SanFran Fitness: Low Impact Beginners Bounce Fit Workout with Stability Bar

Low Impact Beginners Bounce Fit Workout with Stability Bar is a rebounder workout from SanFran Fitness designed for older adults or people with balance/coordination issues. Claire also mentions that this is a good workout for people rehabilitating from an injury. So, why am I doing this workout? There are several reasons. I like to use lower key workouts on my recovery day–usually as a warm up before doing some yoga/flexibility/mobility work and the other reason is to have a nice collection of these types of workouts on hand for bad feet days. I have 12 screws and 2 plates in each of my heels that usually do not give me any trouble but I have days when I am on my feet a lot more than usual and the next day I am hobbled. Something gentle on my feet is exactly what I need on days like that. I like to workout for an hour every morning and there just aren’t a lot of long workouts that fit my needs, but I can easily pair several of these low key workouts together for a longer workout. In fact, SanFran Fitness has 2 more of these lower key workouts I plan to do and review next week. I was on my feet a lot yesterday so they were a bit cramped this morning when I got on the rebounder. I have found that when my feet are causing me issues, standing cardio and lower body workouts are very awkward until my feet get warmed up, which can take as long as 10 minutes (on really bad days even longer). Rebounder workouts are easier on my feet as a rule but even some of the more intense rebounder workouts I do cause me issues on a bad foot day. But workouts like these are perfect. As I mentioned, my feet were a bit cranky this morning–but nothing major–and the gentle health bounces and easy rebounder moves done in this workout warmed them up so that they felt 100% by the time we were 10 minutes (or even less) into this workout.

This is a very low key, low intensity cardio workout done on the rebounder and it is perfect for someone new to rebounding. Claire uses the stability bar for everything but you obviously don’t have to if you do not need it. I did not need it so I did everything sans stability bar. By the end of the workout I was perspiring. The intensity does increase through the course of the workout but it never gets intense. It was very feel good. Claire did a lot of different foot and arm movements to keep things interesting. There aren’t a lot of long YouTube rebounder stretch workouts available but there are a few. So if you are using this like I did (recovery day workout) then I recommend following this up with a flexibility workout such as ReboundFit Relaxation & Stretching, or AngieFitnessTV‘s Trampoline Extreme Flexibility & Stretch. If you are subscribed to Bellicon Home like I am, they also have quite a few flexibility and yoga routines to choose from.

Low Impact Beginners Bounce Fit Workout with Stability Bar is 29:45 minutes; 30 second intro, there is no apparent warm up but since this is so low intensity a warm up is not needed. The workout ends with a 45 second lower body stretch. Claire holds the stability bar throughout the workout.

  1. Health bounce (pushing down into rebounder, bouncing but only your heels leave the rebounder mat)
  2. Low marches, still pushing down into rebounder
  3. Health bounce
  4. Low marches
  5. Alternate tapping feet in front of you
  6. Repeat #3-5
  7. Health bounce
  8. Alternate side taps
  9. Repeat #7 & 8
  10. Alternating front heel digs
  11. Repeat 9 & 10
  12. Step out wide then back in narrow
  13. Repeat #11 & 12
  14. Health bounce
  15. Tap one foot forward 8x while also reaching same side arm forward and back
  16. Repeat #15 on other side of body
  17. Tap one foot out to side 8x while also reaching same side arm out to side and back
  18. Repeat #17 on other side of body
  19. Heel digs to front on one foot 8x while also reaching same side arm overhead
  20. Repeat #19 on other side of body
  21. Health bounce
  22. Repeat #15-20 but only do 4 reps of each move
  23. Health bounce
  24. Repeat #22 but only do 2 reps of each move
  25. Health bounce
  26. Repeat #15-20
  27. Repeat #21 & 22
  28. Shift hop side to side
  29. Hopping knee raises, alternate legs
  30. Hopping hamstring curls, alternate legs
  31. Hopping forward kicks, alternate legs
  32. 2 health bounces + one squat
  33. Repeat #29-32 two more times
  34. Health bounce
  35. Hopping single knee raise 8x while doing single arm goal post chest fly, same side arm
  36. Repeat #35 on other side of body
  37. Hopping single leg hamstring curl 8x while extending same side arm straight out to side
  38. Repeat #37 on other side of body
  39. Hopping single leg front kicks 8x while also pushing same side arm overhead
  40. Repeat #39 on other side of body
  41. Repeat #12
  42. Repeat #35-40 for 4 reps each move
  43. Repeat #12
  44. Health bounce
  45. Shift hop side to side
  46. Repeat #35-41
  47. Repeat #45
  48. Repeat #42
  49. Health bounce
  50. 4 marches + 2 heel digs (one heel dig each foot)
  51. Tap same foot forward then to side, alternate legs
  52. One heel dig + one forward tap with other leg
  53. 4 health bounces plus 2 side taps (one each foot)
  54. Repeat #50-53 two times
  55. Shift hop side to side
  56. 4 marches + 2 knee raises (one each leg)
  57. 4 health bounces + 2 hamstring curls (one each leg)
  58. 2 marches + 2 health bounces + 2 front kicks (one each leg)
  59. Repeat #56-58 two more times
  60. Shift hop side to side while stretching one arm out to side and overhead; stretch other arm out to side and overhead; stretch both arms out to side then overhead (this is the only time Claire releases the bar with both hands)
  61. Health bounce
  62. Turn to side, holding stability bar with one hand for balance, raise leg furthest away from stability bar with knee bent and hold this position while pulsing knee up upward; keeping leg raised, straighten knee then bending it
  63. Repeat #62 on other side of body

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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