POWERSTRIKE 5 with Ilaria Montagnani

PowerStrike 5 is a 48 minute kickboxing workout; 5 minute warm up, 41 minute training time and 2 minute cool down/stretch. Another excellent kickboxing workout by Ilaria Montagnani. This one is a little different from PowerStrike (4) and 6. The basic structure is the same: punch drills followed by kick drills and ending with punch/kick combos. The difference with PowerStrike 5 is in the combos. The punch drills are also more complicated than they are in the other two PowerStrikes. It takes me longer to get in the rhythm of the punches and if I make one mis-punch, I have to wait until the combo starts over to get back into it. The kick drills are effective and easy to follow: front push kicks, round houses, crescent kicks and side kicks. For punches and kicks, each side of the body is worked evenly. 

Then onto 3 punch/kick combos. I really like these combos. They are fast paced, doable and a great workout. The only “negative” is that there are literally 3 combos—they aren’t done on each side. Once you do a combo, you’re done with it. According to Ilaria, in the end, you are working each side evenly. Though that is probably true, I like knowing for certain that I am! However, for those who do not like repetitive workouts, you’ll love this one. She keeps fresh and interesting. 

It is taught add on style, which does help, even with the confusing punch drills. As usual Ilaria’s form is perfect and she cues well. The time really seems to fly with this workout (just like it does in PowerStrike 6) and it’s over before you know it. Overall, I loved this kickboxing program. It is probably high-intermediate and like all of them, if you want the best workout, you must focus on form. To increase intensity, use weighted gloves!

4 thoughts on “POWERSTRIKE 5 with Ilaria Montagnani

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