AngieFitnessTV: Quick Cardio + Lower Body Shred

Quick Cardio + Lower Body Shred is part of AngieFitnessTV‘s Trampoline Extreme Workout Series. I loved this workout! This is a cardio + strength interval workout. Each interval is one minute and you alternate cardio with lower body strength exercises. I got a fun and excellent workout. This workout is intermediate level. No complicated moves but they are all fun and effective. Angie hits the lower body from all angles and finishes you off with some core work. I did this workout in combination with Health Magazines 15 Minute Trampoline Workout, which is also a cardio + lower body strength workout. Overall, my lower body was worked nicely and I got some great and super fun cardio! Love, love, love rebounding! And I especially love Angie’s rebounder workouts. I’ve been doing a lot of rebounder workouts in the past month or so and I enjoy the majority of them but this is one of my favorites so far. I’ve always loved cardio + strength workouts in which you alternate cardio intervals with strength intervals. Add in a rebounder and I am hooked! I love it!

Quick Cardio + Lower Body Shred is 38:01 minutes; 30 second intro, 5 minute warm up and 4:30 minute cool down/stretch. Equipment: rebounder and a fitness mat. Angie shows modifications for some of the exercises.

  1. Jacks with arm circles
  2. Reverse lunges off back of rebounder, when in lunge pulse 3x (front leg remains on rebounder, back leg on floor when in lunge)
  3. Jump side to side with bicep curl arms
  4. Repeat #2 on other leg
  5. X jumps (jack forward and back and jack arms are high and low)
  6. Uneven pulse squats with knee raise (one foot on rebounder and one on floor, pulse 3x in squat then push up into knee raise, raising knee from outside floor leg)
  7. Jog
  8. Repeat #6 on other side of body
  9. Ski jacks pushing arms overhead
  10. Stand on floor beside rebounder, curtsy lunge pulse 3x (crossing leg closest to rebounder back to curtsy lunge) then step tap on top of rebounder
  11. Double hop + 180 degree turn hop to side
  12. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  13. Double hop + 180 degree turn hop to face behind you
  14. Squat into hip abduction (side leg raise) (one foot is on rebounder and leg that is raising to side is on the floor)
  15. 3 hops + one tuck jump
  16. Repeat #14 on other side of body
  17. High knee runs while pushing arms overhead
  18. Stand on floor with rebounder behind you, lower into a squat until you are sitting on edge of rebounder then stand up immediately w/out using your hands (when standing, reach arms overhead)
  19. Alternating low front kick hops while pushing arms in front of you then overhead
  20. Get into a deep lunge with one foot on rebounder, hands are on rebounder on either side of front leg, pull back leg in, tapping heel to opposite butt cheek then tap it back to floor
  21. V jumps forward and back with “scoop” arms
  22. Repeat #20 on other leg
  23. Get mat and lay it on floor by the rebounder, lay on mat and place heels on top of rebounder frame, do hip raises/bridges; keep hips raised and pulse; hold at top of bridge isometrically
  24. In same starting position as #23, place one ankle on opposite knee and do hip raises/bridges; swap legs and repeat
  25. In same starting position as #23, raise hips and hold bridge isometrically, open and close knees in this position
  26. Still laying on floor, place calves on top of rebounder, extend arms straight in front of you and do crunches in this position, tapping palms to knees; changes to holding at top of move with palms on knees for 3 counts
  27. In same starting position as #26, raise torso with arms extended straight in front of you, alternate twisting torso and tapping same side hand behind you
  28. In same starting position as #27, alternate tapping hands to knees then open arms wide and tap hands to rebounder frame on either side of knees
  29. In same starting position as #27 with arms extended straight in front of you, torso leaned back into a C curve, raise one leg off rebounder and hold for 8 counts, alternate legs

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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