Cathe Live: Quick Fix Kickboxing plus 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge plus Step & Weight Drills

catheLive100-5-5-16Quick Fix Kickboxing plus 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge plus Step & Weight Drills–that title is quite a mouthful. And an awesome workout! I loved it! When Cathe announced it, I wanted to do it right away, but I have these rotations I do… and I was in the middle of one… but I managed to shift things around so I could fit it in today. And I’m glad I did! What an awesome and fun workout.

The 100 rep in the title is due to the fact that this workout is number 100 in the growing Cathe Live collection. There are more than 100 live workouts now, but on May 5, 2016, this one was the 100th she’d created. So many workouts, so little time…. Anyway. This was a fast paced and intense workout. It basically has two parts. First half is cardio kickboxing and the second half is metabolic weight training intervals.

Quick Fix Kickboxing plus 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge plus Step & Weight Drills is 52 minutes long. Since it starts w/ cardio kickboxing I have no idea how long the warm up is, or even if there is one. You do 21 minutes of cardio kickboxing, 6 minutes of heavy bag drills, 20 minutes of step + metabolic weight training intervals and the workout ends w/ a 2:30 minute stretch. Equipment needed: boxing gloves (I used 2 pound weighted gloves), a step platform only (so 4 inches), a set of moderate weight dumbbells (10’s or 12’s–Cathe only used the 10’s), and a fitness mat. It aired live on 5/05/16 and here is the video clip.

The cardio kickboxing is Cathe’s normal format–cardio bursts alternated with boxing drills (and some kicks, but mostly boxing). The heavy bag drills consist of 100 jabs each arm, fast punches w/ football drills (fast feet), 3 jabs + a cross (25 sets done on each side of the body), and it ends w/ more fast punches w/ football drills. Then you take your gloves off, get out your step platform and grab your dumbbells. At first I wondered if a 4 inch step would be adequate, but Cathe makes up for the low step height with speed. They are familiar drills, but done much faster than she usually does them, so a higher step could cause some tripping! Below, I only marked exercises that use dumbbells with “DB” because Cathe used 10 pounds for everything. Do what works best for you. I used this workout as a cardio workout, so I also used 10 pound dumbbells for everything except #12. For that exercise I used 12 pound dumbbells.

Metabolic Weight Training + Step Intervals:

  1. Straddle jacks off step
  2. Squats w/ overhead press (DB)
  3. Power straddle hops (hop forward 3 times (feet straddling step) then do 4 jacks while turning to face step)
  4. Alternating side lunges (DB)
  5. Swim lunges off step
  6. Lunge facing side, overhead press, lunge facing other side (DB)
  7. Plunge lunges off step; alternate intervals of fast shallow lunges and slow deep lunges
  8. Reverse lunges w/ bicep curls (DB)
  9. Fast feet (tapping step)
  10. Plie squats w/ upright rows (DB)
  11. Fast running straddles off step
  12. Front swing w/ one arm pull down at top, alternate arms (DB)
  13. 5 sit ups + 5 push ups, 5 sets
  14. Seated one leg tricep dips
  15. In high/straight arm plank, bring foot to same side hand (wide mountain climbers), alternate sides
  16. Hold elbow plank
  17. Side plank (elbow) hip dips

6 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Quick Fix Kickboxing plus 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge plus Step & Weight Drills

  1. I too, absolutely LOVED this workout!! It was incredible and I love kickboxing so it’s a no-brainer to re-visit this one!! Thanks for your review. As always, they are awesome and a constant resource for me.


    1. You’re welcome! I am loving Cathe Live. There are so many I still want to do that I am actually a little relieved when she announces workouts I have no interest in. Like the cycle one this week. No interest. Which is good because now I don’t have to shuffle around my rotation again to squeeze it in!


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