AngieFitnessTV: Trampoline Extreme Flexibility & Stretch

Flexibility & Stretch is part of AngieFitnessTV‘s Trampoline Extreme Series. In fact, I have now done all of the workouts in this series. The other workouts in this series are: Lower Body Shred, Cardio HIIT + Total Body Sculpt, Cardio Kickbox & Upper Body Sculpt and Power Bounce Pilates Infused Style. All great workouts and this one works nicely with the others to give you that much needed flexibility. All of the stretches are done on the rebounder so this is a great workout to have queued up after another rebounder workout to stretch you out nicely afterward without every leaving your rebounder. This morning I did Angie’s Bounce & Lift: Cardio Muscle Mix + Core and finished it off with this extended stretch. If you are doing an intense workout that does not include a cool down and stretch, then this is perfect since Angie starts you off doing a health bounce which doubles as a cool down.

Flexibility & Stretch is 15:56 minutes. Equipment: rebounder and a strap, resistance band or towel to assist when stretching.

  1. Health bounce; add alternating large arm circles; circle both arms at the same time
  2. Still in a health bounce but twist slightly side to side
  3. With legs wide, shift side to side (health bounce fashion)
  4. With legs wide, alternate reaching hands toward feet; changes to remaining upright and reaching arms across chest side to side
  5. Health bounce while swinging arms forward and back
  6. (get resistance band/towel/yoga strap) Lay on back on rebounder, loop band around foot and extend leg straight to ceiling, holding one end of band in each hand; extend straight leg out side; take your straight leg across your body
  7. Loop band around the soles of both feet and extend both straight legs to ceiling, holding one end of band in each hand and pulling down on it
  8. Bring soles of feet together (band is still wrapped around both feet), bend knees, feet are close to crotch and pull on band (reclining butterfly pose)
  9. Get on hands and knees on rebounder and do cat/cow stretch
  10. Downward facing dog on rebounder; shift hips side to side; extend one leg into air (3 leg dog) then bend knee
  11. Child’s pose on rebounder
  12. Kneel on rebounder, knees wide and heels together, place hands on small of back and arch back, gazing up to ceiling
  13. Still kneeling on rebounder, grasp frame of rebounder in front of you with arms crossed and round spine
  14. Place one knee on rebounder, same side hand on rebounder frame, top leg is extended straight and resting on rebounder frame and top arm is reaching overhead and to the side
  15. Kneel on rebounder, torso straight and arms clasped behind back, stretching chest and shoulders
  16. Sit cross leg on rebounder and do a spinal twist
  17. Still sitting cross leg, raise one straight leg in front of you, holding sole of foot in both hands
  18. Still sitting cross leg on rebounder, do neck stretches
  19. Still sitting cross leg, reach both arms to one side of rebounder and hold frame with both hands, rounding back and leaning away
  20. More cross leg spinal twists
  21. Shoulder rolls
  22. More neck stretches
  23. Deep breathes

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


7 thoughts on “AngieFitnessTV: Trampoline Extreme Flexibility & Stretch

  1. This is the first time I’ve clicked over to one of Angie’s videos — I was curious what a flexibility & stretch session would be like on a trampoline. I just watched only a couple of minutes — Angie’s tight workout space was making me feel so claustrophobic. Are all her workouts filmed in that tiny space?

    I totally get that not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated workout space, I certainly don’t, but man, her workout space, or perhaps at least where she does her rebounding workouts is cramped.

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    1. No, but she has been creating these workouts for 7 years now. She moved to a new house within the past year and now has a much larger workout room. So her recent workouts (2020 at least and maybe even some at the end of 2019) are in her new larger brighter studio.

      Her workout space doesn’t affect my workout at all. I haven’t loved every single one that I’ve done but I would say I love 90% of them and I always get a great workout. I’m currently binging on her workouts! I actually want to do even more than what I am doing but I am making myself do some DVDs I purchased.

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      1. I’d didn’t think I’d be “snobby” about a set/workout space but I don’t think I could do some of her older workouts in that tight, cramped space. But maybe once you get going, you end up being able to somehow ignore the space. The music in NMTZ is terrible but thankfully I’m able to tune it out or end up not paying much attention to it as I’m working hard…….

        I *need* to start doing some of the DVDs I’ve purchased. It’s hard because I love routine and same ol’ same ol’ so change is hard for me but I have to remind myself that I *bought* the DVDs because I thought I’d love them so I really need to give them a try. I’m also overwhelmed by what I have even though it’s no where near the size of your collection!

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      2. I’m the opposite. I have workout ADD–I am always changing things up and I get bored quickly. I do return to workouts, but the ones I return to frequently are few. I am surprised at how often I am doing KCM Cardio Sculpt Overload. I have done that at least once (sometimes 2x) a week since my surgery. And so far, I have not gotten bored with it. I still enjoy it. When I did it Monday I used a 12 pound dumbbell in my left hand! That’s the heaviest I’ve lifted on my left side since the surgery. Until this morning that is–I did a back row with a 20 pound dumbbell this morning. Probably wasn’t smart to jump that high but I’ve been feeling like I could do more and I was right! I rowed it, no problem.

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