Power Strike 7

Power Strike 7 is another kickboxing workout from Ilaria Montagnani. I remember loving all of her PowerStrike workouts but I haven’t done them in a long time. I had actually planned to go through all of them before doing this one but I got sidetracked by my discovery of Heather Robertson. Now I really wish I had revisited them because I did not love this workout. This workout was hard. Harder than I wanted to work this morning, to be honest. It is a non-stop endurance workout. I don’t think I am remembering her other PowerStrike workouts (which I loved) wrong. During my Bodyweight Rotation, I did all of her BodyStrikes workouts and the earlier ones were easier and more doable than Body Strikes 3, which was released the same time this workout was released. I think this last round of workouts Ilaria released are just her most advanced workouts. And well, I prefer her earlier stuff. At least at this point in my life. I am no longer an advanced exerciser so I like more intermediate level workouts.

On to the actual workout. After the brief warm up you move into about 10 minutes of very complicated punch combos that I never completely caught onto. Next is 15 minutes of fast paced kick drills. You will drill through all manner of kicks (front, side, round house, crescent) but in addition, she puts together one little drill combo: 2 front push kicks + jump into squat + crescent kick with other leg–you do 100 reps of this little combo, 50 on each side of the body. Then you finally arrive at the kickboxing combos, which you do for 27:30 minutes. You do 2 combos and each combo is done on both sides of the body. Ilaria builds each combo in layers. You do both combos on one side of the body before repeating both combos on the other side of the body. Some of the punch combos in the kickboxing combos were complicated and by this time I was worn out, so I started doing my own version of the punch combos that I could not seem to catch on to. I didn’t have any problems with the kicks.

Power Strike 7 is 58 minutes; there is a one minute intro in which Ilaria discusses the importance of form to keep the workout safe, 3 minute warm up and 1 minute stretch. The warm up includes 10 push ups. This workout really needs a longer stretch. This is not a low impact workout but the only impact was jumping into squat. So if you want to keep the workout low impact omit the jumping. I wore one pound weighted gloves for this workout and my shoulders feel well worked.

8 thoughts on “Power Strike 7

  1. Hi. I clicked “Ilaria” on your sidebar so I could read all your reviews of her workout DVDs. This was the first one that came up.

    So from the review and the comments, it seems that Ilaria’s more recent work outs are more advanced and her earlier stuff is more intermediate.

    It seems her main programs are Atletica (four volumes) and Bodystrikes (three volumes) and Kickboxing (4 volumes)

    I was super interested in Atletica (but not volume one because of the drum music) because it is a total body workout. All three volumes of Bodystrikes seem to focus on lower body.

    Would you say the Atletica series are for an intermediate exerciser? (As a reminder, I’m currently in workout 2 of 30 Day Shred and have already completed Beginner Shred. Also thank you again for the advice your left me on your 30 Day Shred post. My knees are feeling MUCH better after taking Saturday off along with Sunday. I did the given modification as demonstrated by Anita for a couple of moves rather than going all out with Natalie and subbed just jogging in place for a couple of the cardio moves.)


    1. I think the intermediate exerciser can do the Atletica workouts. If done as Ilaria presents it, then yes, they are all some level of advanced with the first one being the easiest of the the 3. The key would be using light weights and working your way up to heavier weights. Also, she provides chapter menus so you don’t have to do the entire workout if that is too much for you. FYI, I have created a Trainers page and my favorite trainers (Ilaria included) have their own page that is linked to on the Trainer page that lists all of their workouts that I have reviewed. It is an easier way to find workout reviews by a specific trainer on this blog.


      1. Thanks for the info. Knowing now, from your comment on the other Ilaria post, that Ilaria’s workouts (or at least Atletica) are more advanced than KCM’s workouts, I think I need to get through Jillian first, then finally purchase that KCM video I think about all the time (I dearly hope it lives up to my expectations, I think it will), and then try Ilaria.

        Am I correct in assuming that Atletica 4 (planks & abs) sort of stands alone on its own (since it’s a different workout style than the other three volumes) and isn’t the craziest hardest of the four volume set? Although those one-legged burpees, oh my!!


      2. That’s good to know. I most definitely want to get the ‘abs & push-ups’ and I’ll add ‘atletica 4’ to my wish list too. Here’s hoping Total Fitness DVDs site has a sale soon….

        I did re-watch the clips for Atletica 1 – 3 and even in the clips I noticed the music interfering a bit with Ilaria’s talking. It must be tricky to balance background music with the trainer talking.


  2. This woman scares me. 🙂 Having said that, I own all of her DVD’s, but I think I’ve only done one. I’ve decided to approach difficult workouts in a different way now as I age…I do what I can and modify/take breaks as needed without feeling bad. I also don’t need to do the entire thing! Otherwise, the workouts sit on the shelf gathering dust because I am too scared to do them! I finally did a Mike Donavanik workout on Sunday and I didn’t beat myself up because I hit pause, modified exercises and did the reps more slowly than they did. At least I did it instead of sitting on the couch! I will make it my mission this week to do one of Ilaria’s workouts.


    1. Ilaria’s workouts prior to these more recent ones are all intermediate level and nothing to be scared of. But I agree–her newest releases now have a dread factor for me. They are tough. And I agree, modification is always an option. However, the problem with modifying some workouts is speed–I know in her BodyStrikes 3, modifying the moves puts you at a disadvantage because it is hard to keep up with her pace if you aren’t jumping at her speed. And that may be fine for some people, but it bothers me to not be doing every move/rep at the same tempo as the trainer. Especially when you are building and running through kickboxing combos over and over again. If I can’t keep pace with her, what’s the point of doing it? There are enough other workouts out there that do fit my needs (such as Jessica’s husband’s workouts–I LOVE those!). No point in doing a workout I have to modify a lot. Now, if it’s just 1 or 2 moves that’s no big deal (unless those moves appear repeatedly, like they do in Ilaria’s workouts). But again, if you do her earlier workouts, you should have no problem. BodyStrikes 1 is one of my favorites and PowerStrikes 6. And I love all of her Atletica workouts but the first one is more intermediate.


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