Cathe Live: Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step

cardioLegBlastWithHighStep-6-5-14This was a super tough Cathe Live workout! It wasn’t exactly what I expected but it definitely fried my legs. Due to the title I was expecting the workout to alternate between cardio and strength but that’s not how it played out at all. It started with cardio then went to very intense metabolic work then transitioned to endurance level strength work and ended with mat work. It fried my lower body. Cathe‘s rep count was off in two of the longer endurance sets (exercises #13 & #15 below) so there is a chance one leg gets more work than the other but I am not sure. For those two endurance exercises there was a lot of tempo changes and the various tempos were different for each leg. So who knows? Maybe in the end it evens out. All I know is I stopped counting when it seemed as if the pain would never end–and that happened on both legs, not just one! So they were both brutalized. And it wasn’t just me. Her class was suffering, too. Even Cathe seemed worn out by this workout! It was a painful and intense workout. An excellent one tho that I will definitely be returning to.

Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step aired live on 6/05/2014. It is 55 minutes long; 5 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment needed: a high step w/ 4 risers, 10 and 12 pound dumbbells, a barbell with plates and a mat. Cathe uses the barbell at 25 pounds and then added plates for what looked like 35 pounds. I used the barbell at 35 and 45 pounds. Here is a video clip. No step is used for the warm up but as soon as the warm up is over you set the step up 6 inches.

  1. (step is at 6 inches) Power 3s, power 7s and power 15s
  2. (add another riser so it is at 8 inches) 32 running man each leg
  3. (add another riser so it is at 10 inches and grab one 10# DB) Uneven lunges (pulse twice and hop over step); these alternate with laterally step/hopping over the step
  4. (add 4th and final riser so it is now at 12 inches) Jumping jack varieties (no step); 32 sculpting knees w/ one foot on the step; after frying both legs it ends w/ more jumping jacks
  5. Alternating lateral leg raises
  6. (grab two 10# DBs and set one on top of step; hold other DB in both hands) Squat w/ overhead press; add alternating side leg raise
  7. (grab other DB and hold both DBs under chin) Lateral walks (4 steps each direction)
  8. Step all the way up onto step w/ both feet (holding both DBs) and step all the way down (12 reps w/ each lead leg)
  9. Repeat 6-8 w/ 12# DBs, except on #6 you don’t add the lateral leg raises
  10. (grab one 10# DB and set it on step) First do some jumping jacks before doing the actual move; start move standing on step holding DB. Step down w/ one foot and when you come up do side lateral leg raise w/ overhead press, come back down and step back up on step (4 singles, 4 where you do 3 lateral leg raises in a row, 4 singles; repeat on other leg)
  11. (grab one 12# DB and start standing on top of step) Reverse lunges off step, alternating legs; first pulse 3 times, then singles
  12. Very long barbell squat series w/ varying tempos; Cathe is using 25# on her BB, I used 35# but in the future I could do 50#
  13. Elevated lunges, no DBs (back foot will be on step w/ 2 risers); you will do a lot of reps and not necessarily the same amount on each leg; tempos vary but not in the same way for each leg
  14. (add more plates to barbell–Cathe added another 10 pounds, bringing hers up to 35#; I added 10 more too bringing mine up to 45#) Front squats (holding BB under chin)
  15. (remove the extra plates from the barbell–so Cathe is back at 25# and I was back at 35#) Static lunges; lots of reps and various temps
  16. (take the plates off one end of your barbell as you will be using it for balance; stand on top of 12 inch step w/ BB in front of step and held vertically; you are holding the plate end) Heel raises, lots of reps and your foot placement changes: regular, heels together/toes out and toes together/heels out
  17. (lay mat on floor and place top of step (4 inches) on end of mat) One Leg Bridges, one heel on step and other leg raised to ceiling; 64 each leg
  18. (get into elbow plank w/ feet/toes on step top) Straddle down and up; 8 each side
  19. (move step top out of the way; lay on your side, bottom leg bent and top leg raised) Pulsing leg lifts; 48 reps
  20. (starting in same position as #19, push up so hip is raised but you are on one knee and one elbow, top leg still raised and top arm raised overhead) Bring top knee to top elbow and as you do it you lower hip and raise hip when you push leg and arm back out straight; 12 reps
  21. (hold at top of position in #20 w/ arm, leg and hips raised) With arm and leg straight and raised, pulse them up 16 times
  22. Repeat 19-21 on other side of body
  23. Lay on back, hands under hips, knees bent and heels together; in this position pulse heels down toward bottom; do 40 reps like this then hold at bottom of move, heels still pressed together and push knees in and out, 24 reps

4 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step

    1. You’re welcome! I am loving the different varieties of workouts on Cathe Live. Same Cathe style that I love but the workouts are different from her DVDs and I love them. Most of the time it’s all I want to do–Cathe Live and nothing else.


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