Linda Wooldridge

Linda Wooldridge is another amazing and unique trainer. She lives in Australia and works out literally hours a day. And she films some of those workouts! She offers most of them for free on YouTube. She also creates workouts that are available on DVD only, but the majority of her workouts are free. Her workouts are primarily a sort of yoga/pilates/barre fusion but she does so much more than that. Barre, yoga, pilates, kettlebell, cardio, strength training with bands and dumbbells, slider workouts, bosu workouts, and she even uses a rebounder in some of her workouts! Many of her fusion workouts are intense bodyweight strength workouts. She frequently uses light dumbbells to increase intensity. She does workouts in all levels but her workouts are primarily high intermediate to advanced. But she does do some intermediate and beginner level workouts, too. All of the workouts feature Linda only–and her cat, Minnie. She does the entire workout from beginning to end with perfect form and no breaks. She is truly impressive.

There are so many ways you can do Linda’s workouts. She has hundreds of free workouts available on YouTube. She also offers them as downloads on her website where they are very inexpensive, plus she always offers deals so you can get them even cheaper. If you want them on DVD, you can get them in several places: on her website, from Total Fitness DVDs and from Amazon. When offered on DVD through Amazon and Total Fitness DVDs, there are always multiple workouts on one DVD–a minimum of 3 workouts but usually 4 or 5 workouts. If you get them on DVD through her website, she will cram as many workouts as possible on a single DVD for you. You just tell her what you want and she will create it for you. She created a lower body workout DVD for me that has 6 different workouts on it.

I need to add something. Linda is a wonderful and generous person. I do not know her personally. I have only done her workouts and purchased workouts from her website. I do her free ones on YouTube but I also purchase many of the free ones on DVD and I purchase many that are available on DVD only. Though I do my share of streaming, I want everything I love on DVD. And I love a lot of her workouts. She is very friendly and accommodating. She responds quickly to emails, too.

**7/27/18 I just found out that Linda is going through a divorce so her last name will be changing. I have every workout of hers that I’ve done tagged under her married name, so that might get confusing at some point. However, I also have them all tagged under Barlates. But I created two different Barlates groups (which was stupid because I did nothing to distinguish them from each other other than their parent category), one for her YouTube workouts and one for her DVD only workouts. When things get ironed out with her, I will have to figure out how I will go about changing/retagging all of her workouts that I’ve reviewed. And changing the name of this page as well. So stay tuned!***09/13/20 Linda’s returned to her maiden name Stejskal. I have reviewed so many of her workouts under Wooldridge that I decided not to make any changes to how I categorize her. If you go to Amazon, all of her DVDs pre-divorce still say Wooldridge on them. So now when I review her workouts I am just referring to her as Linda @ Barlates since “Barlates” is how she brands all of her workouts.**

Click here for a list of all her free YouTube workouts that I have reviewed. Keep in mind that all of the free YouTube workouts are also available as downloads and on DVDs. What is listed below are her workouts that are available on DVD only. I also have a lot of Linda’s workouts on my To Do shelf that I have purchased, more on my wishlist and even more saved to YouTube lists. So there will be many more added to both lists.

Bounce Total Body

Overload Training

Booty Burn: Cardio Sculpt

Mix & Match Lower

Feel Good Series

Barre Basics

Drop Sets

Bosu Total Body Fusion

Interval Barre Fusion Lower

Stretch Flex Tone Lower

Yoga Barre Fusion

Old School Series

Mat Barre Series

Total Body Cardio Barre

Barre Ball Blast

Barre Bootcamp

Cardio Sculpt Fusion (4 workouts on this DVD; 3 are available for free on YouTube, one is only available on DVD/download)

Upper Body Light & Heavy (4 workouts on this DVD; 1 is available for free on YouTube, the other 3 are only available on DVD/download)

Mix & Match HIIT

Pyramid Lower Body

Resista-Barre Total Body

Sweat Series

Stretch Yoga Fusion

Lower Body Mat Series