Popsugar: Leg Sculpting Hot Pants Workout

PS10-Minute-Leg-Sculpting-WorkoutLeg Sculpting Hot Pants Workout is another awesome little 10 minute workout from Popsugar led by Anna Renderer. This time it is just Anna. She has no exercisers with her. I really liked this one a lot. It is a perfect add-on/finisher for a lower body workout. That is not how I ended up using it today, but it is how I will use it in the future. Today it finished off cardio kickboxing/metabolic weight training (Cathe Live: Quick Fix Kickboxing).

It is a little contrast training lower body workout in the spirit of Ripped with HIIT. Do not expect the intensity of Ripped with HIIT but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great little workout for only 10 minutes. Contrast training is doing a strength exercise then following it with a plyometric exercise that mimics the strength move. For this workout Anna recommends 5 to 10 pound dumbbells. She used 5s. I ended up using both 5s and 10s. And in the future having a set of 8s would probably work well, too, since one of the exercises I used 5 pounds on, I think I could have used 8s. She also has a mat. The mat isn’t a necessity but it is used a marker for some of the exercises so I would have it laid out in front of you.

The dumbbell weights listed below are what I used. Anna used 5 pound dumbbells for every strength exercise.


  1. Lateral squat walk with toe tap (start at one end of the mat and take 3 squat walks to other end then while remaining in squat, tap outside leg to side 3 times; you will squat walk and tap back and forth) 10# DBs
  2. Side to side shuffle hop (start at one end of mat and fast shuffle to other and squat, fast shuffle back and squat–sort of hop down into the squat)
  3. Single leg deadlift, 10# DBs
  4. Single leg touch and jump (stand on one leg, tap finger tips to ground then hop up, bringing knee in front of you), 30 seconds each leg
  5. Reverse lunge and twist (hold arms/DBs in goal post, alternate reverse lunges and at bottom of lunge, twist torso/arms/DBs toward front leg), 5# DBs (I could probably use 8# DBs for this one)
  6. Split lunge hop (jump lunges; she gives you the option of doing straight jump lunges, or lunge-hop-lunge jumps)
  7. Lateral lunge and runners runners squat (deep side lunge then do a one leg/balance squat), 10# DBs
  8. Skater plyo
  9. Figure 4 hip stretch

3 thoughts on “Popsugar: Leg Sculpting Hot Pants Workout

  1. I love that you’re reviewing these short little Popsugar workouts. Sometimes, when I end my workouts, I feel like I can do just alittlebit more but end up not doing anything because I don’t have anything short enough to tack on. Plus, I REALLY like Anna Renderer. 🙂 I think she is so adorable; encouraging, motivating and cheerful without being annoying. She seems so real and down-to-Earth; working out with her feels so comfortable and relaxing, even when I’m working hard and feeling it!


    1. Popsugar’s little workouts are the perfect way to end a workout! I am so happy I got my Apple TV–not only do I now have Cathe Live, but I have all of these awesome free YouTube workouts. And Anna Renderer/Popsugar workouts have turned out to be so effective and fun. I love ending my workouts with Anna!


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