Cathe Live: Total Body Sculpt


Total Body Sculpt is a long and challenging total body strength workout. It is yet another excellent Cathe Live strength workout that hits every muscle in the body and does an excellent job burning them out. In this workout she does all of the lower body work first, then moves you through each muscle group, ending w/ core. She also did something in this workout that makes it easier for the person new to the workout to choose the best weight the first time through. Frequently she tells you beforehand what exercise you are about to do and how many reps. She didn’t do it every time but when she did, I was able to choose the right weight and get a better workout the first time through.

Total Body Sculpt is 71 minutes long; 8:30 minute warm up, 9 minute core and 3:30 minute stretch. The first 22 minutes (after the warm up) are all lower body work. She hits the lower body pretty hard with mostly high rep work then when she moves to upper body it is moderate/heavy weight work. The warm up is pretty long but due to the fact you go directly into some intense lower body work, the second half of the warm up consists of unweighted lower body conditioning–so you start working the lower body in the warm up. Equipment needed: step @ 10 inches, barbell and various dumbbells. It aired live on 9/04/14 and here is the video clip.

Lower Body (since lower body is endurance training there are lots of reps, lots of tempos) (21:30 minutes):

  1. Squat w/ overhead press; 10# DBs, I will use 12# DBs in the future
  2. Pulsing sumos (she alternates 8 pulses w/ 8 sumo marches but you will always be low, in sumo, never standing); one 10# DB, in the future I will use one 15# DB
  3. Squats; Cathe uses 35# BB, I used 50# BB
  4. Pulsing sumos (this time you hold the DB in one hand and pass it back and forth every 8th pulse); Cathe uses one 10# DB, I used one 12# DB, in the future I will use one 20# DB
  5. Sumo squat to side w/ one DB at shoulder, pivot and do shoulder press; one 10# DB, in the future I will use one 12# DB
  6. Sumo Squats, 35# BB
  7. Deadlifts, Cathe used 35# BB, I used 50# BB, in the future I will use 60# BB
  8. Narrow Squats, Cathe uses 25# BB, I used 50# BB
  9. Single Leg Deadlifts, Cathe uses one 12# DB, I used one 20# DB
  10. Static Lunges, Cathe uses 15# BB, I used two 15# DBs

Shoulders (she has you set out 4 sets of DBs on top of your step before you begin):

  1. Overhead press, 3 sets of 10 reps; 15# DBs first 2 sets, 12# DBs final set (I used 15# for all 3 sets)
  2. Read delt flys, 3 sets of 10 reps; 12# DBs the first 2 sets, 10# DBs the final set (I used 10# for all 3 sets)
  3. Front raise holding one DB in both hands, 3 sets of 10 reps, 10# DB, I used 12# DB
  4. Side lateral raises, 3 sets of 10 reps (for the 1st and 3rd sets you palms face forward and you arc DBs up to just above shoulders, for the 2nd set palms face down and raise straight arms to shoulder height); 8# DBs


  1. One arm rows, 2 sets 16 reps; Cathe held two 12# DBs in one hand, I used one 25# DB
  2. Pullovers, 2 sets 12 reps; Cathe uses two 15# DBs, I used one 30# DB


  1. Chest flys, 1 rep to 4/4 count, 8 reps to 2/2 count, 10 reps to single count; Cathe uses 15# DBs, I used 20# DBs
  2. Chest flys, lower to count of 4, 5 partials, raise to count of 2–4 of those combos; Cathe uses 12# DBs, I used 15# DBs
  3. Push ups, 8 reps, rest, 10 reps, rest, 8 reps, rest, 10 reps rest


  1. Lying overhead tricep extensions, one to 4/4 count, 16 reps single count; 25# BB
  2. Repeat #1, but this time 4 reps to 3/1 count, 4 reps to 2/2 count, repeat; 25# BB
  3. Tricep dips on step; 4 sets of 16 reps
  4. Standing overhead tricep extensions, one set 12 reps; 12# DBs


  1. Bicep curls, 16 reps; 15# DBs
  2. Hammer Curls, 10 reps; 10# DBs, in the future I will use 15# DBs
  3. Isolation curls (one arm holds DB halfway up while other arm does bicep curls; 5 reps each arm then repeat); 12# DBs
  4. Traditional bicep curl up, then turn palms to do a reverse curl down, 8 reps; Cathe uses 8# DBs, I used 10# DBs
  5. Reverse the motion in #4 (reverse curl up and traditional curl down), 8 reps; Cathe uses 8# DBs, I used 10# DBs

Core (have a light dumbbell nearby for the final exercise):

  1. Superman variations (low back/spinal erector training)
  2. Forearm plank variations
  3. Standard crunches
  4. Crunches with same side leg and arm straight and raised
  5. Crunches w/ knees bent and soles of feet pressed together
  6. Pulsing crunches w/ bent knees and arms raised to ceiling
  7. Windshield wipers
  8. Bicycle maneuver to different tempos
  9. Russian Twists w/ light DB (I used a 8# DB, but it was too heavy; I’ll use 5# DB next time); you will do 8 reps low, 8 reps middle and 8 reps high, then reverse starting high, middle and end low (still 8 reps each time)

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