Cathe Live: Super Cuts with Cardio Blasts

superCutsWithCardioBlastsLive-5-28-15Super Cuts w/ Cardio Blasts is the first Cathe Live I have not loved, and I really thought I would. I love her DVD Super Cuts workout, so I expected the addition of cardio blasts would make it even better. Eh. Not so much. It was not a bad workout, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as the DVD version. This workout does use many of the same exercises that appear in Super Cuts, but also different ones, as well as the addition of cardio blasts. Like Super Cuts, this is a workout you need to get a feel for and repeat it. I used the same weights as Cathe for everything and found them too light, but that also happened with Super Cuts DVD. When I increased my weights/resistance I got a much better workout. However, I don’t think I will be returning to this one. I just didn’t like it nearly as much as the DVD version (or the other Cathe Live workouts I’ve done so far).

Super Cuts w/ Cardio Blasts is 46 minute metabolic weight training workout; 4:30 minute warm up, 3:30 minute stretch. It aired live on 5/28/15. Equipment needed: 5, 8, 10, 12# DB, firewalker, disks, resistance tube w/ handles and a mat. Here is a clip Cathe posted of this workout. The weights listed below are the ones Cathe uses during the workout.


  1. Apple pickers
  2. Squat w/ bicep curl to overhead press, 10# DB
  3. Place firewalker around ankles and grab 10# DB; step squat 4 times to each side w/ a bicep curl to overhead press
  4. “Functional overhead press” w/ one 10# DB; plie squat to side, pivot feet so you face forward and do a one arm overhead press
  5. Lateral skates
  6. Grab resistance tube and place tube under one foot, hold handles together in both hands and twist torso, pressing tube overhead to opposite side
  7. Squat kick, squat lunge, 5#DB
  8. Front swing w/ lat pull down, 10# DB
  9. Squat kick, squat lunge, other leg, 8# DB
  10. Alternating side lunge, circling one 8#DB overhead in between lunges
  11. Place firewalker around ankles and do turning jump squats
  12. Place slide N glide disks (or paper plates) under feet; place hands on floor, slide feet out to plank, do two push ups while sliding feet open wide (burpee to push up/plank jacks, but with disks), slide feet in and stand
  13. Low plie marches w/ one 12# DB
  14. Grab tube and place under one foot, holding a handle in each hand; chest press arms but bring arms high, almost overhead
  15. Row and arrow w/ 8# DB; lunge forward, bringing DB beside front foot, row DB as you stand, raising front knee and pulling DB back to shoulder
  16. Plank sit outs
  17. Plank kick outs
  18. Alternating forward leaning lunges, touching front lunging knee with opposite elbow
  19. Alternating forward leaning lunges, touch the floor on either side of front foot w/ fingertips
  20. Bicep curls with resistance tube and dumbbells, 8# DB
  21. Single leg deadlifts (you are still holding tube and DB from #20)
  22. Repeat #20
  23. Repeat #21 on other leg
  24. Curtsy lunges w/ disks
  25. Overhead tricep extensions w/ resistance band
  26. Sprint shooters
  27. Reverse lunges on disks w/ bicep curls, 10# DB
  28. Windmills, 5# DB
  29. Alternating front lunge w/ rear delt fly; alternate this with alternating rear lunge while arcing dumbbells from in front of the thighs to overhead
  30. Open mat; sit on mat and wrap resistance band around feet, crisscross handles; do a sit up and at top of sit up do a T-band pull
  31. Get on all 4s w/5# DB in left hand, right hand on floor, right leg extended and left knee on floor; raise and lower right leg while flying left arm (holding 5# DB) to side; repeat on other side of body
  32. V-ups

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