Popsugar: 25 Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs Workout

Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs is a short but effective strength + cardio workout by Popsugar and Anna Renderer. This was a fun little workout that combines bodyweight strength with cardio blasts–and some of the cardio is also plyo strength moves. For such a short workout, Anna does a great job giving your lower body a nice and thorough burn with some good cardio. It’s not a super intense workout, but it’s not easy either. Its a solid intermediate level workout. Anna shows beginner levels that you can do many of the exercises at and even gives more advanced options for some of the exercises. I really liked this workout a lot.

One minor negative. You could barely hear the music so I suggest using your own music to accompany it. Otherwise, a great little workout. Anna and her crew had a great time, lots of joking and laughing and working hard. The warm up is structured similar to the workout; dynamic stretches alternated with cardio.

25 Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs Workout is actually 26 minutes long; 5 minute warm and 4 minute stretch. The only equipment needed is a fitness mat.

  1. Good mornings
  2. Squat hop (stay in squat–never stand and do small hops)
  3. Split lunge w/ knee tap (static lunge so low you tap your knee to mat)
  4. Isometric one leg bridge (this is actually more of a straight arm crab; hold one leg crab)
  5. Lateral shuffle 3x then tap floor
  6. Single leg squat, tapping the floor w/ finger tips and hop
  7. Scissor leg jacks
  8. Running box (run forward and back or side to side–just one step forward or to the side as if running in and out of a box)
  9. Repeat everything

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page





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