Cathe Live: Lower Body Burn

lowerBodyBurnLive-4-23-15Lower Body Burn is an intense lower body workout that fried my lower body. Excellent and fast paced workout. There is some cardio, lots of metabolic work so you are burning calories along with frying your lower body muscles. It starts with a long warm up, moves into cardio, then weighted strength training that is alternated with cardio bursts and a lot of metabolic work. She completely finished off my lower body at the end first w/ unweighted walking lunges, then w/ high rep mat work. My legs are still stinging. Another excellent Live workout!

Lower Body Burn is 52 minutes long; 10:30 minute warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. Equipment needed: a set of 12 and 15 pound dumbbells, a firewalker loop, a mat and a sliding disk (or paper plate). I also used 25 pound dumbbells for the first set of squats. It aired live on 4/23/15 and here is the video clip. The warm up really escalates and in the last 3rd you are doing some fairly intense low impact cardio. Then she starts the actual workout with 5 minutes of cardio. The cardio is high impact but no plyometrics; things like jacks, scissor runs, hopping hip twists, etc.


  1. 24 squats; Cathe uses 15# DBs, I used 25# DBs
  2. Squat w/ overhead press using one DB held in both hands; 15# DB (she does singles as well as lots of pulses)
  3. 4 walking plie squats to each side; 12# DBs
  4. Pivoting Sumos, alternate sides; one 12# DB
  5. Put firewalker loop around ankles; jack series, then walk diagonally forward and back, and end w/ another jack series
  6. 16 side slide lunges each side using one disk
  7. Alternating side lunges (no equipment)
  8. Repeat #6
  9. Curtsy lunges (both singles and lots of pulses); one 15# DB
  10. Curtsy lunges w/ one disk (pulses)
  11. Put firewalker on ankles; start w/ jacks then 4 side steps to each side; high reaching jump squats (3 sets of 10 reps); 4 side steps to each side; one leg step lunge, 4 on each leg; ends w/ 4 side steps to each side
  12. Static lunges, both pulsing and singles; one 15# DB
  13. Walking lunges, no equipment (3 steps and each step has 3 pulses, then turn and do 3 plie pulses; after what felt like a zillion of these she changes it to a 2 count pulse for many more)
  14. Get mat and one heavy DB; lay on back on mat, put one heel on DB and the other raised to sky, raise hips and pulse 56 times each leg
  15. Move DB out of the way, still on back, both heels on floor, raise hips and pulse 48 times (she changes arm position throughout)
  16. Get on hands and knees; lift and straighten one leg and pulse 32 times w/ toe pointed, 32 times w/ toe flexed; lower to elbows and bend knee so foot is toward the ceiling, pulse w/ toe pointed 32 times, then 32 times w/ toe flexed
  17. Lay on side and raise top leg (keep straight); pulse 32 times w/ toe pointed and 32 times w/ toe flexed; do not lower leg–circle leg (small circle) 10 times, then circle 10 times in opposite direction
  18. Repeat #16 & 17 on other leg

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