ReboundFit: Relaxation and Stretching on Mini Trampolines

Relaxation and Stretching in Mini Trampolines is a lovely flexibility/stretch routine done on the rebounder. At the bottom right hand corner of the screen it says that it is done in collaboration with Bellicon. This makes a lot of sense to me because Bellicon Home Streaming offers quite a few yoga/flexibility/mobility workouts done on the rebounder and it is hard to find these types of workouts anywhere else. So I was very pleased to come across this workout. I did it on my recovery day. I started with a very low key rebounder cardio workout to get myself warm up and finished with this long stretch. You are warmed up a little at the beginning of the workout with a few minutes of high, feel good bounces then you move into the stretching. The majority of the stretching is done on the rebounder but at the end you are stretching on the floor. You are standing for those stretches so you don’t need a mat. However, I was able to do most of those stretches on my rebounder as well. This workout has beautiful music to accompany it. The first two songs are Sarah McLachlan songs. I am not familiar with the rest of the artists but it was beautiful and relaxing music, too.

Relaxation and Stretching in Mini Trampolines is 18:35 minutes. The only equipment you need is your rebounder.

  1. Gentle shift hop side to side
  2. High (but gentle) hops, arms flowing behind you
  3. Bounce + wide leg V jump, push arms overhead when V jumping
  4. Bounce + scissor jump (legs are straight, open them like scissors when in the air)
  5. Basic gentle bounce
  6. Stop hopping and take deep breaths, extending arms out to sides and overhead
  7. Extend arms in front of you with hands clasped and round back/shoulders
  8. Forward fold; walk hands over to one side of the rebounder; walk hands over to the other side of the rebounder
  9. Bent knees, hands holding edge of rebounder mat, and lean backwards
  10. Lay on your back in rebounder mat, close eyes and take deep breaths
  11. Still laying on back, bring soles of feet together, knees open into reclining butterfly
  12. Bring knees into chest, one hand on each knee and rotate knees/hips away from each other then together
  13. Pull knees into chest with arms wrapped around knees; rock hips side to side
  14. Still laying on back, cross legs with thighs together and rotate legs to one side, torso turns in opposite direction to stretch the spine
  15. Legs still crossed with thighs together, bring knees into chest and hold feet with hands, pulling legs/feet toward you
  16. Extend straight legs to ceiling, point then flex toes; circle ankles
  17. Keep one leg extended to ceiling, other leg straight but in line with hips, hold big toe of leg raised to ceiling with opposite hand; pull straight leg across body (still holding toe)
  18. Sit on rebounder, one foot on floor, other leg is crossed so ankle is on top of knee, hinge torso forward over legs
  19. Place one leg behind you on the rebounder and other foot on floor so you are in a deep lunge; bend back knee and reach behind you, grasping your foot and pulling foot toward you (see picture associate with this review)
  20. On floor beside rebounder, cross ankles and with legs straight, hinge forward into forward fold
  21. Triangle stretch
  22. Wide leg forward fold, hands hold opposite elbow; swing upper body gently side to side
  23. Circle neck from one shoulder to the front, to the other shoulder
  24. Place one hand against the wall or other surface and turn torso away from hand/arm, stretching chest
  25. Eagle arm pose, raise arms upward and round shoulders
  26. Clasp hands together behind back, hinge forward into forward fold, raising hands to ceiling; twist torso, reaching arms to one side and looking toward the opposite side
  27. Take a deep breath, raising arms overhead and when you exhale, lower into a deep squat, reaching hands to floor

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