Barlates: Bosu Total Body Fusion

I got a Bosu Ball for Christmas! I got it primarily for Yvette Bachman workouts but once I owned it, no reason not to find other workouts I can use it with. And since I am already a big fan of Linda Wooldridge‘s Barlates workouts, I was thrilled to see she had a whole DVD with a collection of bosu workouts! Bosu Total Body Fusion contains 5 workouts and, between the 5 of them, you will work every muscle in your body–and get some cardio, too. This is an excellent collection of workouts and every one of them worked me hard and worked me well. So many ways to use them, too. You can combine several of them together for a long and intense workout. Use them as add ons to finish off another workout, or use them by themselves. I did that and used the Bosu Glutes and the Bosu Inner & Outer Thigh workouts as doubles workouts (second workout of the day after I get home from work). Though you are using the bosu ball, these are all body weight strength workouts. Another excellent collection from Linda!

Bosu Abs is 29 minutes long; no warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. Though I do not like long abdominal workouts this one is very effective because it works your entire core–front, sides and back–and works them well. Before I did this workout I did Bosu Upper Body (below) so my shoulders were already burning a bit, and this definitely finished the job with all of the plank work. My shoulders were worn out by the end of the 50 minutes of bosu work (between the two workouts)! The bosu adds that extra core challenge of balancing on many of the moves. And like all of these bosu workouts, this was intense enough that it had my heart rate elevated so I was really sweating and working hard. Excellent core workout.

  1. Sit on bosu w/ hands on sides of bosu behind you, knees bent and toes on floor, alternate raising and lowering legs; changes to lifting and lowering both legs together; changes to standing w/out using hands between each rep and also straightening legs at top of lift
  2. Still sitting on bosu, leaned back so spine is in C curve, knees bent and toes on floor, clasp hands together w/ arms straight and rotate from side to side, bringing arms/fists down to the side; add alternating leg extensions; stay on one side, bringing clasped hands down to side while bending and extending leg
  3. Lay back on bosu so lower and mid back is on bosu, extend arms straight to the side with legs straight and separated hip width, raise arm and opposite leg, touching fingers to foot, alternate sides
  4. Turn bosu upside down so flat side is facing up and come into straight arm plank with hands on flat surface of bosu, alternate raising legs; changes to raising leg then bringing it out to side, returning to other leg and lowering, still alternating legs
  5. Bosu is still upside down, hold the edges while still in straight arm plank and rock bosu side to side
  6. Turn bosu so flat side is down again, sit bottom and lower back against bosu, hands by ears, elbows out–do basic crunches; changes to rotating upper body side to side so that elbow is reaching toward same side knee
  7. Same starting position as #6 but arms are reached straight along sides and alternate reaching hands to same side ankles
  8. Straight arm plank w/ hands on bosu, bringing knee in under body then lift the leg up high behind you and lower back to start, alternate legs
  9. Still in plank w/ hands on bosu, bring knee and opposite elbow together under body, alternate sides
  10. Come into side plank on bosu but bottom knee is on bosu and hand is on floor, top leg is extended straight and top arm is extended straight–bring top knee to top elbow, return them to start, then swing straight top leg in front of you and touch top hand to foot
  11. Straight arm side plank w/ hand on bosu, do hip dips (this is so hard)
  12. Repeat 10 & 11 on other side of body
  13. Lay face down on bosu, belly on bosu, knees on ground, hands/arms are raised and held near head, elbows out to sides–raise and lower head/neck/chest; changes to keeping chest raised and alternate tapping elbows to ground at sides
  14. Same starting position as #13 but move forward a bit so hips are on bosu and elbow/forearms are on ground, lift and lower straight legs
  15. Down dog w/ hands on bosu then flow forward into cobra–flow between these two poses

Bosu Glutes is 30 minutes long; no warm up and 3 minute stretch. Wow! This was the first workout in this collection I did and it was brutal! On several levels! The balance aspect, the way the bosu helps you get better/deeper/different range of motion, the exercises themselves and the high rep burnout aspect of them. This workout hit more than my glutes–my inner thighs, my outer things, my hips, my core and even my low back! But several hours later it is my glutes that are still burning. Excellent, challenging workout!

  1. Start standing on bosu and step one foot on floor beside bosu and squat, touching fingers to floor, alternate sides; add pulses
  2. Stand on bosu, heels together and toes turned out, squat tapping elbows to knees
  3. In plank w/ hands on bosu, alternate bringing one foot up beside bosu into deep a lunge, alternate legs; add pulses, tapping knee to floor
  4. With hands on bosu, lower into a wide plie squat and pulse bottom up and down, never straightening
  5. Rockets w/ hands on bosu (plank squats); add a lunge after each rocket, alternating legs
  6. Return to doing rockets but when you come into plank, twist body so hip is lowering toward floor, alternate sides
  7. Sit on bosu with outside of bottom thigh on bosu and same side hand on floor, raise and lower top straight leg; changes to flexing foot and kicking straight leg back 2x then point toe and kick straight leg forward once
  8. Scoot down so your hip is now on the bosu and same side elbow/forearm on the floor, bend top leg and alternate tapping toe to inside of bottom leg and knee to inside of bottom leg; keep top toe touching inside of bottom knee and pulse-press top knee back
  9. Repeat 7 & 8 on other leg
  10. Lay on back w/ glutes close to bosu and feet on top of bosu, raise and lower hips; changes to 4 pulses at top of hip raise; put soles of feet together and open knees, raise and lower hips; changes to 4 pulses at top of hip raise
  11. Turn bosu upside down so flat side is facing up, lay on back w/ hips close to bosu and feet on top of flat side of bosu, raise and lower hips, first w/ feet wide then with feet together/legs pressed together then w/ legs hip width apart and heels on flat side of bosu; raise onto toes, keep hips raised and pulse hips
  12. Lay face down, hips on bosu, elbows on floor, legs wide, knees bent, toes together and pointing to ceiling, raise and lower thighs, reaching toes to ceiling; changes to bending and straightening legs while, bringing toes together at top of move and legs opening in a V at bottom of move; keep legs extended straight in a V and raise and lower legs; hold isometrically at top of move

Bosu Inner & Outer Thighs is 33:30 minutes long; no warm up and 3 minute stretch. Ouch! Another tough and painful workout. I had some serious burnout happening. Like Bosu Glutes, there are some balance challenges early on–#3 in particular, and that is the one that had me whimpering in pain. It burned out the stationary leg that was fighting for balance just as much as the working leg. Maybe more. And the inner thigh (#4) was working my core, too.  #6 was another one that had me crying in agony. So, overall, another excellent, effective and painful lower body workout!

  1. In straight arm plank w/ hands on bosu, push hips back towards heels and when you come, twist hips toward floor/bosu, alternate sides
  2. Hands still on bosu, bring heels together w/ toes turned out, push hips back to heels (in a deep squat) then return to plank, keeping foot position the entire time; remain in squat and pulse/push knees to outside of body
  3. Kneel on busu w/ hands on bosu, back flat (on all 4s but on top of bosu), extend one leg out to side and raise and lower straight leg; changes to bringing knee in to same side shoulder then push leg out straight behind you; changes to attitude raises (knee bent but turned down, still raised out to side tho in hydrant, pulse/push foot back/up); pigeon stretch on bosu; repeat all of #3 on other leg
  4. Sit on bottom with straight legs straddling bosu, heels touching bosu sides w/ toes turned out–squeeze heels in and out on bosu; changes to faster pulses to 3 count; changes to arcing one leg over bosu to to tap the opposite heel then arcing back to start; hover one leg over bosu w/ side of foot turned up to ceiling and bend and straighten knee, pulsing leg in and out
  5. Lay on side, leaning on elbow, bottom leg in front of bosu w/ heel turned up to ceiling and top leg on top of bosu–raise and lower top leg; press top leg into bosu while raising and lowering bottom leg; return to first part of exercise, top leg raised and pulsing; return to pulsing bottom leg w/ top leg pressed into bosu; repeat pulsing top leg then repeat pulsing bottom leg; repeat all of #5 on other leg
  6. Lay on back bringing glutes close to bosu w/ heels on top of bosu, raise hips into bridge and raise one leg straight to ceiling–in this position, open straight leg out to side and return to start position; changes to bringing straight leg closer to shoulder (on an angle) and pulse it toward shoulder; repeat all of #6 on other leg
  7. Kneel on bosu but knees are straddling bosu–squeeze and release knees in on bosu; ends w/ holding the squeeze on bosu

Cardio Sculpt is 20 minutes; no warm up and 3 minute stretch. This was an excellent little cardio workout! I love the balance challenge the bosu adds to everything–even cardio! I used it as an add on after doing Cathe‘s Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio/Pull Day and this workout did a great job finishing me off. It is also the perfect length to finish some of Linda’s other workouts that clock in around 40 minutes to give me an hour long workout. She has several in her Drop Sets collection that are 40 minutes as well as some of her other strength workouts. Plus you can just combine it with one or two of the other workouts on this disk for a longer workout.

  1. Side to side jump squats over bosu, one foot always on bosu, tapping bosu w/ hand each time you squat
  2. Squat w/ knee raise, one foot always on bosu
  3. Combine 1 & 2: 5 jump squats over bosu + 3 knee raises on same leg
  4. Start straddling bosu and step up and off bosu fast (up, up, down, down)
  5. Still straddling bosu, wide plie squats, touching bosu w/ hands when squatting
  6. Combine 4 & 5: 8 reps of each
  7. Burpee w/ hands on bosu when standing jump on and off bosu; just jump on bosu then step off
  8. Stand on bosu and squat, touching fingertips to bosu each time you squat
  9. Put hands on ball and swing one leg up straight behind you, stand and step on ball w/ a knee raise/hop; keep hands on ball and just to fast straight leg raises behind you
  10. Flip bosu so flat side faces up, holds edges and do mountain climbers; changes to plank jacks; mountain climbers again; plank jacks again
  11. Flip bosu back to normal (flat side down), straight arm plank with feet on bosu, push hips back to heels, turning hips to side and return to plank, alternate sides; changes to walking feet on and off bosu (still in straight arm plank); still in straight arm plank but now feet are on floor straddling bosu, alternate raising straight legs
  12. Stand on bosu and step one foot forward and back on the floor like a pendulum lunge but not that deep (other foot remains on bosu); come into lunge w/ back foot on bosu and pulse low, hands reaching to floor

Upper Body is 23 minutes; no warm up and 2 minute stretch. This workout was deceptive. You start pretty easy–in fact, I would consider #1 & 2 warm up moves, even though in all of these workouts Linda states you are moving right into the workout and to warm yourself up. Starting with #3 it gets really tough! I was working hard and there is even a cardio factor to this workout. This is definitely an excellent add on to another workout. When I did this workout I followed it with Bosu Abs (above) and between the two of them my shoulders were seriously burning. Even though #1 & 2 are back work, your upper back gets the least amount of work in this workout. A bosu ball just isn’t that heavy. It works great to increase intensity when raising it overhead for cardio but for strength you need something heavier to really work your back. However, I did really focus on the movements and going through the full range of motion so I did feel it, and my upper back did get some work–just not what I am accustomed to. Your lower back however does get worked nicely.

  1. Flip bosu so flat side faces up and hold on to edges of bosu, place bosu on floor, walk feet out to plank, walk feet back in, stand and raise bosu overhead; changes to jumping feet in and out (instead of walking them in and out)
  2. Still holding bosu the same way as in #1, hinge at hips and row bosu then straighten and push bosu overhead; stay hinged forward and do a middle row, then row to the side (rowing with only one arm) then row to the other side, continue this pattern; add 4 plank jacks after each pattern
  3. Place bosu on ground, flat side down and do tricep push ups with hands on bosu; between each tricep push up add lowering to forearms then raising back to hands
  4. Tricep dips w/ hands on bosu behind you; changes to single leg tricep dips, alternating which leg is lifted
  5. Regular push ups w/ one hand on the floor and one hand on bosu, alternate sides, plank walking across bosu
  6. Shoulder retractions w/ feet on bosu (on straight arm plank, slouch back between shoulders the round back
  7. Modified side plank on bosu (straight arm and side of thigh on ball) w/ top arm raised overhead, rotate torso forward then straighten
  8. Lay face down on bosu w/ belly on bosu, legs wide and toes on floor, alternate raising one bent arm and chest to side; add lifting the opposite leg as you lift the arm/chest; move forward slightly placing forearms on floor, raise legs and flutter kick legs
  9. In forearm plank w/ feet on bosu and palms facing up, lower head/chest between arms then raise up to straight arm plank, alternate between these two planks
  10. Flip bosu so flat side faces up, hold sides of bosu and do push ups; between each push up, add jumping feet in and out 2x; hold plank and rock bosu side to side

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