hold. Then start marching feet while in elbow plank. Lay on stomach and raise feet/legs; open and close legs. Raise and lower chest/arms and legs. Breast stroke arms while holding legs up off ground but stationary. Raise and lower chest/arms and legs again. Do breast stroke while opening and closing legs.


4 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Low Impact Cardio & Strength w/ Step

  1. Cathe has always posted video clips of the Live workouts after they have aired. Are you checking her facebook page? That is usually where you will find them. You can also find them on her youtube channel. Here is the clip for this Live workout you reviewed: If you are having trouble finding a particular clip and want to check it out before you do the next Live workout, let me know. I’ll try to find it for you! 🙂


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