Burn at the Barre: The Advanced Workout

burn@barre2Burn at the Barre: The Advanced Workout is another library check out.  I have already done Burn at the Barre (intermediate level I guess?) and they also have a Beginner level workout. The first one I did (the subtitle for that one is Total Dancer Body Workout for all levels) was 62 minutes long and challenging. The Advanced Workout is shorter (32 minutes) so I thought I’d give it a try and see how much more advanced it could get. And that is where confusion sets in. This was not a hard or advanced barre workout at all. The 62 minute Burn at the Barre was a much more challenging and better workout. In the barre workouts I’ve done, the key seems to be high reps–they rep you out. That was not the case with this workout at all. Each move only had like 8-16 reps. That doesn’t even come close to repping you out. So I will not be purchasing this workout. Too easy. In addition, for some of the exercises you actually need a barre to do them properly. A chair as a substitute just doesn’t suffice.

This workout is led by Helena; she was one of the trainers in the other Burn at the Barre that I did. There are two other exercisers but they are both doing the same move–so no modifications are shown. They are both also using a barre, so no one is shown using a chair.

Burn at the Barre: The Advanced Workout is 32 minutes long; 3 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. For this workout you need a barre (I used a chair), a pilates ball and a theraband/dynaband (you tie it around your thighs so I just used a firewalker). You do not need the barre for the warm up. The warm up consists of samba steps, side lunges, plies, hip rotations, side stretch reaches and standing oblique twists.

Start by placing pilates ball between thighs and separating feet, one in front of the other and raising onto toes, one hand on barre. 1. Pulse up and down, 2. tilt hips in and out, squeezing ball w/ thighs, 3. rock hips side to side, 4. raise back leg then raise and lower it, squeezing ball w/ thighs, 5. hold back leg up and pulse stationary leg up and down. Repeat on other side. Remove pilates ball and set aside. This next move is one that you really need an actual barre for; using a chair just isn’t the same. Face the barre and hold it with an underhand grip. 1. Step one foot back into a deep lunge and pulse down and up, 2. stay in a low lunge and tuck pelvis in and out, 3. still in lunge, pulse down for two then pull yourself forward lifting back leg and pulsing 2 counts with stationary leg; alternate these two moves first w/ the two pulses then singles. Repeat on other side. Stretch. Still facing barre, grip it again in underhand grip. 1. cross one leg over the other and sit back so you are in a chair pose, holding bar, one foot on the ground, one leg crossed over the other; pulse in this position, 2. still in same position, lower/squat down then pull yourself (with hands/barre) up and in to the barre. Repeat on other side.

For the next section you need the theraband/dynaband tied around your thighs or a firewalker. Face the barre. 1. feet together, bend knees slightly and raise one bent leg to side; pulse leg up hydrant-fashion, 2. leg in same position, circle the hip, 3. push the bent leg behind you, knee still bent, foot flexed, 4. straighten leg behind and to side (in a diagonal) and point the toe; raise and lower leg, 5. #4 except you flex the toe. Repeat on other leg. Remove band. For this next series you do a move just to get into position: stand at a diagonal to barre, reach outside arm forward and grip the barre, reach other arm behind you, lifting same side leg and grip ankle, pulling leg up; this gets you into position. Release ankle but hold leg in place. 1. pulse leg up and down, 2. circle hip in this position, 3. flex the foot and pulse kick foot/leg, 4. point toe and straighten leg; raise and lower leg from floor to hip height. Repeat on other side. Stretch. Stand beside barre w/ on hand on barre. 1. start with outside leg behind you, kick that leg forward and high (keeping it straight), then step back to start position, 2. face barre, keeping one leg behind you and kick straight leg to side, doing an almost curtsy lunge when stepping back behind you. Repeat on other leg. Step away from barre and place both hands on barre so body is in a plank; do push ups.

You do not need the barre for the rest of the workout. Get into plank position on floor. Bend one leg and place top of foot on the back of other leg (behind knee). In this position, push back into down dog, return to plank, twist bent knee under you then out. 4 total on each side of the body. You need a mat, the pilates ball and the band for the remainder of the workout. This is the core section. Lay on back, hands behind head, knees bent and ball between knees. Raise one leg. Do crunches while squeezing ball. Place ball between ankles and straighten legs, holding them elevated at about 45 degrees, head/shoulders raised and pulse ankles against ball. Rotate ankles, twisting ball while twisting elbows toward knees. Sit up and place pilates ball in small of back, knees still bent and arms straight in front of you; pulse up in this position. Continue this move but raise one leg. Place hands behind head and rotate elbows side to side. Get rid of the pilates ball and place the band around the thighs. Lay on back w/ knees bent. Open and close knees. Raise hips; open and close knees. Raise onto toes, keep hips raised and open and close knees. Straighten and raise legs to about 45 degrees, place hands behind head. Open and close legs while crunching torso.


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